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Shaan Rais
Shaan Rais.JPG
Born (1976-06-02) June 2, 1976 (age 47)
Manhattan, NY
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Associates Degree - Human Services
  • Bachelor of Science - Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Science - Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Arts - Organizational
  • Development and Change
  • Doctor of Education - Leadership for Change
Alma mater
  • Purdue University
  • Fielding Graduate University
  • Entrepreneur
  • Leadership Coach Industrial and Organizational Psychologist
Years active2009 - present
  • Mindshare Leadership Inc.
  • Omni Solutions Consultation LLC.
  • Leadership Elevation Foundation Inc.
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

Shaan Rais (born June 2, 1976) is an American entrepreneur, leadership speaker, executive coach, branding development specialist, organizational development consultant, industrial and organizational psychologist, and keynote speaker. Rais is best known for his unique business ideas and professional speaking services. He is considered an expert in business and branding development, which earned him the title of The King of Branding & Positioning.

Rais is the founder and CEO of Mindshare Leadership, LLC., a Media Company the provides professional training, and coaching based in Hewlett, NY. He is also the founder of #BrandedLikeALeader, a flagship entry program that covers several different programs and value offerings that are quintessential to his firm.[1]

Rais is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Speaker, and DISC Assessment Coach and has worked with industry experts like Eric Thomas, CJ Quinney, Valarie Humphrey, Kendall Ficklin, and Kantis Simmons. He has been featured in several media outlets, including Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, Los Angeles Wire, The American Oil & Gas Reporter, US Reporter, and others.

Early life and education

Rais was born on June 2, 1976, in Manhattan, NY, in a middle-class family. Rais grew up in a household plagued with bad economic decisions based on parental poor education, alcoholism, drug abuse, and separation. Having faced such instability, Rais dedicated himself to building a stable career and lifestyle. He soon got married and pursued higher education. He also took numerous training and certification courses and got engaged in coaching and mentorship programs.

Rais attended Purdue University in 2013, where he pursued an associate's degree in Human Services for the first two years and then enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. After graduating in 2017, Rais immediately enrolled in a master’s program at Walden University, continuing his Industrial and Organizational Psychology studies, majoring in Evidence-based coaching. In 2019, Rais applied for his second master’s degree at the Fielding Graduate University, majoring in Organizational Development and Change, along with doing a PhD in Organizational Development & Change. Rais is currently enrolled in a doctorate program at the Fielding Graduate University in education with a specialization in Leadership for Change.[2]


Rais, throughout his career, assumed several leadership roles, including consultant, advisor, counselor, coach, professional speaker, and others.[3]

Rais founded OMNI Solutions Consultation, LLC. in 2009 with the aim to transform lives by offering personalized and expert advice on brand building, consulting, and counseling in the professional domain. The company offers a wide array of services, like speaking, executive coaching, leadership development, diagnostic and assessment instrumentation frameworks, presentations, and workshops, industrial and organizational psychology, along with self-help and business success publishing.

Within a year of the company’s inception, Rais assumed the role of a leadership development speaker. Ever since then, he has been partnering with organizations to give speaking presentations to engage staff and provide actionable steps for improving psychology, performance, sales, leadership abilities, and communication. Rais diligently works to help his clients have a greater ROI by incorporating his teaching models.

In 2013, Rais became an executive life coach and dedicated himself to help business leaders/owners and entrepreneurs improve their business and personal results through coaching frameworks, assessments, and diagnostic instrumentation. As a leading executive life coach, Rais strategically applies organizational psychological precepts to bring sustainable behavioral changes for overall growth and better performance.

In 2016, Rais assumed the role of a leadership chess test developer, facilitator, and trainer. He created a unique framework inspired by the game of Chess (taught to him by his father) to underline the importance of increasing self-awareness. This framework is designed to help organizations, professionals, and students to achieve sustainable and optimal results.

In 2020, Rais started diversity, equity, and inclusivity leadership coaching that aims at helping people embrace the potential opportunities in differentiation and turn them into success.

Rais’s #BrandedLikeALeader flagship entry program, specifically designed for the Black Entrepreneur that incorporates several different programs and value offerings, was highly acclaimed by the business professionals and earned a hefty 450K in less than 90 days with the social media promotion, highlighting the phrase “Crickets to Digits.”[4]

Rais is also a certified Eric Thomas and Associates LLC. Professional Speaker, having gone through the illustrious Gane Changers Speakers program and has worked with CJ Quinney, Valarie Humphrey, Kendall Ficklin, and Kantis Simmons.

Licenses and certifications[5]

  • Strategic Intervention Coach: Robbins Madanes Training
Issued in 2017
  • Extreme Execution Coach w/ the DISC Assessment: Extreme Execution Coaching
Issued in 2019
  • CASAC Level 2: Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Issued in 2019
  • Eric Thomas and Associates, Certified Speaker: Eric Thomas and Associates LLC
Issued in 2020


Shaan is currently the author of 2 books; The 7 Prerequisites to Success; Pathways to Paramount Performance, a Self Help and Business Development Psychology narrative, and The Phenomenal Leader: Learn 31 Styles of Leadership in 31 Days!, a Leadership Manual that offers 31 different leadership styles and aims at helping the readers revolutionize their leadership skills.[6]

Personal life

Rais is passionate about motivating people and helping them to not only take ownership of their own development but also to revolutionize others in the organization and in their personal lives.[7]

Shaan Rais in the media



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