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Ravinder Singal
Delhi, India
  • Ph.D.
  • MBA
  • BE
  • MA (Human Rights)
  • Diploma (IT)
  • Diploma (Journalism & Mass Communication)
Alma materDelhi College of Engineering
  • IPS officer
  • TEDx speaker
  • Photographer
  • Painter
  • Author
  • Motivational speaker
  • Zile Singh (father)
  • Kanta Devi (mother)
  • President's Medal
  • UN Medal

Dr. Ravinder Singal, an IPS officer is currently serving as the Spl. IGP, Aurangabad Range.[1] He is an academician with educational qualifications that include a Ph.D., MBA, BE, MA in Human Rights, Diploma in IT and Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. He had handled and managed two Kumbh Melas in Nasik and a Guru Ta Gaddi, at Nanded. Besides serving his motherland, Dr. Singal has contributed to the International Community through the UN Peacekeeping Mission.

He won the Ironman Triathlon,[2] is a TEDx speaker, a photographer, painter, an author and a motivational speaker. He has received numerous awards and honors like the President's Medal for Meritorious Service, UN Medal for Service with UNMIK, Medal for Danish Contingent March at Kosava, and Medal on 50th Independence Day, DGP Insignia. He also has more than 100 commendations and appreciation letters.

A regular marathoner[3] at Mumbai Marathon, in 2019, he completed the Mumbai Marathon in 4 hrs 42 mins against the required timing of 4 hrs 50 mins and qualified for the ultra-race of 90 km non-stop race held abroad. He actively participates in horse riding, rifle and pistol shooting. He has won the Deccan Cliffhanger 643 km non-stop ultra-cycle race (4-5th November 2017)[4] and the title of Ironman Triathlon (26th August 2018).Dr. Singal is India’s First Police Officer in the 50+ years age category to earn the title of the Ironman.[5]

Early Life and Family

Dr. Singal was born in Delhi. His father Zile Singh is a highly respected ex-DCP and his mother Kanta Devi has always been a homemaker.

The third born in the family, Dr. Singal has six sisters. He was raised in Delhi and spent most of his vacations at his paternal grandfather’s home, in a small village named Nindana near Rohtak, Haryana. Dr. Singal had a very simple childhood and from a very young age witnessed how hardworking his parents and grandfather were. As a child, Dr. Singal was often seen playing with his father’s baton and copying his moves.

Dr. Singal’s father was the first person from his village to move to a city. So people visiting the city for different purposes visited them throughout the year and stayed over with them while they underwent medical treatment, hunted for jobs or took college admissions.

Dr. Singal pursued his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) from Delhi College of Engineering in the year 1990. During this phase, he visited the famous Sai Baba temple at Shirdi with a friend. There he was highly impressed by a man in uniform who was managing the crowd and his inclination towards joining the police force grew stronger. Later, while working with GAIL, his first job, in an incident two workers who were accompanying them in their car for tea were bitten by a cop without any concrete reason. This made his intention to join the IPS even stronger as he wanted to bring about a change in the workings of the police force.

Dr. Singal resigned from his job, and in 1996, the year his father retired from the police as DCP, he became an IPS officer.

Dr. Singal’s wife is an IAS officer. His daughter is Asia’s youngest girl to win the Ironman title at the age of 19 years. She is also a national-level gold medalist swimmer. Dr. Singal’s son is a national level lawn tennis player.


As an Electrical Engineer, he worked for 2 years with GAIL, however, he quit his job and appeared for Civil Services Examination.

1996-IPS Officer (Mandatory training at Mussoorie & Hyderabad)

1998-ASP, Sangli

1999-DCP, Amravati

2002-SP, Nashik

2005-UN Mission, Kosovo

2008-SP, Nanded

2009-SP Nagpur Railway

2010-Addl. CP, Nagpur

2010-Director SCZCC GOI, Nagpur

2014-Addl CP, Thane

2014-IGP, CP Mumbai Railway

2015-IGP, Training, Maharashtra

2016-CP, Nashik

2019-Spl. IGP, Aurangabad Range

Kumbh Melas: 2003 & 2015

After five years of joining the police service, Dr. Singal got the opportunity to manage the Kumbh Mela in 2003 while he was posted as a superintendent of police, Nashik district. There he managed crowds of more than 1.5 million pilgrims a day from different parts of Maharashtra, he diplomatically managed conflicts, uncalled-for situations, a massive traffic, and people’s demands, including the bathing rituals schedule and managing the ten famous ‘Naga Sadhus’ and Akhara processions.

