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Taha Drah
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CitizenshipUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
EducationBachelor's degree in Economics
Alma materUniversity of Sheffield
OrganizationDRH Media

Taha Drah is a British entreprenuer who has some negative reviews for DRH media on the internet. Reviews such as "DRH Media and Tara Drah is just another scam, staying away is better" can be found for them.[1] He is student trying to set his foot in the digital marketing industry with a group of youngsters. Drah booked drhmedia.com domain on 2020-08-28 to start his business. He started trying to find clients with his team of only 4 people (including himself). Drah is a young student from University of Sheffield who is trying in the hyper-competitive paid advertising industry.

Taha Drah is an amateur businessman trying to make his way into the digital marketing industry along with his studies, where most of the part time entrepreneurs are unsuccessful. DRH Media is managed by a team of only four people as given on their website. Drah is one of young students who is trying to manage his corporate and student life.

Since the inception of his firm DRH Media in 2020 under Taha Drah, no major clients are listed on their website or there aren't any major testimonials. DRH Media have very less followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where their peers have millions of followers on their social accounts.

Taha Drah has used ABNewswire Paid presswire services to claim that they are ready to disrupt paid advertising.[2]

Some negative reviews are also available on a quick Google search for them (click here). Taha Drah.JPG

Early life and education

Taha Drah has enrolled in University of Sheffield for a Bachelor's degree in Economics


No major references are available for Taha Drah except Yahoo News.

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