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Stefanos Sifandos
Stefanos Sifandos.JPG
Born (1982-02-28) February 28, 1982 (age 40)
Fremantle, Western Australia
CitizenshipUnited States/Australia/Greece
OccupationRelationship Coach / Entrepreneur
  • MPowered Brotherhood
  • Kosmic Consciousness
  • Elementum Coaching Institute
  • Love Amplified
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
  • Spiros Sifandos (father)
  • Maria Sifandos (mother)
RelativesYiannis Sifandos (brother)

Stefanos Sifandos (born February 28, 1982) is an Australian entrepreneur and relationship coach who has worked for over two decades in the personal development/transformation and self-help space.[1][2] He is known for his work on sexuality, psychology, human interaction, leadership, communication, and self-empowerment.[3] The lessons derived from this work represent both Eastern and Western methodologies and promote spiritual balance in life and love.[4][5][6][7]

Sifandos is the founder of Elementum Coaching Institute, Love Amplified, and the global men’s movement - MPowered Brotherhood.[8] He has also authored two books leveraging his background in behavioral science, somatics, relationships, his own trauma that he chose to move through and his understanding of peak human performance.[9] He is regarded as one of the most influential and respected relationship coaches in the world and has worked with a wide array of clients including Olympic gold medalists, special forces soldiers, couples, CEO’s, high performing entrepreneurs and everyday people.[10][11]

Apart from that, Stefanos is a keynote speaker and has appeared at a number of events/conferences/talkshows/podcasts sharing his industry knowledge.[12] Some notable podcasts that he has been featured on include Leann Rimes, Aubrey Marcus, Mark Groves, Lori Harder, Ben Greenfield, and Rising Woman.[13][14]

Early life and education

Stefanos was born on February 28, 1982 to Spiros Sifandos and Maria Sifandos in Australia. Early in his life, Stefanos experienced physical and emotional abuse and trauma. Stefanos acquired behavioral patterns and developed maladaptive coping methods as a result of these intense events as he grew into adulthood.

Sifandos and his family moved to Greece from Australia when he was young, which created a linguistic barrier for him, as well as opened him to bullying, loneliness, and then internalized shame. Stefanos' family and household were also affected by drug use and gambling, which led to increased violence and isolation. He found solace in male friendships, social isolation, and a desire to travel in such turbulent times. As a result of his difficult home life, he also developed a connection to nature, philosophy, and fantasy that helped him to escape his surroundings. Stefanos later turned to sex addiction, love compulsion, associating with the "wrong crowds," pornography, an over-reliance on food, and addiction to excessively fueled adrenaline-based events to cope with the avoidance of these extremely intense experiences.

He decided to face his unresolved trauma and early childhood abuse and began working with councilors, psychiatrists/psychologists, coaches, shamans and healers in order to understand his past, heal his anguish, and become a different person because he had so much unprocessed rage and trauma. Stefanos’ life began to change for the better after years of intense work, depression, anger issues and suicidal ideation. This entire experience reawakened a part of him, pushing him to turn away from his past path of extreme hedonism, escapism, shame, and concealment. He had many "ego deaths" that changed his relationship to himself, women, his family and the world around him. Stefanos discovered a greater sense of meaning to all of life as he worked through old unresolved sorrow. He let more possibilities, true connection, and intimacy into his heart. As a result, his career took the trajectory of greater success, because he was in greater connection to himself.

Sifandos holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with a mahor in Philosophy and a master’s degree in Environmental Science & Business Management, both from the University of Notre Dame, Australia.


Sifandos is a co-founder of Elementum Coaching Institute which offers training and certification programs built from one of the most robust and comprehensive curriculums in the world related to coaching.[15] He is also a co-founder of Mpowered Brotherhood, a men's movement providing holistic wellness services to men worldwide, supporting men in moving through their trauma and pain.[16] Stefanos is also the co-founder of Asraya - an evolutionary ecosystem designed to educate and connect great minds virtually and in-person, utilizing web3 technologies and the blockchain.[17] It is also a dApp, global marketplace, mystery school, online and offline community, innovation lab and network of regenerative villages designed to preserve our planet, accelerate consciousness, ignite creativity and create sovereign wealth, also leveraging articulate genesis NFT drops.[18][19]

All of his businesses are focused on personal transformation for individuals, businesses, and huge groups.[20] His enterprises teach individuals how to help themselves by utilizing bespoke tools and procedures created by Sifandos himself to assist people in releasing psychological baggage that has been holding them back from living the life they consciously desire.[21]

Stefanos’ programs span Inner child healing, Somatic therapy, Trauma healing/release work, Breathwork, Men's personal development, Dating, love and relationships, Masculine/Feminine dynamics, Sacred sexuality, and intimacy.[22] All of these programs fall under the Love Amplified umbrella, which is dedicated to empowering people and couples to step further into love by healing their pasts.[23][24]

Stefanos works closely with his now-wife Christine Hassler to create programs that use integrative techniques and methods such as neural empowerment, Holotropic, Shamanic Praxis, biodynamic breath-work, trauma release and integration, western psychology, and Eastern Mysticism to improve people's lives, intimate relationships, and bring them closer to their potential.[25][26]

A few well-known programs by Sifandos include:

  • Inner child level one and level two is a comprehensive introduction and immersion into deeper parts and inner child work
  • The Relationship Course is an immersion for couples and singles looking to evolve all aspects of their lives and intimacy to self and to their partners
  • Be The Queen is a revelatory 4 month program for women that helps them heal their past to create space for true intimacy and healthy relationships in their lives
  • The Conscious Man is built on eight complete principles that characterize healthy manhood in today's world, with modules containing knowledge, videos, and robust practices and tools to assist people in changing old neurological, behavioral, and relationship patterns.


Sifandos is the author of The Labyrinth of Life: Passages of Truth Expressed Through Thought-Provoking Wisdom, which was released in 2012, and Tuned in & Turned On - Bring Conscious Sexuality & Sacred Connection Into Your Life. Released September 2022.

Licenses and certifications

  • Certificate in Somatic Approaches To Healing Trauma, Issuing Authority Somatopia, Issuing Date March 2021
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (Individual CCTS-I), Issuing Authority Arizona Trauma Institute, Issuing Date Feb 2021
  • Certificate I, II, III in Transformational Breathwork Facilitation, Issuing Authority Transformational Breath Int’l, Issuing Date July 2019
  • Certificate Psych K, Issuing authority Psych K, Issued date July 2017
  • Diploma of Project Management, Issuing authority Churchill Education, Issued date 2013
  • Diploma of Work Health & Safety, Issuing authority Churchill Education, Issued date 2013
  • ACT Public Speaking & Persuasive Communication, Issuing authority The NSW Greens, Issued date Aug 2010
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Issuing authority Trainwest, Issued date Jan 2010
  • Certificate in NLP & Hypnosis, Issuing Authority Tad James Co., Issued date Feb 2005

Personal life

Sifandos currently resides in the United States with his wife Christine Hassler, whom he met through common friends while living on different sides of the country. They later met in the Greek islands months later, continuing to choose to be together, and just welcomed a baby daughter into the world.


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