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Founded2019; 4 years ago (2019)
  • Ben Moataz
  • Khalid Saleh
HeadquartersNew York, US
ServicesDigital Money transfer

Stibits is an American financial technology company that offers a digital platform to send and receive crypto currency. The company operates as a platform where blockchain based digital assets can be transferred while maintaining secure transactions and controlling privacy. Stibits was founded in 2019 and it is headquartered in New York, United States. The users can send or receive digital assets by name, connected mobile number or email address.[1]

In a short span of time, it has gained a significant market share with its user-friendly platform, which allows users to take full control of their data. Stibits has simplified the complex cryptocurrency transfer process without any need for technical know-how.[2]


Stibits was founded in June 2019 by Ben Moataz (roshi). Ben created a digital platform to simplify the process of blockchain based digital assets transactions without breaching privacy and security concerns. The transactions on Stibits were fully encrypted, where Stibits employees also don't have access to their private keys. This feature gave users confidence to use the platform initially.[3]

User’s information on Stibits platform is fully encrypted with a passphrase created by the user at the time of registration or making a transfer. The user’s contact info is always verified by Stibits which ensures that all transactions are exchanged with a real person.[4]


Stibits’ services allow people to make blockchain based transactions through its platform by granting the ability to transfer blockchain based digital assets and currencies. Stibits has simplified blockchain transfers, a user first needs to create an account; add any existing keys to their account, or create a new one; select or invite users through phone or email; and initiate a blockchain transfer. Through Stibits, users can send or receive payments in crypto currencies by selecting a profile they want to make the transfer, choosing the amount, and completing the transaction by adding the custom notes.

It has a cold storage monitoring feature which monitors user’s funds by connecting Stibits to their existing wallet or creating a new wallet without need of 12 words or private keys. It offers a unique badge, interactive social dashboard, and several special features. Stibits wallet can be connected to almost all platforms including and just limited to iOS, Android and laptops.

Stibits is a premium platform that allows users to transfer and receive cryptocurrencies while maintaining complete control over their privacy and data. Crypto wallets are relatively difficult to use and vulnerable to data breaches and/or hacking. They also lack decentralised alternatives for associating a user's e-mail address, phone number, or name with public keys, as well as a multi-currency strategy that protects data privacy. The obstacles involved with obtaining and transferring cryptocurrencies are, however, completely eliminated with Stibits.


The Stibits platform implements a variety of data-protection strategies. Stibits, for instance, utilises a unique public address for each transaction. These public addresses cannot be tracked back to any user profile, and profiles cannot be traced forward to any public address. Adding an additional layer of security to the Stibits platform, user wallets are kept private and only the users have access to their private keys. In addition, only the user has access to their balance and exchange history, even during the transaction completion process. Furthermore, not even staff of Stibits have access to user keys.


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