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Ravi Rajapaksha
Ravi image 1.JPG
Born (1996-08-27) August 27, 1996 (age 25)
NationalitySri Lankan
Other namesRajapaksha Kankanamage Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha
CitizenshipSri Lanka
  • St. Thomas’ college,
  • Matale Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)
Sri Lanka Elephant Safari
Known forFounder and CEO Nextenco
Digital Marketer
Digital Creator
Tour guide
Instagram Travel Influencer
Instagram Strategist
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  • R.K.Saminda Rajapaksha (father)

Ravi Rajapaksha (born 27 August 1996 as Rajapaksha Kankanamage Ravippriya Dileep Sandakalum Rajapaksha) is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, tour guide, social media manager, travel influencer and a digital marketing expert.Rajapaksha is renowned as a productive digital brand builder for Instagram influencers marketing and has earned a huge following on his social handles from short period.[1][2]

As such he came to be considered as the founder of “Nextenco” and established a reputation as a digital marketing expert.[3]

Rajapaksha is one of the few young entrepreneurs living in Sri Lanka who have settled and succeeded in diverse fieldswithin a short period.[4]

Early life and education

Ravi Rajapaksha was born in Matale, Sri Lanka and his father is R.K Saminda Rajapaksha who was a reputed Businessman.Ravi Rajapaksha studied atSt.Thomas' College, Matale. He faced Advanced Level examination from the stream of Biology.

Ravi was good at involving sports and other extracurricular activities during his school days and was the captain of the school football team. He has played for football clubs as a forwarder and has won all-island championship awards. Moreover, he was a member of the school Rugby team and has shown remarkable colours for school Rugby.

Right from his early childhood, he was inspired by the surroundings of the Kandalama, which is known for many historic ancient sights. Rajapaksha has developed an interest and passion to travel and explore Sri Lanka from his early age.


RSince childhood, Rajapaksha was inspired by the sight of Kandalama which was located in close proximity to his house. He was visited Kandalama when he was free and overjoyed by the sight of tourist attraction to this historic ancient place.

Rajapaksha came into the thought of exploring more such tourist attracted natural places located in Sri Lanka. In this way, Kandalama laid the foundation for his interest and passion for travelling and the tourism industry.

Then he explored the country and started to work in the tourism industry as a tour guide which was helped him to learn and make interactions with industry related people. While working, he noticed the opportunities and the strengths of expanding his carrier into many different fields. “Sri Lanka Elephant Safari”, aElephant safari tour company for three main National parks was his initial step to join tourism. Marketing social media platforms are one such idea that came into his mind when he was working as a tour guide and operator.

Moreover, Rajapaksha investigated the capacity of using social media to popularize the Sri Lankan tourist attracted places. In this way Ravi Rajapaksha deviated as an entrepreneur. No wonders, his family background as businessmen, also influenced him to take an approach to be a successful entrepreneur. But his path to success is not through the rosebeds but so many barriers and obstacles.[5]

The Role as a Revolutionary Instagram User and Digital Marketer

At the beginning of the 21st century, social media platforms were popular in the country not as money-making platforms but for entertainment purposes. Ravi Rajapaksha was one of the few youngsters who has converted social media platforms into money-making sources in Sri Lanka.He noticed that digital marketing could drive impact and started scaling his Instagram profile. Rajapaksha started deep-learning of digital marketing and realized that Instagram can be used as a medium to gain business and drive revenue.

Ravi Rajapaksha mastered digital marketing and built up an Instagram network with more than millions of followers and acquired a broad knowledge of social media management. He always tried to bring something new in his content and he has been talented enough to earn a good social media reputation for his creations and became an icon through Instagram.

As a Instagram strategist, hr polished up his digital marketing abilities to attract followers. Ravi has over 50,000 Instagram followers and is aiding verified Instagram influencers to increase their followings. Some popular personalities and companies around the world are his clients on Instagram. Therefore, Ravi Rajapaksha is renowned as a successful digital brand-builder for different personalities and companies by several media houses.

Meanwhile, followers from worldwide and somecontents in Instagram gone viral by millions of impressions. With that, he has identified Instagram as the most purposeful social media platform that he can grow and become successful with time.

