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Real Estate Funding Solutions
IndustryFinancial Services, & Real Estate
Founded2012; 11 years ago (2012)
FounderSami Solomon
HeadquartersNew York State
ServicesNon-QM Loans, Real Estate Financing and Commercial Loans

Real Estate Funding Solutions (REFS) is a mortgage financing company extends loans to individuals and companies seeking to invest in residential or commercial real estate properties. The company offers a diverse range of financing solutions tailored to meet the needs of real estate developers and investors, aiming to bridge the gap between real estate opportunities and available sources of financing.[1] Founded in 2012 by Sami Solomon, a certified real estate broker, property manager, and investor, Real Estate Funding Solutions has emerged as a leader in the real estate lending industry, renowned for its expertise and holistic approach to real estate financing.[2][3]


Established in 2012 in New York, the United States, Real Estate Funding Solutions was founded to address the financing challenges faced by real estate professionals and provide them with viable financing options.[4] Over the years, the company has built a reputation for supporting various real estate projects, including residential developments, commercial premises, multi-family buildings, and mixed-use ventures.[5]

Real Estate Funding Solutions offers a diverse range of stated loan types with minimal or no documentation, catering to the needs of real estate investors, builders, and homeowners across all 50 states.[6] The company also extends its services to Canada and South America.[7][8]


To initiate the financing process, clients can present their deal scenario for residential or commercial subject properties requiring funding. Within 24 hours of submission, the company's mortgage experts proactively engage with clients with the most competitive and innovative loan terms covering long-term and short-term real estate funding options.[9] These solutions align precisely with clients' real estate investment objectives and financial requirements.[10]

Real Estate Funding Solutions has a distinctive policy of refraining from running clients' credit until the deal is fully processed and approved.[11] Clients can use their credit reports without negatively impacting their credit score, ensuring long-term credit file security.[12]


Real Estate Funding Solutions offers an extensive selection of financing solutions to support real estate projects at various stages of development. Some of the services include:

  • No-Doc Loans: Offering various stated financial products for long- and short-term financing without the need for income verifications, tax returns, or income verifications
  • Single Family Purchase: Providing fully amortized loan programs for single-family purchases with flexible term options and no requirement for financial documents like tax returns and bank statements.
  • Multi-Family Purchase: Offering niche financial products for non-owner-occupied real estate properties generating cash flow from rental units, including multi-family 4+ unit non-owner-occupied acquisitions and refinances.
  • Mixed Use: Providing fully amortized loan programs for mixed-use properties and offering competitive term sheets without requesting Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to ensure the lowest loan terms possible.
  • Cash Out Refinance: Guaranteeing the best and lowest mortgage terms for cash-out refinancing deals, especially for non-owner occupied or investment properties with long-term rental agreements.
  • Rate & Term Refinance: Offering the most competitive mortgage terms for rate and term refinances without financial document requirements for non-owner occupied properties with rental income proof.
  • Hard Money: Providing short-term hard money or bridge loans for property acquisitions and rehab costs for residential and commercial properties.
  • Fix and Flip: Offering competitive loan terms for fix and flip projects for experienced and non-experienced investors, ensuring better rates without tax returns or income verification documents.
  • Commercial Loans: Financing various commercial properties nationwide, such as office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, and gas stations, without running credit checks for existing commercial loan applicants.
  • Ground Up Construction: Assisting in new construction financing for experienced builders and developers, covering the entire project cost and offering guidance throughout the project.
  • Interest Only: Offering interest-only mortgages with no prepayment penalties ensures greater flexibility for borrowers to exit the loan at any time without additional fees.
  • Foreign National: Providing mortgage loans for foreign nationals with work visas, requiring US-based income qualification.

Apart from the financing options, Real Estate Funding Solutions also offers additional services such as loan packaging, underwriting support, and project consulting to expedite the financing process and provide comprehensive assistance to clients in their real estate projects.

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