The Tronic Pass NFT

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The Tronic Pass NFT
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The Tronic Pass NFT is a collection of 25,000 unique animated pieces of artwork that entitles its owners to rewards and free lifetime access to Tronic Platform Tools. It is the company’s signature project that allows holders access to all the new tools built by the company as well as early access to news about new drops and white list spots.[1]


Tronic is a Web3 company built on blockchain technology that allows to create, manage, distribute, and monetize creators’ visions in the NFT market. The company’s first premier drop is the Tronic Pass, their signature project launching in April 2022. White list spots will be given to community members on Tronic's Discord and also given away as prizes on Twitter.[2]

The Tronic symbol represents the three brand pillars of the token community. The three interlocking circles represent the community’s commitment to constant learning. The cube shape represents the blockchain, which is viewed as a catalyst that will impact future generations positively. The three blades found at the center of the symbol speaks of sustainability, which promotes the value of stewardship, a vital ingredient in preserving the planet.[3]

The target audience for Tronic Pass includes hard-core collectors and artists who want access to new drops. The platform plans to make transactions simple for its users via CC that will be launched very soon.[4]

Curtis Hale is responsible for the artwork of this drop. He is the art director for Tronic and will be working alongside other artists to help them launch their drops and collaborate on upcoming projects.

Types and Attributes

Each collection depicts the distinct stories and themes of the artists. The artworks are a celebration of their artistry, life, and view of the world in general.

Roadmap of Tronic Pass

Tronic NFT Marketplace featuring hundreds of drops from top creators, celebrities, brands, and influencers will be launched soon. The users will be able to make payments using Fiat or Crypto. The beta launch of Tronic Platform Creator Tools is also on the cards. Along with the launching of the Tronic Utility Token, users will also be able to join TroniCon, Virtual Events, AMAs, and Partner Activations with exclusive access.

Post the launch of Tronic Pass, art collectors and NFT enthusiasts can look forward to seeing more collections by Tronic which include BLR$ by The House Of, Qverse by Magdiel Lopez, Art of the Everyday by Kelly Christine Sutton, Creatures of Notoriety by Curtis Hale, At a Glance by Ridge Young, Windbags by Eric Dettmers, Twos Day by Ridge Young, Trading Faces by Steve McElroy, Come Play by Carolyn Joe Art, Panther Phobia by Luke Wessman, Sacred Panther by Phil LaRocca, and Colorful Creatures by Karen Musgraves.



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