Dr. Ravinder was the officer-in-charge for planning and execution in regards to crowd management, security and surveillance management, traffic management, anti-sabotage management, disaster management and organization of the bath rituals (Shahi Snan). He was also involved in the development of the basic infrastructure for the bathing rituals with the help of the locals, the Nasik police and other government departments.

For the flawless execution of the 2003 Kumbh Mela event, Dr. Singal was honored with the D.G.INSIGNIA (State Honor), an Out-Of-Turn Award by the then DGP of Maharashtra state, an honor usually reserved for senior officers with around 15 years of experience.

During the Kumbh Mela of 2015, though Dr. Singal was posted in Mumbai as IGP he was on a weekend visit at Trimbakeshwar for a photo shoot of the event.[6] There was an urgent meeting called to handle certain emergencies at the Kumbh Mela where Dr. Singal was also summoned. He was asked if he could manage the crisis. Dr. Singal readily agreed. He incorporated changes in the already existing plans and joined the local police force, involved the local people as volunteers, guided the police force from Nasik city and outside, rectified what had gone wrong to ensure a successful Kumbh Mela at Nasik city.

UN Mission Kosovo, 2005-2007

In 2005, he opted for deputation and as the Chief of the War Crimes Investigation Unit at United Nations Mission, Kosovo, he supervised and guided the investigators from various nationalities besides the overall supervision of the unit. Starting as the Chief of Administration, he held positions of Deputy Chief of The War Crimes and was promoted to be the Chief of the War Crimes Investigation during his international mission.

Guru-Ta-Gaddi Nanded Tercentenary Celebration: 2008

He prepared and planned for the mega event of Guru Ta Gaddi for a year and successfully managed over 1.5 million pilgrims gathered from all across the world in six days.[7] Noteworthy was the visit of Honorable President of India (2008) and the Honorable Prime Minister of India (2008) during the peak periods and the planning that involved high-security measures for the VIP dignitaries. [8]

Deccan Cliffhanger 2017

He is a marathoner and regularly participates in endurance games. He is also a cyclist. In November 2017, he attempted and finished the non-stop 643 km Deccan Cliffhanger, the ultra-cycle race from Pune to Goa.[9]

Ironman 2018

At the age of 51, Dr. Singal underwent training for 8 months and participated in the Ironman Triathlon on 26th August 2018 in France (Vichy). He completed the race in the 15 hours and 13 minutes after 3.8 km of swimming, 180.2 km cycling and 42.2 km running. He became India’s First Police Officer in the 50+ years category to earn the title of the Ironman.

Comrade Legend Virtual Race 2020

Dr. Singal completed the 90 km Comrade Legend Virtual Race in cycling and running on June 13th and 14th, 2020 held in Aurangabad.[10] He completed the race in 13 hrs 51 secs. The event was to be held in South Africa but owing to the covid pandemic, he completed the race in India with a smartwatch that helped the organizers track his time. With this, he became the first policeman of the Marathwada region to complete this race.

TEDx Speaker

Talk Given - Ironman: Like Father, Like Daughter, at TEDxJNEC

In this duet talk, he and his daughter shared the hardships they underwent to make it to the ironman where mental strength along with physical strength was being challenged daily. Ravija Singal, his daughter won the Ironman title in December 2018 and set the record of being the youngest Asian woman to do so to date.

Water Conservation Project in Five Villages of Aurangabad 2019

As the Spl. IGP of Aurangabad Range, he worked towards resolving the water scarcity issues in his area too. He chose five villages and successfully implemented water conservation projects.[11]

The Crowd Management Expert

Dr. Singal is a crowd management expert with a Ph.D. in Crowd Management. He has managed events like the Guru Ta Gaddi, 300th Year Celebration at Nanded (2008) and two Kumbh Melas at Trimbakeshwar, Nasik (2003 &2015).

Invited as a Speaker on Crowd Management

After the Elphinstone Road stampede[12] during the monsoon of 2017, Dr. Singal was invited by the regional controller of the railways, western railways to deliver a lecture on stampede prevention.[13]

To understand the best practices for Kumbh Mela 2021, the Haridwar Roorkee Development Authority and Elets Techno Media invited Dr. Ravinder Singal as a guest speaker and panelist to the Innovation Summit at Haridwar in July 2018 to share his insights on effective crowd management and policing.

Motivational Speaker

Dr. Singal counsels and mentors children, youth, corporate employees and even his own staff and the public who seek his guidance. He is working towards sensitizing people about various issues as it helps to reduce the crime rate.

He speaks about genuine problems people face. He helps people in organizing events like marathons, in resolving various personal and professional issues and even financial matters. He educates the youth to keep them away from crime, drugs, suicide and other related issues. He guides them on basic etiquettes, cybercrime, the impact of social media, trafficking, career guidance and more.


