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Spiru Haret University is a private university located in Bucharest, Romania. It was established in 1991 by Aurelian Gh. Bondrea, the president of Tomorrow's Romania Organisation, as a component of the educational initiatives undertaken by this foundation. The university asserts that this was carried out in accordance with the paradigm that was developed at Harvard University. Spiru Haret, a scientist and reformer of the education system in Romania who lived before World War I and gave his name to the institution, is honoured by having the university wear his name.

The institution received its accreditation from the National Council of Academic Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions (NCA EAC) on February 14, 2000. Statute no. 443 from July 5, 2002, which has not been repealed, was the law that ratified the university's foundation. This law is still in effect.

According to the information that was released by the university in July of 2010, it has 30 faculties with 49 specialities and 64 master's degree programmes, and it is the biggest university in Romania, according to the daily Financiarul. In 2009, the number of students enrolled was estimated to be 311 928. A publication made the erroneous claim that it was the biggest institution in the world by referring to the number of students that it had. After Islamic Azad Institution, it is the world's second-largest private university by student enrollment (with 1.3 million students).

A former president of Romania, Ion Iliescu, as well as Pope John Paul II, have both been awarded honorary doctorates by the institution.

In 2011, the Spiru Haret Institution received an official evaluation that classified it as a "education-centered university," which is the third and lowest educational quality category of all the universities in Romania. Universities focused on education no longer have the right to organise programmes leading to the doctoral degree. The rankings for Romanian universities were released in July 2017, and Spiru Haret University came in at position 27 out of 103 total institutions.