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Saqib Azhar
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EducationUniversity of Bedfordshire
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
Years active2002 - present

Saqib Azhar is a British-Pakistani serial entrepreneur and Top-Rated eCommerce Mentor in Pakistan. He is the Co-founder of Enablers, a renowned eCommerce international platform. Saqib is recognized as one of the leading eCommerce mentors in Pakistan and the creator of the World's largest Amazon eCommerce Facebook Page, “Ecommerce by Enablers.”[1]

Saqib Azhar is now known as Top Pakistan eCommerce Mentor and Public speaker who has changed millions of people into a passive income mindset.[2][3]

Saqib has over 15 years of experience in international eCommerce and has worked with several prolific clients based in the UK, Middle East, and other countries. Saqib specializes in Project management, infrastructure development, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization, vendor management, strategic partnerships, client servicing, P&L management, service delivery and digital marketing.[4]

Saqib has received the best eCommerce organization in Pakistan award for Enablers. He has been featured in many international and Pakistani Media Channels.[5]

Saqib is an official board patron in the Youth Parliament and has been selected by UNDP Pakistan for the Youth Development Program in KPK, Pakistan.

Early life and education

Saqib Azhar was born in a middle-class family of Lahore. Saqib cleared his secondary education with below-average scores. After his secondary education, he cleared his intermediate with third division.

Later, Saqib pursued a Bachelors in Computer Science. He then did a masters in computer networks from the University of Bedfordshire, UK


After he graduated from the University of Bedfordshire, UK, Saqib started working as a part-time employee for Burger King. During his time there, he gained interest in project management and opted to hone his project management skills.

In 2007, Saqib joined several IT organisations in the UK and was offering his skills as a web project manager, and he worked for over two years at this firm. In 2009, he was appointed as the Head of Project Management firm based in the UK. In the same year, he also became a project director at M&C Saatchi, where he worked for over two years.

In 2010, Saqib got himself acquainted with Amazon’s business and after several failures he managed to get success. He then specialized in Amazon selling and worked with several markets, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and others. Saqib also worked with Walmart, eBay, Groupon, and other markets to establish his eCommerce stores.[6]

In 2014, Saqib was appointed as the Associate Project Director at AKQA, UK where he was responsible for the overall direction and management of projects. In the same year, Saqib also joined DigitasLBi as a lead project manager in the UK.

In 2016, Saqib joined Sapient as a senior programme manager in the UK, where he worked for two years and then left to start his entrepreneurial journey working as an eCommerce Mentor.

In 2018, Saqib co-founded Enablers, an education management firm that specializes in Amazon & eCommerce training. The idea behind the foundation of this firm was to leverage his Amazon business skills that he learned back in 2010.[7]

Saqib wanted to apply his skills for uplifting the Pakistani community, aiming to build a multi-million-dollar eCommerce hub that would strengthen the economy and will improve entrepreneurship trends in the country.

The company aims to boost the economy by elevating entrepreneurship programs through its Enabling Video Series (EVS), which is a repository of videos, covering numerous freelancing subjects. The company, under the leadership of Saqib, flourished while working with some of the world's largest customer service providers.[8]

Saqib is now an eCommerce business mentor, influencer, and entrepreneur who has built a tremendous fan following on his social media channels.

Saqib vision helps millions of entrepreneurs on how to Scale and start their own eCommerce business on Amazon and international markets


Saqib, throughout his career, has collaborated with several organizations, including PHEC, UNDP, TEVTA, Lahore Chamber of Commerce, LUMS, COMSATS, Payoneer, University of Lahore and many others. Saqib has also met with the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, for getting approval in forming the "Pakistan eCommerce Association,” the first monetary organization for eCommerce businesses running in Pakistan.


  • In a few years Saqib has now become the Face of eCommerce in Pakistan.
  • Awarded the Best eCommerce Company Award 2020 at the 3rd Jadeed Pakistan Conference and Awards 2020 held on 9th December 2020.
  • Recognized internationally by brands, including JungleScout, Helium10, Payoneer, etc.
  • Recognized as an official member of the Board of Patrons of Jadeed Pakistan Initiative.
  • Approached by the UN for several achievements and was selected by UNDP as an ambassador of the Youth Development Program in KPK, Pakistan.
  • Established the first incubation centres in Pakistan’s Universities


Saqib is the author of “Learn the Art of Making Passive Income” published in 2020. It offers exclusive and practical insights on how to work in the eCommerce markets of the world.[9]

Personal life

Saqib hails from a middle-class family and has faced several adversities while growing up. Saqib likes to spend time with his family and childhood friends whenever he gets a chance off work. He is also an avid reader and researcher.

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