The High Society NFT

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The High Society NFT
The High Society.JPG
Developer(s)The High Society
ReleaseJune 2022

The High Society NFT is a collection of 10,000 tokens that allows users to buy and sell The High Society NFT.[1] The project displays the culture of high society around Cannabis to erase the stigma that surrounds the Cannabis community. The High Society NFT is a human face wrapped around a Cannabis Bong, located inside a prominent lounge. The collection will include variations and derivatives of celebrities and the world’s most prominent features.[2]

The High Society's unconventional and realistic approach about the lifestyle is certainly going to raise the standards for blockchain and art. The floor price for the mint has been initially expected to be 0.1 ETH.[3]


The High Society NFT is creating works of art that glorify individuality, bongs, and leisure life. It is expected to give significant returns to holders and it is set to be launched in June 2022. Two visionaries with extraordinary skills in technology and business are responsible for The High Society's mission-driven endeavors. These ex-Silicon Valley entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to change the NFT landscape by diverting away from the prevalent visual styles of digital tokens.[4]

In addition to focusing on art, their objective is to spread positive vibes, likewise in the real world and the metaverse. The project aspires to harness the influence and power of NFTs to eradicate the taboo surrounding cannabis.[5]


Using a conventional smart contract on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, the ownership of The High Society NFT can be authenticated. The High Society NFT tokens are represented on ETH as non-fungible tokens. The owners of The High Society NFTs may auction them off at a price determined in Ethereum.


10’000 unique The High Society NFT with some rare features will be launched on 17 June 2022.

Q1/Q2 2022: This phase will include artist consultations, artist selection and theme selection. One on one collections will also be completed in this phase and marketing team will connect with influencers, discord will be opened and 1:1 auction will begin prior to mint.

Q3 2022: In this phase, The High Society NFT mint will be opened and include WL sellout. Initially 3000 NFT will be sold out, then 5000, thereafter 7500 and all 10,000 will be sold. It will also include the merchandise release and sourcing of manufacture and licensing for monthly supply subscription.

Q4 2022- Q1 2023: In this phase 3D art will be generated and collection will begin. It will also oversee The High Society Mansion party for 50-100 holders.

Q2 2023: This phase will include secret utility, subscription forecast and online, and perks for holders partnerships.

Ongoing: There will be ongoing partnerships and further Defi developments.



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