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This Is Not America (musician)
Background information
Also known asClaes Bang
  • Electronica
  • Synth-pop
Years active2008–present
  • Music for Dreams
  • Sound Seduction

This Is Not America is the name of the musical side project by Danish actor Claes Bang.[1] He describes his music project as “[…] a sanctuary and a creative playground where there is no director making the decisions.”[2] Bang writes and composes the songs himself, and his musical style can be described as a mix of Gangway, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode.[3][4] Music videos and album art for This Is Not America are produced with help from his wife Lis Kasper Bang who does the filming and photography.[3][5][6]


Bang started composing music for fun with a recording studio on his computer in 2002.[7] He records the piano and guitar pieces himself (he learnt these instruments when he was younger) and then programs them with other sounds on his computer.[4][8] Bang chose the alias This Is Not America to circumvent DR's policy of not broadcasting tracks by actors, and to prevent his acting career from influencing how people perceive his music.[7][9][10] The name comes from a song by David Bowie, who is one of Bang's great role models.[4] His first three singles Don’t Come Crying, Shameless and Run were played on P3 for a year before the station found out that they were made by the actor[8][11], however his songs were still played on various DR radio stations for a few more years.[12] These singles were later released on the debut album Dislocated on 7th April 2010.[13][11]

Two of Bang's co-stars have featured on some This Is Not America tracks. In 2015, he released the single Still of the Night, featuring Charlotte Munck, his co-star in the Danish police drama Anna Pihl. While filming The Square, Bang discovered that co-star and musician Marina Schiptjenko shared the same taste in music, so he showed her some of his music and sent her a few demos. Once filming finished, they recorded five songs together in his home studio in Copenhagen.[9] So far, the duo has released Who Am I, I Don’t Care and Here We Go.



  • 2010: Dislocated


  • 2011: EP1
  • 2014: Keep on Dancin’
  • 2015: Still of the Night
  • 2020: Here We Go
  • 2020: Butterflies in December


Year Title Album/EP
2008 Don't Come Crying Dislocated
2009 Shameless
2011 Virgin Mary EP1
2012 Imaginary Friend Re-released on Butterflies in December in 2020
Jealousy N/A
2014 No One Keep on Dancin'
2015 1983 Still of the Night

Re-released on Butterflies in December in 2020

Still of the Night (feat. Charlotte Munck) Still of the Night
I'm Not Ready Yet
Will Santa Be There for Christmas? N/A
2018 They Say It's Wrong N/A
Who Am I (feat. Marina) N/A
I Don't Care (feat. Marina) N/A
2020 All Said and Done N/A
Here We Go (feat. Marina) Here We Go
Don't Come Crying (2020 edit)
Butterflies in December Butterflies in December

Music videos

  • 2009: Run
  • 2014: No One
  • 2015: I’m Not Ready Yet
  • 2018: Who Am I (feat. Marina)

In the media



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