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Temple University, sometimes known simply as Temple or TU, is a state-funded and publicly supported research institution located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Baptist pastor Russell Conwell and the members of his congregation, Grace Baptist Church of Philadelphia, which was known as Baptist Temple at the time, established the organisation in 1884. It was officially rechristened the Temple College of Philadelphia on May 12th, 1888. By the year 1907, the establishment had modified its institutional standing and became officially recognised as a research university.

As of the year 2020, the institution has a total enrollment of around 37,289 undergraduates, graduates, and professional students. Temple University is one of the major suppliers of professional education (law, medicine, podiatry, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, and architecture) in the world. As a result, it educates the largest body of professional practitioners in the state of Pennsylvania.

Conwell moved to Pennsylvania in 1882 to become the pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Philadelphia. At the same time, he started providing late-night teaching services to members of the working class so that he could better accommodate their work schedules. The classes for these students, who were subsequently given the nickname "night owls," were held in the basement of Conwell's Baptist Temple. This is where the university's name and mascot got their start.

The primary campus is located in North Philadelphia, about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) to the north of Center City. It has an area of 163.58 acres (66.20 ha).

Over the course of its existence, the campus has acquired a number of significant monuments. Between Polett Walk and Liacouras Walk is where you'll find O'Connor Plaza, which is centred around the Founder's Garden. In the middle of the main campus stands a bronze monument of an owl, which serves as the institution's mascot.