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Sillybandz NFT
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Developer(s)Sillybandz NFTs

Sillybandz NFTs is a new collection of Silly Bandz as non-fungible tokens based on blockchain. The Sillybandz NFT collection is inspired by the extremely popular Sillybandz packs, a worldwide brand that has been a collectible for over a decade.[1] The artwork is based on an already-famous and well-known collection of forms and bands.[2]

There are 5,000 unique Sillybandz, a collection of rubber items in a variety of shapes and themes. Some take the form of animals while others take the form of dinosaurs. Creating an NFT collection centered on these packs is the brand's and its vast fan base's next phase. In recent years, Sillybandz have been fashioned after celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.[3]

Sillybandz NFT collection has a long and illustrious history of collectibility and brand awareness.


Sillybandz began as a global craze in 2010 with a younger demographic and has now grown to include an older population of influencers, celebrities, and athletes of all ages.[4] As of 2021, the brand has had an enormous rebound in popularity; they have the initial audience, which is now between the ages of 18 and 26, plus the older audience, which spans several decades.[5] And with cryptocurrency and NFTs being such a massive sector for those between the ages of 16 and 35, Sillybandz is the ideal brand to join this life-changing revolution.[6]


Sillybandz NFT is built on the Ethereum blockchain.[7] They are digitally produced; they can be bought or sold through using a wallet and ownership of non-fungible tokens can be verified through a smart contract on the blockchain.[8]

All Sillybandz NFTs are created using artificial intelligence with a lot of compilations.[9]


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