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Shivani Sikri
Shivani Sikri.JPG
Born (1981-08-21) August 21, 1981 (age 42)
Spouse(s)Siddharath Sikri
ChildrenUdayan Sikri
  • Ravinder Dhingra (father)
  • Anita Dhingra (mother)

Shivani Sikri (born August 21, 1981) is an internationally renowned award-winning dietician, nutritionist, columnist, blogger, and nutrigenomics counselor based in New Delhi.[1][2] Shivani is best known as the co-founder of Nutri4Verve,[3] her online clinic where she provides customized dietary and nutrition guidance to her clients.[4][5]

Sikri has been honored with several accolades, including the Best Dietitian in Delhi and the Sattva Iconic Wellness Award 2021.[6][7]

Early life and education

Sikri was born in 1981 to Ravinder Dhingra, father, and Anita Dhingra, mother, as the only child born and brought up in New Delhi. Shivani belongs to a family of nutrition and fitness enthusiasts, which gave her an impetus to take it up as a profession. Sikri’s maternal grandfather is a renowned Ayurvedic doctor, her mother is a gymnast and yoga enthusiast, and her father is a fitness enthusiast and sports person.

Influenced by her family background, Shivani realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle in one’s overall well being. Understanding the relevance of quality nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, detoxification and hydration, Sikri took the plunge to pursue her career in the field of Nutrition and Wellness.[8][9]

Sikri holds a postgraduate in Nutrition and Health Education followed by a PG diploma in Public Health and Nutrition.[10] She has also done another diploma in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics. To further enhance her knowledge, Shivani pursued an advanced course in "Nutrigenomics for Professionals in Nutrition" from the USA.[11]


Sikri is the Co-Founder and Chief Nutritionist at Nutri4Verve, with more than a decade of experience.[12][13] She is a strong advocate of home-cooked food that she combines with a nutrition-rich diet to cater to her clients’ weight loss goals.[14][15] Shivani’s dietary guidance also works on the reversal and management of a clinical condition one might have.[16][17] To date, Sikri has helped transform thousands of lives, from millennials to golden-agers.[18] She recommends and supports Indian versions of popular international diets such as the Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, and other top international fat loss diets.[19][20]

Sikri’s forte includes providing therapeutic diets with an emphasis on diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, PCOD, PCOS, post-pregnancy[21][22] and other metabolic diseases through lifestyle management.[23][24] Before recommending a diet that would suit their needs, Shivani takes into account her clients’ lifestyle, medical and family history, personal constraints, and preferences.[25][26]

Besides her degree in nutrition, Shivani has also done a number of certification courses pertaining to modern lifestyle diseases, alcohol and its effects on health, and HIV/AIDS.[27][28] She has also completed specialized online certificates from Texas, USA in Infant and Toddler Nutrition as well as the intricacies of osteoporosis.[29][30]

Shivani has been featured in the TV Health-Info Series – "Kilkari" as a "Nutrition expert", spanning over 12 episodes. She is also a regular speaker for the Health & Fitness video series on the Tata 1MG Youtube Channel.[31] Sikri also showed her presence as an eminent speaker at "Food and nutrition during COVID", conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.[32]

Sikri has also acted as a judge and presenter for food and nutrition workshops in eminent Delhi schools, corporates and colleges.[33] She has been giving her expert views on various health and nutrition columns for eminent platforms, including the Times of India, Femina,[34][35][36] The New Indian Express,[37][38][39] Elle Magazine, and The Daily Guardian.[40] Shivani is also a life member of the Nutrition Society of India.[41]


Sikri has conducted several free workshops and seminars for NGOs and extended her services for free medical and health checkups in times of need.[42][43] She has shared her valuable expertise on the special occasions of Independence Day and World Cancer Day.[44][45]

Awards and Recognition

Sikri was awarded as the Best Dietitian in Delhi at the International Healthcare Summit 2017. She also emerged as the Winner-Superstar: Excellence in Diet & Nutrition at the Indian Health Professional Awards 2017.

Shivani was also presented with the prestigious Sattva Iconic Wellness Award 2021. Her company, Nutri4Verve, was named one of the 20 Most Promising Clinical Nutritionist and Dietetics Clinics in Silicon India Magazine.[46]

Sikri was also felicitated in the "Women Achievers 2021" by Apekshasandesh (formerly known as Apeksha News Network).[47]

Personal life

In 2006, Sikri got married to Siddharath Sikri, who is also a founding member of Nutri4Verve.[48] The couple has a son, Udayan Sikri, who is currently studying in his 9th grade as of 2022.[49]


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