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Sava Vukovic
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Mostar, Ottoman Empire
Novi Sad, Habsburg Monarchy
  • Merchant
  • Philanthropist
  • Founder of Gymnasium Jovan Jovanović Zmaj

Sava Vuković (Serbian Cyrillic: Сава Вуковић; Mostar, Ottoman Empire, 1737 - Novi Sad, Habsburg Monarchy, 1810) was a Serbian merchant, philanthropist and founder of Gymnasium Jovan Jovanović Zmaj in Novi Sad. Sava Vuković is best remembered as that amateur and patron of the arts of Serbian writers, who dedicated their works to him.[1][2][3]


He grew up in Mostar, where he started trading. Then, at the urging of his older brother, a successful merchant in Sarajevo, he moved to Rijeka. When he came to Novi Sad, he was already a wealthy man. He traded in wax, tobacco, honey and food.[4][5]

Sava Vuković married three times and had only children with his first wife.[6] He first married Sofia Jovanović, the granddaughter of the Serbian patriarch Arsenije IV Jovanović Šakabenta. She was the youngest daughter of Protjerej Šakabenta of Irig. Their marriage bore four children - two sons and two daughters (Maksim, Vukolaj, Katarina, and Marta). When his wife died in 1800, he took another wife Marija Petrović, who lived only until 1802. His third wife, Ana Nikolić of Neštin, who he married in 1803, cared for him until his death. [7] She died in Novi Sad and was buried near the Cathedral on 2 May 1844. She died at a very old age, working with her stepdaughter Marta, married to Senator Eftimije Jovanović in Novi Sad. [8]

He built a large house on the first floor in Hlebarski sokak (today's Miletićeva Street), and on Kapetanova ada he bought 60 acres of land (property of General Ljubibratić) in 1790 and settled 21 families who grew tobacco for him.[9] He also owned a villa at the fairgrounds on Temerin Road.[10]

He acquired the citizenship of Novi Sad in 1773. He was a member of the Foreign Senate of the City.[11] As a respectable merchant, he submitted a request to the Hungarian Court Office in 1791 to be granted the Hungarian nobility, submitting evidence of the Serbian nobility of his family and a recommendation from the Metropolitan of Karlovac. After he paid 1,500 forints, his diploma was published in the Bačka County Assembly on 26 September 1791. From 1802, when he was officially introduced into the possession of Bereksovo in Temes County (which he bought in 1799), he signed as a nobleman from Bereks.[12] He participated in Timisoara Parliament in 1790.

Sick (exhausted by gout) and half-blind, he made a will in 1809. After lengthy consultations with the Metropolitan Stefan Stratimirović and the Bishop of Bačka Gedeon Petrović, he published an endowment letter on his name day -- Saint Sava -- on 27 January 1810. [13] A sum of 20.000 forints was bequeathed for the purpose of establishing a Serbian Orthodox Gymnasium (school) (Srpska pravoslavna gimnazija). Following the example of Vuković, other citizens of Novi Sad also made significant contributions, thus helping to establish a high school.

Sava Vuković died in Novi Sad in May 1810, and was buried in the gate of the Cathedral.[14] Lukijan Musicki sang him an appropriate "ode" on the occasion of his death.[15]


A street in Novi Sad bears his name.


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