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Shibu NFT

Shibu NFT is a deflationary utility token on Binance Smart Chain fractionalized through Coinswap space. It is the first well-known token to collaborate with a non-profit organization - Better World Fund that will be in charge of all the charitable outreaches. It was created with the aim to support Humanitarian causes in the areas of Women’s Rights, Environment, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Education, and other charitable services.

Shibu is a token designed to put cinematic art to good use for humanity by combining the power of entertainment, prolific investors & partners, culture, and digital technology. Shibu has garnered the support of a number of celebrities from Hollywood and European cinema including the Real Madrid star Marcelo.


Shibu was launched as a decentralized utility currency designed specifically for the fast-growing NFT industry for celebrities and influencers. The concept was to use the power of the lucrative NFT marketplace to fund humanitarian initiatives and make the world a better place. Shibu was established for those who enjoy decentralized utility tokens for niche markets, charity supporters, those who want to buy a fractionalized piece of art, NFT experts, NFT groups, and the crypto public.

The presales for the Shibu Token will begin in the second part of December on numerous launchpads. The highlighting feature of this sale will be that the Celebrities who can divert up to 25% of the sale of their NFT to their own charitable cause will receive a total of 94 percent of the buying price to determine which proportion goes to charity beforehand. Shibu will then fund these charities via the massive Better World Fund, an endowment fund based in three distinct ways since its inception: 18.75 percent from all fees, 13.99 percent from pre-sales, and 12.5 percent from the token supply. For the next ten years, Shibu and Coinswap Space have entered into a partnership and will be sponsors of all major movie and charity events co-organized by Better World Endowment.


Shibu’s roadmap began with the completion of a smart contract audit by Hacken, a leading security consulting company within blockchain security. On 30th November 2021, a seed sale was launched in partnership with top crypto influencers.

On 3rd and 4th December 2021, Shibu organized an expo event in Dubai in partnership with Better World Fund. This event aimed at raising awareness about improving early childhood education in India and supporting this cause. On the second day of this expo, the presale of the Shibu Token also took place.

In the last quarter of 2021, Shibu has been focused on onboarding celebrities to support charity and NFT, including Hollywood stars with the aim to help create Better World through blockchain technology.

In January 2022, an Initial DEX offering (IDO) will take place along with the official launch of the Shibu Token. During the 1st quarter of 2022, Shibu will undertake several crypto projects to support the charity along with creating a personal reward dashboard and releasing the listings of the top 10 Cex. It will also instill governance over the Charity treasury via chain voting and create a staking pool for SHIBU tokens.

In September 2022, Shibhu will organize another expo event in Dubai in partnership with Better World Fund. It will also launch an NFT marketplace based on an auction model powering charitable organizations. Shibu in 2022 will also become a part of the Cannes Film Festival and create a celebrity's Metaverse protocol. By the end of the year, Shibu will have also launched GameFi to power global charities.


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