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Sourajeet Majumder
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Born24 September 2003 (2003-09-24) (age 18)
Siliguri, West Bengal, India
  • Security Researcher
  • Cyber Expert
  • Ethical Hacker

Sourajeet Majumder (born 24 September 2003) is an Indian Ethical Hacker, Security Researcher and Cyber Expert. Till date Majumder has helped securing multiple Indian Government sites[1][2], MNCs[3], Universities[4][5] besides many other organizations[6]. He is currently one of the youngest Ethical hacker|Ethical Hacker in India[7].

Sourajeet first came into the limelight after pointing out a highly critical vulnerability[8][9] in the official government website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (West Bengal) and since then he has been found actively contributing towards online security[10][11] and fighting disinformation[12][13] in the the cyber space.


Sourajeet was born and brought up in Siliguri, a small city in West Bengal. From a very early age, he was attracted towards technology and was often found meddling with computers and other electronic gadgets[7]. It was in his early school days that he first came across the word "Hacking" while searching for ways to crack the password of his brother's android device[7]. By using a simple ‘Brute-force search|brute force’ tool, which was available for free on the Internet, he managed to unlock the device[7]. This incident helped him to dive deep into the field. Soon Majumder realized that he could use his skills for social good[14]. At the age of 16, he bagged his first Bug bounty program|Bug Bounty reward from Tumblr[15].

Recent Works

1. Leakage Of Covid-19 Test Reports:

In February 2021, Majumder claimed that he had discovered a highly critical vulnerability in the official website of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (West Bengal) which if exploited could have resulted in the leakage of over 8 Million Covid-19 Test Reports[8]. According to Majumder, after discovering the flaw he quickly communicated with the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team|CERT-IN who acknowledged the breach to Majumder[16]. Sourajeet also claimed that he had reached out to the system coordinator, who manages the website but didn't receive any response from him[17]. However, according to a media report[18] few days after the incident, a government-appointed health official acknowledged the flaw and said it would be fixed immediately[19]. Later reports published by Bleeping Computer[8] and TechCrunch|Tech Crunch[16] shared that the vulnerability was fixed and could no longer be exploited.

2. Students Data Leaked Online:

In March 2021, Sourajeet claimed that PII data of thousands of Indian students could be easily accessed by a simple Google search technique[20]. According to him this data was getting leaked from multiple websites belonging to educational institutes and from publicly uploaded documents on Scribd[20]. Majumder claims to have discovered the data of many private schools, college and university students which included students' names, parents' names, phone numbers, email addresses and Aadhar card numbers[20]

Later in July 2021, similar concerns regarding the leakage and sale of Indian student's data was brought up the Internet Freedom Foundation[21][22].

3. Alleged Moneycontrol Data Breach:

In April 2021, Majumder tweeted that personal data of over 7 lakh registered users of|Moneycontrol were available on a hacker's forum for just $350[23]. According to him the leaked data consisted of user emails and plain text passwords besides other details[24]. Majumder further claimed that he was able to verify the login credentials which the hackers had shared as sample. This received a lot of attention and the Chief Technology Officer of Network18 Group|Network18 replied to the tweet thread calling it an old data set with which Majumder highly disagreed. A couple of days later it was found that a lot of users received a password change mail from|Moneycontrol[24] which Majumder in a press report called "a sneaky way" of asking users to change their passwords, without letting them know about the breach[24].

Later in the month of May, security expert Troy Hunt appreciated the efforts made by Majumder in bringing this breach out and added the leaked data set as a part of Have I Been Pwned?|Have I Been Pwned[25]


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