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Rehmat Aziz Khan
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Born(1970-04-25)April 25, 1970
Khot Valley, Chitral district, NWFP Province, (present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Pakistan
Alma materFUUAST
Urdu University
Allama Iqbal University
Known forPakistani Linguistics
Contribution for the promotion and preservation of Languages of Pakistan
Linguistic software
Work on Allama Iqbal
AwardsSanad-i-Imitiaz(2016)awarded by Govt of Pakistan
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Gold Medal (2015)Awarded by Govt of Pakistan
Scientific career
FieldsUrdu and Khowar Linguistics, Lexicography and Literature
Thesis (2018)
Doctoral advisorAtta ullah Khan Mahmood Watto
Other academic advisorsSyed Zeeshan Ashraf Qureshi
InfluencesAllama Iqbal, Ahmad Hassan Dani Richard Straind
InfluencedDr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio, Professor Dr. Fateh Muhammad Malik, Professor Israr Uddin
First Pakistani world record holder linguist in the field of linguistics.

Rahmat Aziz Khan (Urdu: رحمت عزیز) (born 1970) is a linguistic rights activist from Pakistani people. He is a famous Pakistani linguist, scholar, author, Translator on Iqbal Studies, Linguistic Keyboard Software Developer and columnist from Chitral Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.[1] In 2019, he won the International Peace Prize Public Peace Prize Award because of his work for justice for endangered languages of Pakistan.[2]


Rahmat Aziz was born in 1970 in Pakistan. He grew up in the Chitral Valley of Pakistan. He did a lot of research and study on the languages and cultures of Northern Pakistan. He was an expert on the culture of Chitral and Kalash. He has received the Public Peace Prize in 2019 for his immense work for the promotion and preservation of endangered mother languages of Pakistan.[3] The Public Peace Prize recognize his literary and linguistic services by issuing this certificate Distinction granted for his poetry and linguistic work in defense of the dignity and rights of women and against violence and physical torture in a male-dominated society marked by violent extremism.

Being a peace poet and peace activist he is spreading peace through his initiative "My poetry and my language for peace".[4] His area of interest was Software Engineering and linguistic keyboard software development for Pakistani languages. He was awarded the Sanad-e-Imtiaz by the Govt of Pakistan for his Prophet Muhammad panegyrics.[5]

Honors and awards

  • Sanad-i-Imitiaz Government of Pakistan[6]
  • Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Gold Medal Gold Medal, Government of Pakistan[7]
  • Pride of the Nation Gold Medal Journalist Foundation
  • Gold Medal, Nazriya Pakistan Council Government of Pakistan
  • Quaid-e-Azam Gold Medal, Govt of Pakistan
  • Gold Medal, Pakistan Book of Records[8]
  • World Record, Everest Book of Records
  • World Record Assist World Record[9]
  • Public Peace Prize Laureate 2019 from Pakistan[3]
  • Global Pixoto Rising Star Award[10]


  • Chitrali Grammar (grammar)[11]
  • Khowar Urud English Dictionary (Trilingual Dictionary)[12]
  • Guldan-e-Rahmat (poetry)[13]
  • Guldasta-e-Rahmat (poetry)[13]
  • Gulzokh (poetry)[13]
  • Gul-o-Bulbul (poetry)[13]
  • Khowar Versified Translation of Allama Iqbal’s poetry (Translation)

Softwares and Text editors

He has developed more than 32 linguistic softwares for Summer Institute of Linguistics and the endangered languages of Pakistan. His Urdu language softwares can be accessed online.[14]

Print Media Coverage

  • Dawn (newspaper)[15]
  • The News International[16]
  • Endangered Languages Project - Burushaski[17]
  • The Express Tribune with New York Times[18]
  • The Express Tribune with New York Times[19]

Media coverage

  • AbbTakk Television Documentary[20]
  • Geo Television[21]

Breaking News

  • Pakistani television headlines, breaking news and documentary films on the life and works of Rehmat Aziz Chitrali[22]
  • Newspapers Coverage[23]


Poetry book in Urdu

  • Guldan e Rahmat (1996)
  • Phuul rang ba rangey (1997)
  • Khowar Zakhira e Alfaz (1998)
Books in English
  • Chitrali Dictionary with Urdu, English and Romanized Khowar (2020)[24] ISBN # 6200529183 EAN 9786200529183
  • Khowar language Grammar[25]
  • Abdur Razzaq’s Book about Rehmat Aziz[26]
  • Khowar Vocabulary
  • Chitrali Bibliography
  • A dictionary of Urdu Proverbs
  • A dictionary of Chitrali plants
  • Comparative Study of English and Khowar Grammar
Books in Khowar
  • Guldasta e Rahmat (1996)
  • Khowar Qaida (1996)
Books in Shina
  • Shina Qaida (1999)
  • Shina Text Editor (2000)
Books in Yidgha
  • Yidgha Qaida (1999)
  • Yidgha Text Editor (2000)

Lexicography services in Pakistani languages

He remained associated with Khowar Academy and complied the first ever Khowar-Urdu-English Dictionary project (a 20 -volume trilingual dictionary. He has compiled six other dictionaries:

  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Yidgha
  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Urdu”
  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Kalasha
  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Shina
  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Kashmiri
  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Palula
  • A dictionary of Common words of Khowar and Burushaski and
  • A Dictionary of Urdu proverbs[27]

Articles about his life and works

  • Dawn has published a detailed article about his life and works.[15]
  • Islamic Republic News Agency|Iran News AgencyMehr News International[28]
  • The Express Tribune and The New York Times'[19]
  • Endangered languages project[29]
  • Script Source[30]
  • List of Members of Iqbal Academy Pakistan[31]
  • Chitral Times News[6]
  • Public Peace Prize Laureate 2019[2]
  • Single Software in multi language[9]
  • TV news coverage[32]
  • Salute to Rehmat Aziz by 24 News TV Pakistan[33]

Trilingual Dictionary

  • Trilingual Dictionary project by Rehmat Aziz for Summer Institute of Linguistic (SIL)[12]

Title of distinction

The following Title of distinction have been awarded to Rehmat for his outstanding services for the promotion and preservation of endangered languages of Pakistan.

  • The Linguistic Mastermind - My voice unheard
  • The Preserver of Languages - The Bolo Jawan[34]
  • The Pride of Pakistan - The POP[35]
  • The man with a vision - Tribune Media group
  • The reigning father of the Khowar language - Dardistan Times[36]
  • Dignity of Nation - The Everest Book of Record
  • Bolo Jawan[37]


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