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Ravi Rajapaksha
Ravi Rajapaksha image.jpeg
Born (1996-08-27) August 27, 1996 (age 27)
NationalitySri Lankan
Other namesRajapaksha Kankanamage Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha
CitizenshipSri Lanka
  • St. Thomas’ college,
  • Matale Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
Sri Lanka Elephant Safari
Known forFounder and CEO Nextenco
Digital Marketer
Digital Creator
Tour guide
Instagram Travel Influencer
Instagram Strategist
Public Relations Expert
Music Publicist
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  • R.K. Saminda Rajapaksha (father)
  • Priyanka Damayanthi (mother)
RelativesGimhani Rajapaksha (Younger Sister)

Ravi Rajapaksha (born on August 27, 1996, as Rajapaksha Kankanamage Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha) is a gifted Sri Lankan entrepreneur best known for juggling multiple roles as a successful PR Strategist, Travel Influencer, and Digital Nomad specializing in digital marketing.[1] He is the founder and CEO of Nextenco,[2] a leading PR company around the globe. His work as a renowned brand builder for small businesses,[3] influencers, musicians, coaches, and entrepreneurs has positioned him as a trusted advisor and leader within his industry.[4]

Ravi Rajapaksha is a self-motivated, influential figure with experience in seeing social media projects through from inception to fruition, all the while setting and achieving ambitious goals and using innovative approaches to overcome obstacles.[5] With his expertise in digital marketing and a reputation as one of the most sought-after figures in digital marketing, Ravi aims to help entrepreneurs and businesses scale their presence on social and digital Medias while gaining real and measurable results.[6]

Early Life and Education

Ravi Rajapaksha was born on August 27, 1996, in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. He finished his high school education at St. Thomas’ College, Matale, in the Biology stream. He was highly talented in his academics and extracurricular activities and was also a good sportsman. He acted as the captain of the school's football team, and under his leadership, the team won a number of all-island championship awards during his tenure. Additionally, he was also an active member of the school's rugby team, where he showed remarkable colors as one of the best rugby players in his college.

His athletic traits, blended with his intellectual talents, gave him an enviable personality with a strong lead character that his peers and teachers respected and admired. Even as a child, he demonstrated qualities that were destined to make him stand out among his peers. He had the right balance between competitiveness and humility, all the while prioritizing his academics. He was particularly fascinated by the digital marketing field, and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Marketing at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


Surrounded by the lush beauty of the Sri Lankan countryside,[7] Ravi grew up listening to the sound of running water, the soft rustle of leaves, and the chirping of birds, immersing himself in the scenic panorama that enveloped him every day of his life. Residing near two bustling tourist hotspots named Dambulla and Sigiriya for his entire childhood, Ravi came to know and love the hospitality industry through spending countless hours exploring his local surroundings, fascinated by the diverse and unrivaled beauty of nature. This obsession led him to a career as a tour coordinator in Sri Lanka, which provided him with valuable life experience that he used every day while showing other travelers the beauty of his homeland.[8]

As a tour guide, he learned to interact with people from all around the world and developed a deeper understanding of how they think and what they find appealing. He developed impeccable communication skills and a strong work ethic that helped him become one of the best in his field.[9] He was able to make connections with people from around the world, and his sociable attitude helped him excel in all aspects of his career. Eventually, Ravi was able to lay the groundwork for launching his own company, which he did.[10]

Ravi started his first venture,[11] "Sri Lankan Elephant Safari," with the goal of drawing tourists to Sri Lanka and creating a greater appreciation for the country's culture and biodiversity. His safari tour company operates in three major national parks in Sri Lanka and provides a unique opportunity for travelers to learn about and interact with the wildlife of Sri Lanka. This garnered him a great deal of praise and a dedicated audience for his safaris, and by using social media marketing tactics, Ravi was able to grow his online presence on social media platforms and reach out and tap into a new, wider audience that was interested in seeing exotic travel destinations.[12]

He was flourishing as a passionate entrepreneur and a travel influencer in his early twenties until the devastating COVID-19 pandemic occurred in 2020. The pandemic caused him to step back and reevaluate his life, and soon after, he decided to take some time off to "find himself." As a result, he took a break from the tourism industry and continued his studies in Digital Marketing. Soon after enrolling in the degree program, he made a huge milestone toward success by launching his own Digital Marketing and Public Relations Company, Nextenco.[13]

The Role as a Revolutionary Instagram Influencer and Digital Marketer

Ravi Rajapaksha possesses essential skills in utilizing digital and social media platforms like Instagram to drive specific target traffic, giving brands the opportunity to flourish online, create awareness and influence revenue. He excels at creating innovative digital marketing strategies for kick-starting brands and businesses of any size by assisting them to achieve measurable, sustainable results. Ravi is one of the few Sri Lankan youngsters to convert the digital space into a thriving revenue stream. With his educational background, he came to realize the depths of power in harnessing the potential of the online world, converting it into a vital advertising and revenue-making resource.[14]

He has a knack for understanding the market and devising the perfect strategy to create one-of-a-kind campaigns. He's able to identify a target audience through analytical and social skills that propel his projects toward success. As an Instagram Strategist, his online presence assists him in gauging the interest of his audience, and he has worked with some prominent figures and companies around the world. With his effective planning and creative insights, he has created viral content and gained the attention of millions of fans and clients around the globe. This strategy has identified him as a pioneer of digital marketing and, thus, a powerhouse in the field.[15]

He discovered a range of top tactics that can be implemented by brands and individuals to build a strong online presence and reputation, thereby opening up opportunities for future business ventures and personal growth.[16] He authored "How to Gain Profits on Instagram for Small Businesses," which gives a blueprint for success to aspiring digital marketers and entrepreneurs.[17] This self-guided book explains to small-business owners the fundamentals of Instagram marketing, creating attractive content, driving brand awareness, and attracting potential customers.[18]

