Serhiy Yakovlevych Martyniuk

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Serhiy Yakovlevych Martyniuk
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Svitogor Leleko

(1962-08-10) August 10, 1962 (age 61)
Kryzhovlyn, Baltic district, Odessa region
Alma materOdessa Military Academy
  • Novelist
  • Publicist
  • Poet
Spouse(s)Martyniuk (Oreshchuk) Maria Mykhailivna

Serhiy Yakovlevych Martyniuk (pen name - Svitogor Leleko, was born on August 10, 1962, in the village of Kryzhovlyn, Baltic district of Odessa region) is a novelist, a publicist, a poet.


Finished the Odessa Higher Military Command Artillery School In 1983. Served in Germany and in Zeleny Klyn (Russian Federation). Resigned from the Soviet army in protest the policy of destruction of Ukraine. From 2010 to 2014 was a People's Deputy of the Baltic District Council of the 6th convocation. He submitted more than 500 deputy inquiries, appeals and proposals. In 2012 and 2014 ran for People's Deputies of Ukraine in the majority constituency №137. He wanted to send a message to young people: "Dignity is the future." In 2015, he ran for Kyiv City Council. He worked as an adviser to the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine[1]. As of December 2019, the General Director of the enterprise is the Property Management Directorate of the NUWU. Married, his wife is Martyniuk (Oreshchuk) Maria Mykhailivna. They have two daughters.


He writes prose, journalism, poetry, plays.

He is the founder of the almanac "Baltic Circle"[2], as well as of the art project "My first collection of poetry"[3][4]. Founder of the Baltic Literary Center of the League of Ukrainian Writers named after P. Chubynsky[5], 2015

Author and publisher of books:

  • "We have gained freedom - we will gain destiny" (2007)
  • "With Ukraine in the heart" (2008)
  • "I am Ukrainian and I have the mind of a winner" (2nd edition, 2011, 2013) Born to win. Prose, poetry, plays / Sergey Martyniuk. - Kyiv: Ukrainian Priority Publishing House, 2018. - 144 p. ISBN 978-617-7398-95-9[6][7][8] Published in the newspapers Narodnaya Tribuna, Vash Interes, Chornomorski Noviny, Odeski News ," Literal Ukraine "," Word of Enlightenment ", magazines as" Pereveslo "," Young Ukraine" and others.
  • "I am proud to be Ukrainian" rus. "I am proud that I am Ukrainian" (2 editions, 2010, 2012)[9]

Social activities

Member of the NUWU (membership card № 03257) since October 2018. Member of the Audit Commission of the Kyiv City Organization of the NUWU.

Member of the National Union of Local Historians of Ukraine (membership card № 3506) since October 2019.

Since December 2008 he has been a member of the Regional Association of Volyn Writers.

Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (membership card № 4041) since November 2019.

Since June 2014, one of the founders and a member of the League of Ukrainian Writers named after P. Chubynsky.

He has the Cossack military rank of "General Osavul UK", is the ataman of the Baltic separate district of the Black Sea Cossack district (ChKV), deputy ataman of the ChKV.

Participant in the Orange Uprising of 2004. Uprising of Dignity of 2013-2014. Organizer of the first Euromaidan in his hometown of Balta. 01.12.2013 and 15.12.2015

He is the founder and director of the Leleko Charitable Medical Foundation[10]. The foundation was founded in April 2014. The task is to help Maidanivtsi, volunteers and soldiers with rehabilitation[11][12]. In 2014-2016, the Leleko Foundation assisted, helped, sent 550 people for rehabilitation.

In January 2020 he was elected Chairman of the Audit Commission of the National Sambo Federation of Ukraine.


Awarded: International Cossack Order of Knightly Victory (October 14, 2006), awarded the Cossack Order "Knight of Ukraine"[13], (October 14, 2015), the medal of the 100th anniversary of the OUN leader S. Bandera (January 1, 2010).

He was awarded the UOC-KP medal "For Sacrifice and Love for Ukraine" by Patriarch Filaret (February 25, 2016).

In 2013, he was nominated by the Odessa Regional Academy of Sciences (ORAN) and the RUNVIR SEDIMENT for the Shevchenko Prize for the book "I am proud that I am Ukrainian" - (year of publication 2012, Lviv)

Laureate in the category "Prose" of the regional competition "My Shevchenko"[14], dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Great Kobzar, Odessa 2014

Laureate of the XX national competition "Ukrainian language - the language of unity" (according to the almanac "Baltic Circle")[15], (2019).

Laureate of the All-Ukrainian Literary Prize, named after V. Yukhimovich (2019) for the book "Born to win, or better to die standing than living on your knees."[16][17]


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