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SolSand NFT

SolSand NFT is a non-fungible token based project to offer a full augmented reality metaverse, SolanaVerse. It also represents digital artwork, P2E games, and a token will be also released that can be also used in SolanaVerse. SolSand NFT features 5,000 Unique SAND building blocks. The storyline of NFT will be complete in the final stage when SolSand NFT holders will receive LAND based on their holding of token and their rarity.

It is one of the early NFTs that are offering virtual land, passive income through gaming, and a Crystal List, which allows you to whitelist its holders for special releases and NFT projects. SolSand NFT is focused on the long-term utility connected with this project.


The storyline of this project reloves around creating a fully augmented reality virtual metaverse, SolanaVerse, where sand building blocks will be provided to its NFT holders. Once the holders have the access to their plots, a game currency $VERSE will be airdropped to the owners depending upon the rarity of their blocks and as well as the time they have held it.

A complete augmented reality metaverse will be launched, initially as two-dimensional and converted into a three-dimensional interactive environment that will evolve over time.

The currency can be used for P2E game, an income can be earned until the total supply is below 70 percent. The verified holders of SolSand NFT will be joining a Crystal List, where they will have access to special releases and as well as other NFT projects.


SolSand NFT is based on Solana blockchain technology. As this SolanaVerse is created programmatically, so they will have access to buy, hold or sell them with verified ownerships through blockchain programs. The sand building blocks will be the basis of building the metaverse and the rarity will help in creating a better Land.

GM Dune holders will get an additional extremely prestigious piece of LAND. Subsequently, a SolanaVerse Beta will be released as well as in-game marketplace and in the end, the whole metaverse will be established and thereafter development could continue.

Roadmap of SolSand NFT

Launch: The project will be launched with a goal to be one of Solana's most dependable Blue Chip NFT providers.

The Game: The second phase will include a Play to Earn NFT Game in SolanaVerse, that is anime-inspired artwork passive money-making mechanism. The holders will be whitelisted, even without playing the game.

The Beyond: The projects will be lined up, The zenith, an NFT Game that is poised to change the landscape of this space. If users hold enough Solsand to secure a Grand Master Dune, and you'll receive passive revenue from $VERSE tokens until the token supply reaches 70 percent of its maximum capacity.

The Verse: $VERSE, the native token of SolanaVerse, is being given out free of charge. Everyone who has a Solsand card will have their picture taken in random order. In other words, the longer users hold + the rarity of the tokens will decide how many tokens you will be dropped. These coins will be able to perform functions similar to $MANA for Decentraland. Purchase LAND parcels as well as in-game items and services. By their $VERSE on the line in order to earn more $VERSE (hold SolSand for a multiplier). When purchasing land, the user will have to burn $VERSE. The currency will remain deflationary as long as they use this earn and burn method.

The Meta: The last phase will begin with the NFT drop of LAND to all SolSand holders, which will kick off the final phase. The scarcity of plots is taken into consideration. GM Dune owners will acquire an additional, very prestigious parcel of land in addition to their GM Dune. Following that, they will make the SolanaVerse Beta as well as the in-game store available. Finally, their completely fleshed-out metaverse is brought into being.

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