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Background information
GenresHip Hop
  • Producer
  • DJ
  • Writer
  • Str8Buttah Productions
  • Str8Buttah Productions / Redeye Muzik
  • Alpha Cougar Group / Str8Buttah Productions
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Teck-Zilla is a Nigerian born producer/DJ/Writer and a founding member of the Hip-Hop group "Str8Buttah". As a producer, he has worked with a vast array of emcees from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Canada, USA, and the UK.

Teck-Zilla picked up the deejaying bug in Montreal while watching local legends like DJ Lady Oracle, God Father dee and Scott C displaying their skills on the wheels of steel and he has gone ahead to DJ for artists like Dessy Dilauro & Henri-Pierre Noël during their respective album release party in Montreal. He also manned the decks at the annual Urban Festival held in the town of Trois Rivieres among other gigs.

He went back to Nigeria a few years back to foster in a new breed of artists via his production company Str8Buttah productions while deejaying at various clubs and events across the country when he was there.

He worked with CHocolate City Music for some years and produced on the Choc boi nation compilation: The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation[1][2]

He produced singer Maka and rapper Phlow's debut EPs

He is one of the main DJs at the annual Redbull sponsored BattleOfTheYear dance competition and the in-house DJ/music curator at the annual SMW Lagos event.

In 2017 won a DJ competition (sponsored by AXE deodorant) which won him a gig to play in Ibiza alongside South African House Deejay, Black Coffee

(producer of Drake’s Get It Together).

Notable: Shows and Awards

  • SoundCityTV Music video awards: "The Last Stand" - Music Produced by Teck-Zill
  • Freddy V: Unsung-Le Piano Rouge: Montreal, Canada
  • Atomics:-Le Piano Rouge: Montreal, Canada
  • Dessy Di Lauro:Album Launch -Le Piano Rouge: Montreal, Canada
  • Maaaad Beats:L'App Art -Trois-Rivieres,Canada
  • The Limelight Radio Show Live Mix: CJLO 1690am- Montreal,Canada
  • Proces des MCs: L'App Art -Trois-Rivieres,Canada
  • Borderland After Party:Tranzac Club - Toronto,Canada
  • La Mode Est Morte : Royal Phoenix Bar -Montreal,Canada
  • Nicole Musoni: African Night: Le Piano Rouge: Montreal, Canada
  • Bliss N Eso Canadian Tour: Cabaret Underworld: Montreal, Canada
  • Ladies Night: Club Uno: Ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria
  • Kayd x Reminisce:Single Launch: Road Runners: Akoka,Lagos,Nigeria
  • Tha Zone: Apollo Hotel,Sabo,Lagos,Nigeria
  • Battle Of The Year: Unilag Sports Centre (2016 & 2017 & 2019)
  • SMW Lagos DJ: 2018 & 2019

Press links

I Am with Awkword, Modenine, Maka, and Others[5][6]

HipHopDX Premiere: AWKWORD Sets Out To Connect The World Through Hip Hop[7]

Teck-Zilla: Joe Jackson Kids Beat Tape[8]


Fecko x Teck-Zilla: A.R.T. EP[11]

pulse.ng: Fecko, Teck-Zilla - "A.R.T" EP[12][13]

Son Of Sade EP[14][15]

Okayafrica: Teck-Zilla's Sade-Sampled Beat Tape 'Son of Sade: An Ode


SUPERHUMAN feat Modenine and Canibus[17][18]

djbooth: Teck-Zilla ft. Canibus, Modenine & Mark Deez - Super Human



Incandescent single[20] 2dopeboyz: ALLEN POE & TECK-ZILLA – “INCANDESCENT” F. HANNIBAL KING

DJ Teck-Zilla Feat. Phlow : Go Hard (Bigger Than A Monster 2017)[21] Insomniac magazine: TeckZilla(ft. Phlow) “Go Hard” (Bigger Than A Monster) – Video[22]

BBoy Zilla 1[23] nine to five records: Worldwide Beatmakers: Teck-Zilla[24]

