The Lord of Milan

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The Lord of Milan
The Lord of Milan.png
Directed byJared Wilson
Georgianna Scurfield
Release date
  • 10 October 2017 (2017-10-10)
Running time
65 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Lord of Milan is a documentary film covering the life of English-born AC Milan founder Herbert Kilpin. The film is directed by Jared Wilson and Georgianna Scurfield and is inspired by a part-fictional book of the same name by author Robert Nieri.[1] The book was initially published on 22 October 2016, the centenary of Herbert Kilpin's death. [2] The film had it's preview screening at Broadway Cinema]] exactly one year later. [3]

For many years the story of Herbert Kilpin was forgotten in both England and Italy and remained untold.[4] The film covers his life, from his early days growing up on Mansfield Road to him founding the club in Italy. [5]

The documentary features commentary from Robert Nieri, Luigi La Rocca (the man who rediscovered Herbert Kilpin's grave),[6] Mark Hateley, Luther Blissett, Daniele Massaro, Giovanni Lodetti and John_Foot_(historian) among others.[7]

The film was shown at cinemas and film festivals across Europe in 2017 and 2018 and eventually released online and on DVD in January 2019. It won two awards at the Olympic-accredited FICTS Film Festival in Milan in October 2017[8] and has since toured China, including screenings at Beijing National Stadium and Beijing National Aquatics Center [9]

A review in the October 2018 print edition of When Saturday Comes highlighted the need for the historic information in this film saying "We may never really know what sort of a man Kilpin was, but thanks to The Lord of Milan and the work of fans both in Italy and the UK, so many more of us will at least know who he was." [10].

The filming was initially funded by £4000 of public donations on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.[11] However, what initially was going to be a short ended up being a full-length feature and the overall budget of the film is estimated to be nearer to £30,000.[12]

In recent years, more of an effort has been made to remember Kilpin and the lasting impact he had both on Milan and the Italian game as a whole.[13] Due to the momentum of the book and film several regeneration projects happened in Nottingham, the city of Kilpin's birth. His birthplace was renovated and a heritage plaque was placed on its façade. [14] The premises has since become something of a pilgrimage for visiting AC Milan fans. [15] The primary school children of Nottingham also compete for the Kilpin Trophy in the park where Kilpin played football as a teenager. [16].

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