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The Dogo NFT
The Dogo NFT.JPG
  • Miki Fergy
  • Alex Gavr
Release13 December 2021

The Dogo NFT is a community-driven non-fungible token project that depicts a character, Dogo, inspired by an Argentino dog breed. There are a total 4500 DOGOs token based on 200+ hand drawn traits in 10 different layers to satisfy the wildest imagination. It is founded by a female blogger, entrepreneur and influencer Miki Fergy.[1]

The Dogo token will symbolise the "Dogo Argentino" dog breed, which is both a fierce and courageous hunter capable of bringing down a wild puma, as well as a loyal and caring member of the family. In order to bridge the gap between the real and meta worlds, each bearer of The Dogo collection will be awarded an art object based on the Dogo collection.[2]


The Dogo NFT is an Ethereum blockchain-based collection of 4500 DOGOs designed to bridge the gap between the physical and meta worlds. Every DOGO is created by a team of professional designers using a random mix of 200+ hand drawn characteristics, each one of which has unique traits. The DOGO character is inspired by crypto influencer and enthusiast @Miki Fergy.

The Dogo NFT is priced at 0.088 ETH with a maximum of 2 mints per wallet. When all tokens will be completely sold out, one lucky DOGO NFT holder will win a BMW X6 as well as 16 large cash prizes. The main target of creators is to introduce NFT art to the common public and it aims to develop new NFT products in the future.

The holders of Dogo NFT will have the opportunity to contribute to the coordination of a new cryptocurrency-based community wallet, which will be seeded with 120 ETH when the public auction concludes. Holders have the ability to vote on the appropriate use of funds that benefit the community, as well as get early market information from respected investors that they may put to use for their own benefit.[3]


The ownership of Dogo NFT can be securely verified through a transaction protocol on the blockchain technology. All Dogo NFTs are unique and can be tracked. The owners have the ability to sell or buy them, based on the number of Dogo NFT in circulation which is 4500 art pieces.

The verified owners can sell them for a price set in Ether.

Roadmap of The Dogo NFT

0%: The creators have invested a lot of time and effort into building a large, stable community, and now token holders will be one of them. This is the best moment to get engaged!

15%: Inside are 17 extraordinary dogo who are guardians of secrets. 15 dogo holders will get $10,000 USD, one will receive a UNICORN BMW X6, and one will receive $50,000 USD.

25%: In this phase, holders will get a photo of their Dogo, which is wonderful. What about a genuine one? Every Dogo NFT holder will get an actual personalised dogo toy - prepare to have puppy parsel delivered to their door.

50%: Don't be a bystander; instead, become a part of the community! A total of $500000 USD will be invested in cryptocurrencies and non-fiat currencies. All holders will be able to participate in decision-making and will get a monthly income as a result.

75%: Our community has reached the pinnacle of success! A charitable organisation will receive according to the wishes of the community, and all transactions will be documented.

100%: Holders have complete access to a top-secret stage. It will oversee a new chapter.


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