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The United Project
FounderGreg Muller [1] Matine Rahmani [1]
TypeNon-governmental organisation
Registration no.642 194 974
Legal statusPublic Company Limited by Guarantee
PurposeTo unite people, teams and workplaces to improve mental health and prevent suicides
HeadquartersMelbourne, Australia

The United Project Foundation Ltd, commonly referred to as The United Project, is a Nonprofit organization charitable Foundation (nonprofit) headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

It's purpose is to improve mental health and reduce Suicide, and focuses on raising Consciousness raising, education and risk identification for teams and workplaces.

The United Project raises money through public and philanthropic donations, corporate sponsorships and the sale of corporate development/coaching and support programs, branded apparel and merchandise.[1]

It distributes profits to front-line support and mental health research organizations; supporting those living with mental illness and the advancement of knowledge and the development of effective treatments. 25% of funds are distributed being targeted towards developing countries.[2]


The United Project was founded in 2020 by Greg Muller and Matine Rahmani as a result of their direct and indirect experiences with Depression (mood), suicide and Anxiety disorder and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]

The COVID-19 pandemic became the primary catalyst for the founders to establish the foundation, as prolonged isolation, job losses are key drivers to wellbeing.[4] Unemployment is shown to have delivered an increase in suicides over averages.[5] An individual with an anxiety disorder is around three times more likely to die from suicide than someone without, while depression is 20 times.[6] Relatedness is one of the strongest predictors of wellbeing and The United Project is using this as central to its brand and positoning.[7][8][9] In 2017, about 792 million people, 10.7% live with a mental disorder.[10] The

Research post the Financial crisis of 2007–2008 showed an increase in suicides over averages. Findings undercovered that for every US$1 put into scaled-up treatment for common mental health illnesses, there is a return of US$4 in improved health and productivity.[11]

Partners & Ambassadors

The United Project has established partnerships[12] with:

  • Mind Medicine Australia, where The United Project donates a portion of its profits to fund the development of regulatory-approved and research-backed medicine-assisted psychotherapy.
  • On the Line, a 24/7 government and commercially-funded omni-channel counselling service[13] where some of The United Project's profits will be used to support their Suicide Call Back service and Mensline.[14]
  • Gryphon Hockey, an international field hockey equipment manufacterer, founded by ex Australian players Peter Haselhurst and Ric Charlesworth Order of Australia in the early 1980s.[15]

The United Project has the following Ambassadors[16]:

  • Jo Weston, Australian Diamond and Melbourne Vixens - Professional Netballer
  • Kaia Kingsley, Musician - Singer/Songwriter.


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