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Sega Bodega
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Sega Bodega performing in Madrid, 2019
Birth nameSalvador Navarrete
Born (1992-02-16) 16 February 1992 (age 32)
OriginGlasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Electronic music
  • Electronic
  • Club music
  • club
  • deconstructed club
  • Experimental music
  • experimental
  • hip-hop
  • Music producer
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • DJ
  • record executive
Years active2013–present
  • Crazylegs
  • Activia Benz
  • Week of Wonders
Associated acts
  • Shygirl
  • Oklou
  • Zebra Katz
  • Sophie (musician)
  • Kai Whiston
  • Dorian Electra
  • Brooke Candy

Salvador Navarrete (born 16 February 1992), better known by his stage name Sega Bodega, is a Scottish music producer, singer, songwriter, DJ and co-head/founder of record label and collective NUXXE. Sega Bodega is known for his futuristic,[1] bass-heavy and leftfield takes on electronic and club music,[2] fusing various elements of UK bass and hip-hop music, deconstructed club, and trip hop music into his songs. He rose to prominence producing tracks for London-based rapper, co-founder of the NUXXE label and close collaborator Shygirl, gaining attention from the likes of Rihanna, using various NUXXE tracks for her Fenty Beauty commercials[3] and fashion shows.[4] Sega Bodega released various EPs before releasing his debut album, Salvador, in 2020.

Early life

Salvador Navarrete was born on 16 February 1992, in Galway, Ireland to a Chilean father and an Irish mother. He lived in Ireland until he was 10, which he was then relocated to Glasgow.[1] producer since 2008 playing in various bands until he could understand how to use Digital audio workstation.[1] Navarrete briefly studied at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, but largely taught himself to produce music using online tutorials.

Initially, from about 2010, Navarrete operated under the moniker Peace, but retired it when the Peace (band)|indie rock band of the same name began rising to fame.[5] He would later settle on his Sega Bodega moniker in 2012.

2012-2015: Early beginnings

Sega Bodega first began gaining traction through various remixes, from which he gained widespread attention from, and DJ gigs, supporting Lil B in Glasgow and playing the Field Day (festival)|London Field Day festival in 2012.

In February 2013, Sega Bodega released his debut EP Song Dynasty, a collection of tracks recorded as far back as 2010, but refined and polished after developing a better understanding of the technicalities to music production.[6] The EP was released via the London-based label, Week of Wonders. This was followed by his 34 EP, released in May 2013, also via the Week of Wonders label.

In May 2014, Sega Bodega was a part of the lineup for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival, where he played his re-released single "Stay Nervous", and "Maryland", which would later appear on his 2018 EP self*care, among other tracks.[7] He also relocated to London in 2014.

After taking a hiatus from releases, Sega Bodega returned with the October 2015 release of the first SS project, containing reimagined and 'alternative' takes on cult film scores, such as A Clockwork Orange, Eraserhead, Akira and Boyz n the Hood, among others.[8] The project was self-released. This was followed shortly after by the Sportswear EP, released via the Activia Benz label.[9]

2016-2018: NUXXE, Ess B, the start of collaboration & self*care

In June 2016, London rapper Shygirl released her debut single, "Want More", produced by Sega Bodega. The single marked the first release of collective and label NUXXE, co-founded by Sega Bodega, Shygirl and French producer and performer COUCOU CHLOE, formed from a desire to create music and art with an easy-going, free-flowing and fun attitude, seperate from other pre-establishing labels, and to introduce a sound that no one had heard before to the world.[4] The single would also appear in a Fenty Beauty commercial later in 2019.[3] The release of "Want More" was followed by a collaborative single in October 2016 from Sega Bodega and COUCOU CHLOE titled "SPIT INTENT", under the moniker Y1640.

February 2017 marked further collaboration with the single "CC", featuring Shygirl. The track was the lead single from Sega Bodega's next EP, titled Ess B, released later that month via the Crazylegs label,[10] followed by one other Crazylegs release: the "Nivea" double single in July.[11] More NUXXE releases continued shortly after Ess B's release, such as another Y1640 single in March, titled "WEEP", Shygirl's double single "MSRYNVR" in May,[12] and COUCOU CHLOE's EP Erika Jane in September, on which Sega Bodega is featured.[13] In October, Sega Bodega released a second installation of the cinema-inspired project, SS, featuring more reimagined takes on film scores such as Requiem for a Dream (this track also features Shygirl on vocals), Alien (film)|Alien and Ghost in the Shell, among others.[14][15]

March 2018 marked the first release from French singer and producer Oklou on the NUXXE label: her EP The Rite of May, on which Sega Bodega contributed co-production on the final track, "Friendless".[16] Sega Bodega also released a piano version of the song later in the year. The two would continue to collaborate further down the line.

