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Thomas Vijayan
Thomas Vijayan Photographer.JPG
Bangalore, India
Known forNature and Wildlife Photography
Spouse(s)Saritha Susan Thomas

Thomas Vijayan is an acclaimed Indian photographer and architect. Vijayan has received accolades for his photographs, notably claiming Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015- People’s Choice Award.[1] Vijayan is the second Indian and first person from Kerala to win the title from Natural History Museum, London.[2] In 2019, he received the Grand Prize from Nature’s Best Photography Asia for photo, Peek A Boo.[3][4][5]

His images are used worldwide by popular magazines for their cover pages and publications, including AAP Magazine, Wildlife Photographer of the Year Desk Diary 2020, Wildlife Photographer of the Year Pocket Diary 2020, NBPA Magazine, Emiratesinfllight magazine, Nature’sBest Photography magazine, RussianPhoto Magazine Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and others.[6][7]

From 2015, he is the brand ambassador of Nikon for Middle East & Africa.[8]

Early life and education

Vijayan was born in Kerala, India and was raised in Bengaluru, Karnataka where is started his photography career. He graduated with a college degree in architecture.

Life and work

Vijayan was born in a family of photography lovers, from the age of 10, he was inclined towards photography, he started photography using an analog camera. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary was his first photographic location, near to his house in Bengaluru. Since then Vijayan has photographed a wide variety of species including cats, orangutan, penguins, Komodo dragons, elephants, lions, polar bears and other wildlife.[9][10] He has traveled all the 7 continents for photography.[11]

Vijayan has done a detailed study on wildlife in these locations India, Russia, Africa, Kenya, Alaska, Mongolia, Indonesia and Namibia. His pictures are noteworthy for their capturing characteristic behavior of the wildlife.[12] He is known for shooting the animal in its own habitat and for this, he spends days in the wilderness to get the perfect shot compromising on the food and basic living amenities.[13]

From 2015, Vijayan has been one of the 'faces' of Nikon, and since then, he is the brand ambassador of the company for Middle East & Africa.[14]

Vijayan is also a certified architect.

Awards and recognition

Vijayan has been conferred with following awards for his photography:

  • 2016 - Wildlife Photographer of the Year[15]
  • 2017- Nature’s Best Photography Asia[16]
  • 2018 - “Wildlife Highly Honored” from Smithsonian
  • 2018 - NBPA 2018 Photograph of The Year
  • 2019 - Grand Prize Winner in Nature’s Best Photography Asia
  • 2019 - Overall Winner in Southern Flinders Photo Festival
  • 2019 - Runner Up in Siena International Photo Awards, Italy
  • 2019 - Honorable Mention in 2019 Siena International Photo Awards, Italy
  • 2019 - 1st place in SINWP Bird Photographer of the Year 2019[17]


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