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Srilekha Palle
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Andhra Pradesh, India
OccupationHealthcare leader

Srilekha Reddy Palle is a healthcare executive, community leader, and active Republican Party (United States). She is currently a rehabilitation director of a major Health system and the vice president of National Capital Healthcare Executives.[1] Palle is also the Entrepreneurship(and current Chief executive officer) who founded V Care Home Health Services to provide non-skilled home care services to local clients.

Palle ran for election to the Fairfax County, Virginia County Board of supervisors in 2019 against Democrat incumbent Kathy Smith. The position was Non-partisan democracy, but many of the two candidates' discussions came down to partisan approaches and talking points.[2]

Palle plans to run for office again in the future, in order to continue promoting Republican Party (United States) such as fiscal conservatism.

Early Life and Career

Palle was born and grew up in rural India: specifically, in Bethamcherla in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India. Her family was heavily involved in local politics. Palle's father, Seetha Rami Reddy Buggana, was politically active during Palle's childhood in India and her cousin, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, is currently the minister of finance, planning, and legislative affairs in the state government of Andhra Pradesh. Palle admired her family's political work, particularly her father's hard work and determination.

Following her marriage to entrepreneur and software engineer Srinath Palle, Palle moved to the United States and settled in Virginia, where the couple are currently raising their two children. Their daughter is in middle school and their son is a freshman majoring in computer science at the University of Maryland. Palle and her family practice Hinduism.

Palle specializes in Physical medicine and rehabilitation services and healthcare administration. She completed her Master of Business Administration with a focus in Health administration at the IILM Institute for Higher Education Institute of Business Management and her doctorate of physical therapy at Boston University.

Palle remains invested in giving back to her community, and she volunteers with many local and global Nonprofit organization organizations that provide healthcare and meet social needs. One of her largest volunteer projects was traveling to Haiti after the 2010 Haiti earthquake earthquake. During this time, Palle provided Physical medicine and rehabilitation services for those injured during the earthquake and its aftermath.

Today, Palle serves as the vice president of the National College of Healthcare Executives[1] and is the Rehabilitation Division Chair of the Healthcare Council of the National Capital Area.[3] Past leadership positions include vice president of the South Asian Public Health Association and president of Durga Temple of Virginia|Durga Temple, while current positions include director of political affairs for the American Hindu Coalition, among others. Palle also volunteers as the Parent–teacher association|PTA president for Rachel Carson Middle School and is a board member of the Fairfax Falls Church Community Services Board, where she represents the Springfield district.[4] She previously co-led a local Girl Scouts of the USA, and she has been fundraising for the American Heart Association for several years.

Palle also volunteers for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF), traveling to India to provide physical therapy at rural clinics and helping supply VFF hospitals with much-needed physical therapy equipment.[5][6] Her work has helped to make physical therapy more accessible and affordable to thousands of patients across India as they recover from surgeries, injuries, or strokes.[6]

Palle has participated in multiple forums alongside other Asian healthcare leaders, as well as many American talk shows. She appeared on Sebastian Gorke’s Podcast among with Larry O’connor at WMAL DC and Mornings on the Mall with Mary Walter and Vince Coglianesse

Political Beliefs

Palle initially considered herself a Democratic Party (United States), but after attending a speech given by Barack Obama during his second term, she found herself disillusioned by the philosophies of Liberalism in the United States he espoused. She also considered his speech unpatriotic and divisive. She then read multiple books on Conservatism in the United States, revisited the US Constitution of the United States, and decided to become a Republican Party (United States).

In her 2019 run for local office, Palle's platform emphasized lower taxes, fiscal conservatism, Immigration reform in the United States reform, responsible Urban Development|, and protecting the community. She also gained the reputation for answering constituents' concerns personally when they reached out to her.[7] In a 2019 interview, Palle said that "I feel that as a Republican candidate, I’m very focused on restoring fiscal discipline. I’m not very sure if my liberal friends are.”[8]

Palle's Twitter bio summarizes her platform as Free market, Anti-abortion movement, #AmericaFirst and pro-Donald Trump, and pro-2nd Amendment.[9]

She is a staunch proponent of law and order, and has spoken at multiple rallies on behalf of "Bolster the Blue" and similar organizations supporting police. She advocates for the Republican Party to conduct more outreach to minority communities, both ethnic and religious, and she herself works to reach recent immigrants and students to help them understand the US Constitution. She also believes that federal programs to support traditional family roles must be offered.

Political Involvement

Palle is currently vice chair of campaigns and election with the Fairfax GOP, and has worked with the organization for several years.[10][11]

In November 2017, Palle joined Ivanka Trump’s delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, where she spoke to fellow healthcare executives about the need to establish more comprehensive acute rehabilitation facilities across India, particularly in rural states such as her birthplace.[12][13]

Palle also made several media appearances to discuss her candidacy for Sully District Supervisor. In September 2019, she was interviewed on the radio talk show "Mornings on the Mall" hosted by Mary Walter (radio) and Vince Coglianese[14] and in October 2019, she was a guest on the Larry O'Connor (radio host).[15] In November 2019, she was a guest on Sebastian Gorka's podcast America First with Sebastian Gorka.[16]

Palle also created the political campaign coalition Phir Ek Bari Trump Ki Dusari Pari, which works to rally Indian Americans in support of the Republican Party, particularly in the months leading up to the 2020 US Presidential election.

Phir Ek Bari Trump Ki Dusari Pari

Palle created and continues to run a global campaign encouraging Indian-Americans to move away from Democratic Party (United States). This campaign, Phir Ek Bari Trump Ki Dusari Pari, works to demonstrate that the Trump administration remaining in power is in the best interests of Indian Americans.

Phir Ek Bari Trump Ki Dusari Pari has been active on Twitter and Facebook since July 2020.[17][18]

The campaign's social media accounts share memes, political cartoons, Republican Sound bite, voter bloc stats, and Retweet from other Republican social media accounts, including Melania Trump, to motivate Americans of Indian descent to participate in the 2020 US Presidential election and help re-elect Trump. Some tweets and retweets repeat talking points about the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) being a Chinese disease.[19]

First Election Run, 2019-2020

From 2018 through November 2019, Palle ran for local office in the Sully district of Fairfax county in Fairfax, Virginia. The open position, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, was nonpartisan but Palle ran against Democratic incumbent Kathy Smith,[2] and many of the two candidates' discussions came down to partisan approaches.

Her run was covered by a wide range of organizations, from local newspapers[20] to the Washington Post,[21] the International Network for Nepali Journalists (INNJA),[22] and[23] Commentators who saw Palle speak at various political forums and rallies often noted that she spoke on important issues directly, and was not averse to speaking against opponent Kathy Smith directly.[24]

Ultimately, Smith (D-Sully) won 22,259 votes (62.9%) to Palle's 13,064 (36.9%).[25][26][27] Smith's victory was part of a larger Democratic win that secured several legislative majorities across Virginia.[25]

Future Political Involvement

Palle has since appeared at events such as the anti-China rally on Capitol Hill in August 2020, where she said that her presence was a stand "against communist China bullying America and the global world."[28]

Her social media accounts are still regularly updated with pictures of Palle at Republican events. Her Facebook includes posts about turning Virginia red, supporting police, and rallying for Donald Trump's re-election,[29] while her Twitter promotes Republican events and conducts outreach on behalf of Trump's re-election.[30] She often retweets prominent Republicans, including Donald Trump Jr. and Candace Owens,

On Social Media


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