Soul Buttah[25][26] okayplayer: Mixtape Monday: DJ Critical Hype, Knxwledge, 14KT, Alchemist + More[27]

Sphere of Hip Hop: PREMIERE: Teck-Zilla “Soul Buttah” beat tape[28]

Jetsoul musique[29] Sphere of Hip Hop: Beats Only January 2018[30]

SummerZilla[31] Sample Face: Teck-Zilla – Summer Zilla (PREMIERE)


Creative-Hip Hop: Meet Teck-Zilla, Nigeria's Most Slept-On Hip-Hop Producerl

Album Title Year Released Additional information
The Full Script mixtape(with Zonefam) 2010 [Apr,2010]: His first full length with Zambian Hip-Hop group ZoneFam.
Afro J.E.T.S Project 2011 A beat tape/audio documentary focusing on African music/politics and history
A Common Language(with whiteman,The blacksoul) 2011 [Aug,2011]: A 5 track EP with Kazakhstan rapper Whiteman,the Blacksoul.
Raplogic EP(with Fecko Tha Emcee) 2011 [May,2011]: 8 Track Afrobeat/soul infused EP with Nigerian rapper Fecko Tha Emcee
The Extraordinaires(With The Holstar) 2012 [Jan,2012]:10 track project with Zambian rapper The Holstar
Fela Kuti + Ginger Baker : Live! Remix 2012 [Oct,2012]: Teamed up with Afrika21 (FKA Society HAE) a culture and lifestyle organization to create this remix project of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and British drummer Ginger Baker Live! album. Also serves as a short documentary of some sorts.
Chicken & Chips, Crackers & Cranberry Juice EP 2013 [June,2013]: First foray into electronic/dubstep/hipstep music
Souled Off: A Dedication To Molly Molls 2013 [July,2013]: First full-length soul music inspired instrumental project.
Son Of Sade EP 2014 [June, 2014]: Tribute beat tape to UK soul singer Sade
KongZilla EP 2014 [Oct 2014]: Collaborative EP with New York emcee King K.O.N.G.
Afro Bootlegs 2014 [December 2014]: A remix EP of Ice Prince, Yemi Alade etc
Audio Chemistry 2015 [February 2015]: First compilation featuring Modenine,AQ,Canibus, Big rapper Pooh(of Little Brother fame), Hua Li, King K.O.N.G. etc
A.R.T (Afrobeat, Rhythm & Truth) 2015 [December 2015]: Afrobeat influenced project with Lagos emcee Fecko
Joe Jackson Kids 2016 [January 2016]: Soul music beat tape that pays tribute to Jackson 5
Lighghtbulb Over My Head While I'm Thinking 2016 [August 2016]: Collaboration EP with Kentucky based emcee Allen Poe
B Boy Zilla EP 2017 [December 7, 2017]: B-boy music instrumental project e
Jet Soul Musique 2018 [January 19, 2018]: Instrumental project inspired by my travels
Soul Buttah 2018 [April 5, 2018]: Instrumental EP inspired by butter
SummerZilla 2018 [July 31, 2018]: Instrumental project inspired by the summer season
ILLYZILLA 2019 [February 10, 2019]: Collaborative EP with Illbliss[33]
Esoteric Mellow 2019 [May 31, 2019]: Collaborative project with Modenine
The Confluence EP 2019 [November, 2019]: Collaborative project with Hennessy VS Class winner Vader
B Boy Zilla 2 EP 2019 [November 29, 2019]: B-boy music instrumental project
Reign Of The Teck 2020 [January 11, 2020]: EP of collaborations and unreleased B-sides
Teck-Zilla & Psalmurai: Enter The Double Dragon EP 2020 [Feb.2020]: Collaborative EP with Psalmurai
Teck-Zilla: SummerZilla 2 2020 Scheduled for July 2020 Release

(TBA): To Be Announced

  • Teck-Zilla X Mista Books: The Harder, The Better (TBA)
  • Illyzilla : Illyzilla 2 (TBA)
  • Teck-Zilla: Pre Summer Tape '89 EP (TBA)

Teck-Zilla in the media



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