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Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, it is a drama school in London, England, that offers practical conservatoire training in the areas of theatre, television, cinema, and radio. It was founded in 1895. There are many locations around central London, including the Bloomsbury district, near to the Senate House complex of the University of London, and it is a founding member of the Federation of Drama Schools. This theatre school, established in 1904 by Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, is one of the most historic in the United Kingdom. It relocated to Gower Street in 1905, where it remained for the rest of the century. When the theatre was given a Royal Charter in 1920, it was moved to Malet Street, behind the Gower Street buildings, and opened to the public in 1921 with the participation of Edward, Prince of Wales. It was founded in 1924 and got its first government support the following year, in 1925. With five theatres and a cinema, RADA is today a viable option for performing arts students. Warner Bros. Entertainment is the school's primary industry partner....

Several foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses are offered by RADA in addition to professional development opportunities. King's College London validates its higher education awards, which are recognised worldwide (KCL). Queen Elizabeth II serves as the school's Royal Patron. Richard, Lord Attenborough, who died in 2014, was replaced by Sir Kenneth Branagh as President of the United States. Mr. Marcus Ryder MBE is the chairman, and he will take over from Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen in 2021. Since Alan Rickman's death in 2016, the organisation has served as Vice-Chairman. Edward Kemp serves as the academy's Director at the time of publication.