Dr. Singal has written a number of blogs and published three Marathi books.‘‘Malegaonchi Yatra’’ is a book based on the traditional fair of the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.“Policing a New Dimension” is all about adopting new ways of policing[14] owing to the change in society and the pattern of crimes. “Kushawartacha Kotwal’’ is a narration of the event management and experience of the Kumbh Mela of 2003 at Nasik.

Amateur Photographer

He started photography as a hobby in his 8th standard at school, where he learned to develop black and white photographs. He continued this passion as he grew older and in 2019 he exhibited a huge documentation of pictures at the Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. Besides photography, he also creates interesting videos.


Dr. Singal started painting from childhood but as he pursued higher education he lost touch with his hobby. Later as he started working he revived this hobby and dabbles in it whenever he gets time.


Dr. Singal is associated with horse riding and follows it as a fitness activity.

Rifle & Pistol Shooter

Dr. Singal has participated in many 10 meters pistol shooting events, including Maharashtra State Police Games and has won several medals. In the year 2011, he won a bronze medal in the services category at a national level, which was conducted by the National Rifle Association of India.


Dr. Singal initiated the Bal Biradari concept wherein children from slums who had left their schooling are counselled and convinced to continue their studies. He started this program in one of the crime inflicted slum areas named Phulenagar Jhoparpatti in Nasik. The group still runs effectively under the supervision of Mr. Somnath Rathi.

Also during his tenure as S.P. Nagpur Railways and as Commissioner of Railway Police in Mumbai, he started two residential schools for the runaway children on the railway platforms. He still continues to support them and provide them with everything with the hope for a better future for them.

Initiatives by Dr. Singal

  • Ambassadors of Fitness

Launched during COVID 19 Lockdown period, social media was effectively used to communicate and inspire others to make fitness a lifestyle and raise public health quotient.

  • Punha Ghari

Counseling couples on post-marital issues and enabling the women to feel safe and confident to go back to her husband’s home.

  • Love Animals - Feeding Stray Dogs, Other Animals, and Birds

Started during lockdown to protect and provide water and food to stray dogs, other animals, and birds in Aurangabad, Dr. Singal lent his support and actively participated in these efforts with dog lovers. This initiative was extended to other cities as well.

  • Cyber Ambassadors

Along with his cyber ambassadors, he generates awareness about cyber-crimes among people by visiting various industries, corporates, residential complexes and by reaching out to the youth.[15]

  • Nasik Marathon

As CP Nashik, Dr. Singal organized the NashikPolice Marathon successfully consecutively for three years.

  • Education for the Less-Privileged

He launched two residential schools for the runaway children found at the railway platforms and also launched the Bal Biradari concept, wherein children from slums who had left their schooling are counselled and convinced to continue their studies. These are now being managed by individuals and NGOs.

  • Nanded City Cycle Club

To build a fitness habit and a cycling culture in Nanded, he initiated a Nanded City Cycle Club in 2009 at Nanded.

Education and Academics

1. Bachelor of Engineering(Electrical)

2. Master of Arts in Human Rights

3. Diploma in Information Technology

4. Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism

5. MBA - Master of Business Administration

6. PhD (Management Science), Crowd Management (Managing Safety, Order and Tranquility in Mega Events: An Expository Study of Tercentenary Celebrations of Guru Ta Gaddi at Nanded)

7. Certificate Course in Global Terrorism

8. Certificate Course in Restoring Order Following Hostilities

9. Certificate Course in Ethics in Peace Keeping

10. Certificate Course in Security Measures for United Nations Peace Keepers

11. Certificate Course in Commanding United Nations Peace Keeping Operations

12. Courses Attended at Kosovo - Training of Trainers Course 1& 2

13. Conflict Management

14. Team Building Process

15. Currently pursuing a Law Degree

Awards and Commendations

1. Awarded a medal on the event of the 50th Anniversary of Independent India, 1997.

2. Received D.G.P Insignia, Out of Turn Award from the D.G.P. of Maharashtra for outstanding and distinguished services for managing the Kumbh Mela Event, 2004 (Given only to senior officers above 15 years of experience).

3. Best Detection Awards in Maharashtra State during his tenure as SP, awarded to the Nashik district, December 2003 and March 2004.

4. Awarded a medal and certificate for being a part of the Danish Contingent March 2006.

5. Awarded UN Medal for Service with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), 2006.

6. Conferred the President’s Police Medal for meritorious services on the occasion of Republic Day, 2013.

7. Received more than 100 commendations and appreciation letters on different occasions to date.


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