The Rod Ryan Show

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The Rod Ryan Show
Running time4 hours (6:00 to 10:00)
Country of originUnited States
Home station94.5 The Buzz
Hosted byRod Ryan
Original release2004 (2004) – present

The Rod Ryan Show[1] came to Houston's airwaves in 2004, and has been rocking "four hours of pain" every weekday from 6:00 to 10:00.


Rod hails from Buffalo, New York. His first show aired there in 1995 on WEDG.[2] In 1996, Rod brought his afternoon show to New Orleans, Louisiana on KMEZ.[3] He moved to mornings in 2000, and in 2004 brought his show to Houston's KTBZ-FM 94.5 The Buzz[4] station (formerly 107.5).

Dumb Games

The Rod Ryan Show is famous for being the most interactive show on the radio. One of the best ways Rod stays interactive is by letting listeners call in to participate in a slew of "dumb games", as Rod puts it.

The Fresh Outta Bed Head2Head Challenge

Every morning at 6:20 AM, a game that has grown a cult following is played. Two players call in, and get asked dumb questions written by Rod's co-host. The players have to shout out their name as soon as they think they know the answer. As soon as a player shouts his/her name, Rod stops reading the question and has the player give an answer. A wrong answer results in the opponent getting the entire question read, and a chance to answer. The first player with two correct answers is the winner, and is awarded a prize. The winner is invited back to the next day's show as the defending champion, and plays up to 5 days. Five wins in a row advances the winner to "Hall of Fame" (location unknown, formerly "Captain Cash's Garage"). Members of the Hall of Fame will play in "The Tournament of Champions".

The Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions is a single-elimination bracket tournament played in the final weeks of the show at the end of the year. Unlike regular season matches, players do not win prizes. They are playing for their lives, and hope to advance to the final game of the year. The winner of this tournament is the Year-Long Champion, and wins an outstanding prize.

Former Year-Long Champions
Year Champion Runner-up
2019 "Why is the Carpet Wet" Todd "Camouflage" Corey (a.k.a. "The G.O.A.T. Hunter")
2018 Troy
2017 "Camouflage" Corey (a.k.a. "The G.O.A.T. Hunter") Josh, "The G.O.A.T."
2016 Brian
2015 "Matt Matt" Matt Josh, "The G.O.A.T."
2014 "Damn" Daniel Josh, "The G.O.A.T."
2013 Josh, "The G.O.A.T." Frank "The Tank"
2012 Lance Josh, "The G.O.A.T."
2011 Rick
2010 "Buffalo" Bill Josh, "The G.O.A.T."

Key Terms

  • One-Pump Chump: A dude winner whom lost on Day #2
  • One-Slam Clam: A chick winner whom lost on Day #2
  • Speeding: The act of shouting your name out early and getting the answer wrong.
  • Resume: The player's history of playing. Items of note in resume include number of times in the Hall of Fame, beating famous players, and advancing in the Tournament of Champions.
  • Drop: A snippet from a movie, song, commercial, or anything readily available online that is played in conjunction with a player's name. A drop is assigned to a person seemingly at random. There are two types:
    • Single-Player Drops: Drops belonging to a single individual, only played when they are on the show. (e.g. "Damnnn Daniel" or "Matt Matt Matt")
    • Community Drops: Drops that are played any time a person with the appropriate name plays, and may be played for more than one individual. (e.g. "Body's by Jason" or "Kevin!")
  • Victory Speech: After winning a match, a player records a Victory Speech to be played after their win and again before their next match. Each speech ends with the player saying "Bitches" (or "B's" if the player wishes not to swear on the radio).
Famous Drops
Name Drop Source
Josh The GOAT Song Animation Domination "GOAT"
Matt Matt Matt Matt Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Daniel Damn Daniel Youtube kids
Kevin Kevin! Home Alone
Jason Jesus Christ its Jason The Bourne Trilogy
Sam Sammy Baker Davis Jr. Sixteen Candles
Todd Why is the Carpet Wet Todd? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Read My Lips

This game is played every Thursday by two members of Rod's staff on behalf of two callers. Caller 10 will pick his/her staff member, and Caller 11 is stuck with the other staff member. Rod has listeners email him words to be used in the game. The player will put on headphones, typically blaring Mastadon, in order to drown out any sound in the studio. Rod will give them 20 seconds to read his lips as he reads a word submitted by a listener, selected at random. The person who gets the most words right is the winner. In the event of a tie, Rod will hold overtime. In overtime, the player must keep guessing the word until they get it right. The player with the fastest time wins.

