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Template:Infobox band Saturday Night Karaoke is an Indonesian punk rock band formed in 2008. In their origin country, the band is commonly known for having extensive of releases and their active touring schedules.


Early years and first formation (2008-2013)

Saturday Night Karaoke was formed by Prabu Pramayougha (vocals, guitar) during his university days in Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java. Along with his university fellows, Asykar (bass) and Dadang (drum), they quickly started the band as an outlet from their studying routines. This formation has released some of the band's early EPs such as So I Can Write A Song About..., Duh!, and Blah!. After playing handful of local underground gigs and embarking a Java - Bali tour in 2011, Asykar decided to quit the band in 2013.

Slurp! years (2013 - 2017)

Not long after Asykar's departure, Brian joined Saturday Night Karaoke in 2013. His first gig was at an AKB48 tribute show created by Jakarta's music scene people and soon after playing the gig, the band gained wider and more various range of listeners. Not long after their debut show with Brian, the band notable shows, such as playing with Lemuria in 2014[1] and RVIVR in 2015. Even though it took long enough for the band to create an album, Saturday Night Karaoke finally released their debut album, Slurp!, in 2015. The album was released by two labels, Indonesian's Rizkan Records and Japan's SP Records. Following the album release, the band embarked a one-week across Java Island to promote the album. The following year afterward, Dadang left the band and soon replaced by Athif (drum).

Professional Goofballs years (2017 - present)

Right before they went back to studio for recording Professional Goofballs, the band's second full-length album, in 2017, Brian abruptly left the band to pursuit his own musical interest. Soon after that, Andresa (bass, vocal) joined the band as the new bass player for Saturday Night Karaoke and efficiently involved into the creative process of Professional Goofballs. The album was released in 2018 through three labels in different countries, Anoa Records (Indonesia), Waterslide Records (Japan), and Monster Zero Records (Austria). The album was received well in its home country and international punk rock community and putting Saturday Night Karaoke on the map of global pop punk/punk rock world.[2][3]

As a promotion for the album release, the band went on two different tours on August 2018 with and taking two different bands under their wings to hop on the road with them. In the first leg, they went on the road with Japan's The Hum Hums for a couple of shows in the weekend[4] and on the second one, they brought along South Korea's Drinking Boys And Girls Choir to join their tour.[5] During the latter tour with Drinking Boys And Girls Choir, the band encountered a couple of police interruptions. During their first gig, the police locked them inside the venue.. Later they found out someone in the crowd had smoked and possessed marijuana. Their third gig was also shut down by police but Saturday Night Karaoke managed to organize a secret show later that night for Drinking Boys And Girls Choir.[6]

Touring Japan in 2017 and 2019

Saturday Night Karaoke has toured Japan twice during their 12 years run. The first one was in 2017, where they played six shows across Kanto and Tochigi prefecture[7] and the second one was in 2019, where it was the first time the band visited Kobe and Nagoya.[8] Both tour was organized by the band respective record label in Japan, Waterslide Records.[9][10]


Though the band's sound has a familiar 90s punk rock nuance in the veins of Lookout! Records or Mutant Pop Records rosters, some would say they really have "perfected the sort of bubblegum pop punk that takes its influences from basic Ramones-y chord progressions and simple, sing song melodies".[11]

Band Members

Current members

  • Prabu Pramayougha – vocal, guitar (2008 - present)
  • Andresa Nugraha – bass, vocal (2017 - present)
  • Athif Aiman – drums, vocal (2015 - present)

Former members

  • Prawedi Asykar – bass (2008 - 2013)
  • Dadang Sidik Wibowo – drums (2008 - 2015)
  • Muhammad Oktabrian – bass, vocal (2013 - 2017)


Studio album

  • Slurp! (Rizkan Records, SP Records, Rise And Grind Records 2015)
  • Professional Goofballs (Anoa Records, Waterslide Records, Monster Zero Records 2018)

EPs and singles

  • So I Can Write A Song About... (self-released 2008)
  • Duh! (self-released 2010)
  • Blah! (self-released 2011)
  • Kind Of Like Smitten EP (self-released, 2011) [Tribute EP to The Ergs!]
  • Never Learn (digital single, 2015)
  • Gawking Geek Music (Rizkan Records, Geekmonger Records 2015) [Split EP with Aggi]
  • Split with Serigala Jahanam (WR Recordings, 2016)
  • Split with Grim Deeds (Rizkan Records,2016) [Split EP with Grim Deeds]
  • 行かない! (Geekmonger Records, 2016)
  • Yes Band Photo Vol. 1 (Waterslide Records, Rizkan Records, Geekmonger Records 2017) [Split EP with Felix! The Band]
  • Bertemu (digital single, 2017)
  • Starry Night (digital single, 2017)
  • Vaporwave 101 (Geekmonger Records, 2017)
  • Split with The Hum Hums (Waterslide Records, 2019) [Split EP with The Hum Hums]
  • Pandemic Generation (Anoa Records, 2020)
  • Honey Bunch (digital single, 2020) [Covering Piggies' song]

Compilation album

  • Discography (Rizkan Records, 2013) [A compilation of early recordings and previously released materials]

Compilation appearances

  • Sebelas Detik Haram (Relamati Records, 2012)
  • Tales From The Pop Punk World (Ramone To The Bone Records, 2015)
  • Yawp! A Geekmonger Compilation (Geekmonger Records, 2016)
  • Stay Healthy, Stay Calm, And Stay Positive (Waterslide Records, 2020)


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