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Founded2018; 4 years ago (2018)
FounderSura Khudairi
HeadquartersUnited States

SURTURBAN is a one-of-a-kind fashion line known for its ready-to-wear elegant turbans. The brand was created by Sura Khudairi, an Iraqi-born American-based designer. Surturban was formed with the goal of bringing modest and stylish headcovers to the fashion market that represented the essence of cosmopolitan culture and spirituality.[1][2]


SURTURBAN was launched in 2018 and since then the company has been offering bespoke, elegant ready-to-wear headwraps. Created by an Iraqi-born designer - Sura Khudairi, the collection at Surturban is minimal and highly functional.[3] Khudairi aimed to combine the ease and refinement of the headwrap in a chic and whimsy way when she launched this company. While creating Surturban, she focused on bringing out an East-meets-West look with edgy accents and features inspired by the streets of Soho in the 1970s.[4]

The trademark ready-to-wear turbans at Surturban have fit, elegant lines, femininity, fabrics, colors, and couture-like craftsmanship. The chic headwear is a culmination of natural tones, textures, and splashes of subtle color from neutral platelets.[5]



Khudairi developed a mood board for Paris Fashion Week 2022, clipping and pasting cultural imagery together as she saw fit.[6] Each element in this collection is taken free from its source of religious or cultural value.[7] Surturban The "Renaissance" Paris Fashion Week collection is couture with a twist, focusing on the elegance of the turban. She's kept the turban's heritage while incorporating feminine fabrics and sculptural designs. This collection takes cues from cosmopolitan culture and polished minimalism, combining feminine designs with masculine jagged accents. The turbans' curved design strives to defy conventions by instilling strength in femininity and delicacy while creating a universe in which the head wrap/turban appears effortless and modern.[8]

DMFW Collection

The DMFW collection is more about the mood that the turban evokes, the mystery, and the glamour of headscarves.[9] The styles in this collection are a reflection of the true turban roots mixed with feminine fabrics and sculptural shapes. They are a symbol of East-meets-West aesthetic with edgy details showing off traditional elegance, cosmopolitan style, and regal heritage.[10]

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