Free Beer Friday

Every Friday, Rod will ask for Caller 10 at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 to give away free beer.

Freeway Battle

Rod will randomly select two Houston area freeways. The two players must be driving on one of these two freeways to be eligible. Rod will give the two players a category, and the players will alternate saying things that fit in that category. If a player says something that is blatantly wrong, repeated, or fails to say something in three seconds, they lose.

The Chris Isaak Game

This infamous game is just terrible, but like a bad car accident, it still gets attention. Players call in and are put on air to sing the choruse from Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." Rod and his co-hosts will judge the contestants and will select a winner.

Don't Be a Pig

Three players will call in for a chance at a prize. Rod has three clues that describe a word, but all of them seem dirty. The word he's describing is not dirty. The first person to guess it will win.

The Up Dog Game

This game is one of Rod's least favorite games. Listeners must call in and go to a drive-thru restaurant. When they get to the box, they have to hold the phone out the window and order "Up Dog", trying to get the restaurant worker to say "What's Up Dog?". The first person to get it is the winner.

Honest Ernest

In 2018, a player earned the nickname "Honest Ernest", when he attempted to cheat on this stupid game. He claimed to be at the McDonald's on Greens Road near the Greenspoint Mall. He ordered a biscuit, a coffee, and an Up Dog. The cashier immediately replied "What's Up Dog?". Rod and crew were delighted that someone finally won the game, but thought it went too well. They questioned Ernest repeatedly, but the lying contestant was quick on his feet. Rod rang the bell multiple times until Dinah told him to email a picture of his receipt. He lied again and said he threw it away. Then the ask was for a picture of his food, his bag, or anything a normal person would have after ordering breakfast. Rod finally had him cornered on air after two songs and a commercial break. Rod said "You cheated didn't you?". After the longest, most anxiety-filled silence ever heard on live radio, Ernest confessed. Rod immediately said "well, you don't win anything."

Honest Ernest has been banned from the Up Dog game ever since.

The Falalalala Game

This game is exactly like the Up Dog Game, except contestants must sing "Deck the halls with bows of holly", and hope the cashier replies "Falalala, la la la la". The first person to get it wins.

Honest Ernest is also banned from this game.

The Vibo 500

Rod will call for female listeners to call in and compete with their favorite electronic bedroom accessory. Rod assigns each vibrator a race-car nickname, usually based on its color and size. The staff judges each racer, and selects a winner at the end.

The Gender Bender Game

Listeners will call in and will do their best to mask their voice in order to trick the staff into guessing their gender incorrectly.

Not-a-dude Julie

The most famous player to ever repeatedly win this game is a woman named Not-a-dude Julie. Julie has won so many times that Rod and crew can immediately recognize her on air. Sadly, she has retired from The Gender Bender Game and has set her sights on winning other games.

Name That Dude

Two callers will have to identify a famous dude by listening to a clip of the dude talking. The callers will first gamble by telling Rod how many seconds they think it will take them to name that dude. The person who bets the lowest number will get to try first, but they only get to listen to the clip for as long as they bet. If they get it wrong, the other player wins.

The Granny Game

Rod will ask for three callers to play this game. Rod will put each player on air and have them call their grandmother. The player has to get their grandma to say "boner" as many times as possible The granny who says "boner" the most wins for their grandchild.

Hair of Bare

Rod will have female callers join them on air. The player will call in and will be allowed to ask each female a yes/no question. The player then has to guess if each female's nether-regions are bare, or have hair. Two correct guesses is a win.

What's in Chili's Can? (Formerly "What's in Dinah's Box")

Rod will throw something in a can and will shake it repeatedly on air. Multiple callers will get through and are allowed to ask yes/no questions about the object. If Rod answer's "yes", the caller gets to guess the object. The first person to guess correctly wins.

Who's Chewing Those Chips

Callers will listen to someone chew chips on air, one at a time. The caller wins if he/she guesses who's chewing those chips two times in a row.

The Rod Ryan Show Cares Foundation

The Rod Ryan Show Cares Foundation[5] is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping the Houston Area. Contributions from listeners have been put towards[6] Texas Adaptive Aquatics,[7] The Houston Furniture Bank,[8] Houston Children's Charity, and The MD Anderson Cancer Center.[9] Donations are collected through The Rod Ryan Show Cares Stores, managed by BMP Stores.[10]


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