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Sanj Srikanthan
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BornJune 1980 (age 43)
London, UK
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
  • Master of Public Affairs
  • Master of Public Administration
Alma mater
  • University of Manchester
  • Columbia University
  • Sciences-Po, Paris
OccupationChief Executive of Shelterbox
Years active2002-present
Spouse(s)Theresia Maria Elisabeth Freiin von Oer

Sanj Srikanthan [1] [2] [3] (born June 1980) is the Chief Executive of Shelterbox [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]. Until December 2019 he was the Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the International Rescue Committee, Europe [10]. Prior to that he served as a British Army Captain, based in Germany with the Royal Dragoon Guards [11]. He has been interviewed extensively on current affairs including an in depth interview with Christiane Amanpour [12] on the war in Yemen [13] [14]. In 2018, he was voted one of London's key 'changemakers'[15] by the London Evening Standard [16].

Early life and education

Srikanthan was born in London but was raised in Jaffna, Sri Lanka by his grandparents for the first five years of his life. He left during the conflict there in 1985 to rejoin his family in the United Kingdom where he studied at Bedford Modern School [17] and Bedford School. [18]. Srikanthan went on to read Politics and Modern History at the University of Manchester [19]. He later completed a Master of Public Affairs at Sciences-Po, Paris in 2009 [20] before also completing a Master of Public Administration at Columbia University in 2010 [21].


Srikanthan attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst [22] commissioning as a Second Lieutenant [23] in December 2002.He joined the Royal Dragoon Guards at their barracks in Münster[24], Germany.

Srikanthan went on to join the International Rescue Committee in June,2010. He has worked in frontline humanitarian emergencies in Mali [25], Syria [26], Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Liberia [27], and South Sudan.

In 2013, he lead the humanitarian team that exposed reports of widespread sexual violence against women and girls in Syria [28] [29].

In 2014 while working in Liberia during the ebola crisis he spoke about the need for locally led solutions to the outbreak [30].

Srikanthan has been a notable advocate for refugee rights and a more pragmatic solution to displacement of populations due to conflict [31]. He has helped orchestrate some public displays about the scale of the Europe refugee crisis such as life jackets in Parliament Square in 2016 [32]. He has often cited his own personal story to advocate for the rights of child refugees [33].

Srikanthan has also spoken out about the threats to human rights and humanitarian space in the era of rising nationalism [34] [35].

Personal life

In 2011 he married Theresia Maria Elisabeth Freiin von Oer in Legden, Germany. He currently lives in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

In the media



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