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Redfield & Wilton Strategies
Private limited company
  • Market research
  • Opinion polling
United Kingdom
Area served

Redfield & Wilton Strategies is a strategic research company headquartered in London, UK and operating internationally. Redfield & Wilton Strategies is an accredited member of the British Polling Council[1] and is one of Europe’s best known polling and strategic companies.

The company is prominent in the media and is regularly commissioned to conduct research on behalf of media partners in the UK, Europe, the United States and Asia[2]. On its website the company release regular research from the UK, US, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Hong Kong[3].

In the UK, as well as conducting weekly voting intention and approval rating polls, the company is regularly commissioned by media outlets such as The Sunday Telegraph[4][5][6], The Spectator[7][8][9], iNews[10][11][12], Daily Mail[13][14][15], The Daily Mirror[16][17][18] and the BBC[19][20] to conduct their research.

In the US, as well as conducting regular US national polls, the company has become known for conducting state by state research notably in the swing states[21][22]. This research has been published in partnership with Newsweek[23][24][25] and Forbes[26][27].

In Europe, the company has polling partnerships with Euronews[28][29][30] and Politico[31][32][33].


Redfield & Wilton Strategies uses a range of methodologies to conduct quantitative and qualitative research including telephone, face-to-face, and online research. On its website it claims the majority of its research is conducted online.

Poll archive

The company in accordance with British Polling Council transparency rules[34] makes available all of the data tables from the research that is featured in the media[35]


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