In May 2018, Shygirl released her debut EP via NUXXE, Cruel Practice, featuring production from Sega Bodega on every track. The EP gained positive attention from multiple high-profile publications, such as Pitchfork (website)|Pitchfork,[17] Crack Magazine[18] and Tiny Mix Tapes|Tiny Mixtapes.[19]

In October 2018, Sega Bodega unveiled his next EP, self*care, his first full-length project released via NUXXE. The EP also marked a new direction for Sega Bodega, as he began using his own vocals more prominently than on any other previous release. The EP is also notable for having artwork designed by PC Music musician and visual artist Hannah Diamond.[20]

2019-present: Further collaboration, SEXORCISM & Salvador

In January 2019, Sega Bodega surprise released the "mimi" single[21], as well as playing a headlining live show in London's Hoxton Hall in February.[22]

2019 bore many collaborations with other indie artists, such as Cosima,[23] Col3trane,[24] Nadia Tehran and MISOGI, among others, as well as further collaborations with Oklou[25] and Shygirl[26][27]. NUXXE also released COUCOU CHLOE's NAUGHTY DOG EP in May.[28]

2019 also marked NUXXE's highest profile artist signing and album release: American rapper and singer Brooke Candy and her October-released debut album, Sexorcism (Brooke Candy album)|SEXORCISM. The album features a slew of features from the likes of Charli XCX, Iggy Azalea and Rico Nasty, among many others. Candy had faced many delays and blocks towards releasing her debut album, with plans to release it dating as far back as 2014. When Candy and Sega Bodega spoke on a panel together for LoomFest May 2019 in Barcelona[29], Candy was made aware of the NUXXE label that Sega Bodega co-runs and conversations on releasing the album on NUXXE were struck.[30] Sega Bodega himself co-produced one track on the album: the single "Drip" featuring American singer, actress and television personality Erika Jayne.

In November 2019, Sega Bodega released the single "U Suck",[31] which would be the lead single for his debut album Salvador.[32] The single delved into a more synth-pop direction, and again featured Sega Bodega's vocals prominently. He then played a headlining show in St Pancras Old Church|St Pancras Old Church, London with a backing string quartet in December, to promote the single and premiere upcoming music from his album.[33]

In early January 2020, Sega Bodega announced his debut album Salvador for a 14 February release. The same day as the announcement, he released the single "Salv Goes to Hollywood".[34] The track combines the more vocal-heavy ideas of his recent work, with his roots in deconstructed club music and intense bass.

Salvador was released in February to acclaim from publications like Paste (magazine)|Paste Magazine,[35] Resident Advisor[36] and Pitchfork,[37] among others, and fans alike.

Sega Bodega also continued to collaborate with Oklou on her debut mixtape Galore, released in September, co-producing two tracks,[38] and Shygirl's ALIAS EP, released in November, acting as co-executive producer alongside Shygirl on the project.[39] Among these established collaborators, Sega Bodega also contributed heavily to American rapper Zebra Katz's debut record LESS IS MOOR in March,[40] and appeared on Dorian Electra's My Agenda project in October, as a featured artist (which was his first time appearing as such) and as a co-producer on two tracks.[41]

In early November, Sega Bodega released a collaborative single with English musician Låpsley, titled "Make U Stay".[42]

Personal life

Sega Bodega has been open about his struggles with alcoholism, stating he often hid his anxieties behind drinking, [1] He has also stated that quitting alcohol was the hardest thing he has ever done.[43]

As of 2020, he is 4 years sober.

Sega Bodega has also been open about his struggles with mental health, writing an op-ed and guide on self-care in 2018 for i-D, coinciding with the release of his EP titled self*care.[44]


Title Details
  • Released: February 14, 2020
  • Label: NUXXE
  • Formats: LP record|LP, Digital distribution|digital download, Streaming media|streaming


Title Details
Song Dynasty
  • Released: February 12, 2013
  • Label: Week of Wonders
  • Formats: LP, digital download
  • Released: April 1, 2013
  • Label: Week of Wonders
  • Formats: LP, digital download, streaming
  • Released: October 23, 2015
  • Label: Activia Benz
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • Released: October 30, 2015
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Ess B
  • Released: February 24, 2017
  • Label: Crazylegs
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • Released: October 24, 2017
  • Label: NUXXE
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming


Title Details
  • Released: November 10, 2017
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming


Title Album Label Year
"Stay Nervous" Song Dynasty Week of Wonders 2014

(featuring Shygirl)

Ess B Crazylegs 2017
"Nivea" / "Bacardi" Non-album single
"kisses 2 my phone" self*care NUXXE 2018
"mimi" Non-album single 2019
"U Suck" Salvador
"Salv Goes To Hollywood" 2020
"Make U Stay"

(with Låpsley)

Non-album single


Title Artist(s) Year
"Voices" Dawn Richard 2017
"All Around The World"

