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Sh.U.E. (or ShUE) is subculture of people who believe that schizophrenia does not exist, and schizophrenics (schizos) are ordinary people with non-standard thinking.

The acronym, transcribed from Russian: Schizophrenic Law is One (Shizofrenicheskiy Uklad Yedin)


The founder of the ShUE movement is the Russian blogger and inventor of the gay detector "Yelkin's Grandson" (his real name is Alexander[1]). According to him, he is the grandson of the Soviet scientist Alexander Yelkin (scientist)|Alexander Yelkin and the head of the NKVD Lavrentiy Beria|Lavrenty Beria. The Grandson has a conflict with the adherents of the so-called "Abdulovera" who worship the Soviet actor Aleksandr Abdulov|Alexander Abdulov. Alexander also has a studio for creating deepfake films and founded the virtual party "Party".


The Way of the Empty Syringe is an ideology that believes that orderlies and doctors oppress schizophrenics and violate human rights.

Schizophrenia makes it easier to defame people as "abnormal" and then, for example, to confiscate an apartment. ShUE believes that schizophrenia does not exist, since schizophrenics are "the highest caste of madmen, because they are normal people.

— Yelkin's Grandson,

Main slogans:

  • ShPSh - "Schizo, help schizo".
  • Vlast' Shizam - "All the power for schizos"


  • Russian politician Mikhail Svetov (politician)|Mikhail Svetov, during a conversation with Anatoly Mitzengendler, said: "When I went to your page on social networks, I had the feeling that I was joining ShUE at this moment."[2]
  • The Russian musician Patiend has dedicated several songs to the ShUE movement.[3][4]


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