The Role as a Self-Taught Entrepreneur

Ravi's endless desire and efforts for self-improvement have enabled him to create not just one but numerous successful business ventures over a short period of time. His curiosity and adventurous spirit, not to mention his constant quest for online knowledge, prepared him to undertake successful projects in the digital sphere. As a self-motivated, self-taught entrepreneur, he always had a hand in multiple projects on the go while maintaining a serious attitude toward his work and treating it with great responsibility. Along his entrepreneurial journey, Ravi took inspiration from many great business minds, who he saw as an inspiration to others while standing strong on his own two feet.[19]

He demonstrates strong persistence and adaptability when learning about new opportunities, tasks, and careers, accomplishing his commitments and, most of all, remaining true to his principles, being part of a positive force in the world. As a successful entrepreneur, he aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to take the lead on their own entrepreneurial journey by turning their own perceived setbacks into learning experiences and being consistent in their efforts toward positive change. The recognition he has received has spurred the development of many business startups through his public relations and marketing company, Nextenco.[20]

He always strives to add value to people's lives, help them turn their mistakes into opportunities, and help them create new paths in their journey. His endeavor is to create self-sustaining entrepreneurs and professionals who add value to the growth of the nation and carry the message of positivity in everything they do, and encourage others to seek prosperity. Through his marketing agency, Ravi offers public relations, digital marketing, and social media services to a wide array of businesses to help them reach even greater heights. His expertise in brand-building has helped companies and many individuals achieve their dreams by bringing in ample opportunities through aggressive and result-oriented strategies.

The Role as a Public Relations Expert

As a public relations expert with many years of experience under his belt, Ravi has been helping clients with their public image, both online and off. He believes that public relations is an effective way to position a company or a person on the front page of newspapers, build a positive brand value, and create opportunities with ease while driving sales and fostering growth for your business or brand. He knows exactly how to deliver the correct message to the proper person at the right time, thereby guaranteeing a successful business venture.[21]

Ravi features unmatched potential when it comes to reducing the gap between potential customers and businesses through high-level communication strategies and tactics that he has mastered over the years. Creating customers and clients an opportunity to connect through press releases and business stories has earned Nextenco PR an enviable reputation in its field.[22] Whether a small business, an influencer, a musician, or an entrepreneur, Ravi's approach is customized to meet each client's unique needs. He leverages every tool, process, and opportunity available to ensure each story told has the maximum potential for success.[23]

As a contributor[24] to some of the world's top news media sites, such as LA Weekly, Haute Living, and Forbes, among many others, Ravi ensures that his clients are available to the most influential news and opinion outlets in their industry. With Nextenco, Ravi publishes press releases and plans information for the media, responds to data requests from the media, helps clients communicate more effectively with the public, helps sustain their organization's corporate image and identity, assesses advertising and promotion initiatives to determine if they are compatible with their organization's PR efforts, evaluate public opinions through social media, and handle case studies of any type including business, music, crypto, real estate, etc.

The Role as a Music and Entertainment Publicist

Another role that Ravi Rajapaksha fills at Nextenco is that of a music and entertainment publicist. He helps up-and-coming musicians and artists get the exposure they need to get popular, along with someone who can help them market and distribute their work to the public. Such services are invaluable for those who need help getting their names and brands out there, and Ravi is an excellent choice for this. There are countless entrepreneurs who look up to him as a role model, a person who knows what it takes to grow and succeed in the business world.[25]

As a publicist[26] for music artists, Ravi is primarily responsible for disseminating press releases and contributing to the development of PR initiatives. He stays in touch with reporters and other writers so they can pitch him ideas for publications to run in news medias and magazines. When a band or solo performer needs assistance with media appearances or public relations, they turn to Ravi and the experts at Nextenco, and they consult with Ravi before participating in any form of public engagement. He collaborates closely with hip-hop industry professionals and the artist's lawyer to maintain the artist's good name in the public eye.[27]

In a highly saturated industry like music, it's hard to be seen and heard over the sounds of thousands of other musicians. Therefore, Nextenco offers a variety of exclusive services and tools that set the artist apart from the competition.[28] Each artist has a brand identity that can be sabotaged by bad publicity, so Ravi relies on his roster of personal contacts to keep the artists and their reps in the know. In his capacity as a publicist for the music and entertainment industries, Ravi is constantly on the lookout for new and inventive ways to tell his clients' stories to the people who want to hear them. In order to best represent his clients, he cultivates relationships with journalists who produce content specifically tailored to the interests of those audiences. Ravi and his crew are well-versed in the genres and styles of music that artists create, and they are committed to supporting them in their endeavors.[29]

Personal Life and Current Involvements

Ravi Rajapaksha was born to a supportive family that instilled values of creativity and empathy in him from an early age. His parents, Mr. R.K.S. Rajapaksha and Mrs. Priyanka Damayanthi, and his sister, Ms. Gimhani Rajapaksha, were and will always be instrumental in his success and encourage him to pursue his dreams. With the immense support of his family and friends, Ravi has worked hard to overcome all challenges and accomplish what many only dream of. He's currently working on completing his degree in Digital Marketing and expanding his PR company, Nextenco, to an international level. Plus, for the next year, he's planning to launch a news magazine, which will start early in 2023.[30]

Apart from that, he is not only confined to business activities but also a person who has an interest in and sensitivity towards the natural environment. Hence, he's on a quest to find solutions to reduce the environmental pollution and degradation caused by human activities. An environmentalist, entrepreneur, and youth mentor to an innumerable number of teenagers, Rajapaksha is a person whom the whole world will be proud to call its son.



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