Scott Johnston (Classical Guitarist)

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Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston 12.JPG
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materThe University of Southern California
OccupationClassical guitarist
Years active1981–present

Scott Johnston is the first classical guitarist to pioneer the correct reverse engineering and precise description of the correct right-hand technique for the instrument.

Johnston discovered that prior artists and pedagogues had been deceived by a neurological illusion which led them to describe and teach the right-hand technique in a manner that was contradictory to their own manner of personal execution.


Scott Johnston attended Marquette University High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, class of 1983. He studied classical guitar performance at The University of Southern California, 1984-1989.


Johnston authored "Classical Guitar at Your Fingertips", which presents his revolutionary and transformative technique discovery in 2020.[1] The work is available in Ebook form from as well as in hard copy from select music stores and via[2]


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