(featuring Desiigner and Chynna)

Mura Masa

Other tracks

Title Album Label Year
"Jansen" N/A Secret Songs 2014
"Jaxon" Singles Club Executive Lounge: Celebrating 50 Years of Activia Benz Activia Benz 2016
"I'll Never B" LuckyMe Advent Calendar 17 LuckyMe 2018

Songwriting and production credits

Year Title Artist(s) Album Credits Writer(s) Producer(s)
2016 "Want More" Shygirl Non-album single Producer Blane Muise Sega Bodega
"SPIT INTENT" Y6140 Co-producer Chloé Olivié Chloé Olivié, Navarrete
2017 "Weep"
"MSRY" Shygirl MSRYNVR Producer Blane Muise Sega Bodega
"Flip U" COUCOU CHLOE Erika Jane Co-writer/co-producer Chloé Olivié, Navarrete Navarrete, Chloé Olivié
2018 "Friendless" Oklou The Rite of May Additional producer Oklou Oklou, Sega Bodega (add.), Krampf (add.)
"Rude" Shygirl Cruel Practice Producer Blane Muise Sega Bodega
"Gush" Co-producer Sega Bodega, Dinamarca
"Asher Wolfe" Producer Sega Bodega
"U.A.F.W.M." Quay Dash Non-album single Quay Dash
2019 "R U Lonely 2?" Cosima Co-producer Cosima, Fryars Fryars, Sega Bodega
"Ferment" Murlo Dolos Co-writer/producer Murlo, Sega Bodega Sega Bodega
"Problems In Us" Col3trane Heroine Co-writer/co-producer Cole Basta, Jay Mooncie, Navarrete J Moon, Sega Bodega
"Tell Nobody" Nadia Tehran Dozakh: All Lovers Hell Fabian Berglund, Nadia Kardar Tehran, Patrick Alvarsson, Navarrete Sega Bodega, Nadia Tehran, DJ HAYDN
"Bleached" MISOGI Blood Moon Underworld Co-writer Falls, MISOGI, Navarrete, Zain Siddiqui Falls, MISOGI
"UCKERS" Shygirl Non-album single Producer Blane Muise Sega Bodega
"Close To You (Moonlighting)" Cosima Non-album single Co-producer Cosima Ehni, Duncan James, Matt Parad Sega Bodega, Duncan James, Matt Parad
"BB" Shygirl Co-writer/producer Blane Muise, Sega Bodega Sega Bodega
"Forever" Oklou Co-producer Oklou Oklou, Sega Bodega (co.)

(feat. Erika Jayne)

Brooke Candy SEXORCISM Co-writer/co-producer Brooke Candy, Oscar Scheller, Ashnikko, Navarrete, Jesse Saint John Sega Bodega, Oscar Scheller, Raf Riley
2020 "ISH" Zebra Katz LESS IS MOOR Co-writer/producer Zebra Katz, Navarrete Sega Bodega
"MOOR" Co-writer/co-producer Zebra Katz, Navarrete, Michael Carr Walter Gross, Sega Bodega
"SLEEPN" Co-writer/producer Zebra Katz, Navarrete Sega Bodega

(feat. Shygirl)

Zebra Katz, Blane Muise, Navarrete

(featuring Isamaya Ffrench & Izambard)

God Colony Cult Co-writer God Colony, Isamaya Ffrench, Izambard, Sega Bodega God Colony
"god's chariots" Oklou Galore Drum producer Marylou Mayniel, Casey Manierka, Blane Muise Oklou, Casey MQ (co.), Sega Bodega (drum), Florian Le Prisé (drum)
"rosebud" Additional producer Marylou Mayniel, Casey Manierka Oklou, Casey MQ, Sega Bodega (add.), Florian Le Prisé (drum)
"M'Lady" Dorian Electra My Agenda Co-writer/co-producer Dorian Electra, Count Baldor, Sega Bodega, Will Vaughan Count Baldor, Sega Bodega, Will Vaughan
"Barbie Boy"

(featuring Sega Bodega)

Featured artist/co-writer/co-producer Dorian Electra, Sega Bodega Count Baldor, Sega Bodega
"Like" Alissic Non-album single Co-producer Oli Sykes Dan Lancaster, Sega Bodega
"SEVEN" Shygirl ALIAS Co-writer/co-producer Sega Bodega, Shygirl Sega Bodega
"SLIME" SOPHIE, Sega Bodega, Kai Whiston, Shygirl SOPHIE, Kai Whiston
"FREAK" Sega Bodega, Shygirl Sega Bodega
"TASTY" Co-writer/additional producer Oscar Scheller, Sega Bodega Oscar Scheller, Sega Bodega (add.)
"SIREN" Co-writer/co-producer Happa, Sega Bodega Happa, Sega Bodega


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