Recently Ravi was identified as an Instagram travel influencer too. He decided to go into business for himself in the Instagram digital marketing room. Furthermore, he invented a range of top-secret tactics to help clients to rank higher in Instagram search results and successfully engage with their target audiences.[6]

The Role as a Brand-Builder and Marketer

While searching for new concepts and opportunities, Ravi Rajapaksha worked with many individuals and companies as a productive brand-builder and marketer to build brands and get featured on social media.[7]

As an Instagram influencer, Rajapaksha wanted to make interest his followers in the travel and tourism industry. He made promotion activities through Instagram.

The Role as an Entrepreneur

Ravi Rajapaksha followed the characters of renowned personalities who have won the world as successful entrepreneurs. Ravi’s valuable approach with them helped him to understand the nature of businesses all over the world. He has noticed that more businesses are blooming up in different fields all over the world. Although many of these entrepreneurs begin with full of hope and courage, they may lose their passion along the way and begin to bankrupt.[8]

Furthermore, many personalities with well-established businesses and great records holders are not in a proper and long-termplan to drive their business into success. Rajapaksha experienced those failures in the field of business and presented a solution for this. He suggested to hire a versatile to the business that can guide you to the path of success or otherwise figuring out a way to guide all the stuff by its owner.

He figured out that the first choice is always better because it can make a huge difference to the business when an external party can examine the business from another point of view.With all these ideas, he discovered “Nextenco which is a social media management and marketing agency. He worked with all the effort to accelerate his business to new heights.

Furthermore, Rajapaksha’s marketing agency offers search engine services, social media services, Instagrammanagement and marketing services, website design services for the businesses on your behalf to grow the businesses and reach the goals with maximum outcomes. He also strongly believes that Nextenco is an opportunity to search the community's view towards your brand or business. He stated that“Clients nowadays do not wish to cooperate, work, and spend money for you just because you have a reputed title or a self-motivated internet professional. What they value are your skills”.[9]

While his business is growing to high levels, he thought to facilitate small businesses to gain profits on Instagram and build brands. He has founded many organizations including the “Sri Lanka elephant safari” which is a famous safari tour company in Sri Lanka and became a specialist in the tourism sector.[10]

The Role as a Public Relations Expert

Nothing is possible in the marketing sector if you do not have built up a strong chain of connections and relations with persons and companies. With that in mind, Ravi Rajapaksha worked for the betterment of the future. Based on the talent and the creativity Ravi startedNextenco where it helped businesses to grow internationally by getting them published on Forbes, Yahoo, Bloomberg, GQ, Vogue, Business insider FOX, IBT, CBS, NBC, and and many more international premium news medias and magazines.

He always thinks differently to generate ideas that can earn the attention of people all over the world. Hence, he drove his business into a new dimension with the idea of developing relationships with other marketing agencies that play well in Instagram marketing. With the reputation as an Instagram influencer and a PR expert, he could be able toboost his business by joining hands with other agencies who are reselling. What Rajapaksha strictly believed is “If you perform confidently and accurately in the task, the task will reach into a level that your competitors will awake and notice, then they will cooperate with you unless they cannot beat you”.[11]

The Role as a Motivator and an Author

Ravi Rajapaksha motivated many young people to come and join with social media platforms like Instagram. He stated further “if you are creative and have a passion unique to yourself to think out of the box, social media marketing is the best carrier suit for you. It is also a good source of income if you do it wisely and carefully. Therefore, try to do something unique and differentiate your marketing strategy”.

He invited all those who have the interest to join and earn through social media platforms to follow the steps and to build your own Instagram empire and become a game-changer, through his motivational speeches.

On his road to success, Ravi thought to offer his helping hand to the younger generation those who have an interest in social media platforms.

Ravi’s involvement as an author gave birth to a new book named “How to gain Profits on Instagram for Small Business". It is a self-guidebook that has included all the details on how to conduct a small-scale business in Instagram by yourself and how to create attractive content for Instagram. Ravi has stated that he will support Instagram small business owners who involved in Instagram marketing and profiting.[12]

Current Involvements

Rajapaksha’s carrier was not confined to business activities. As a person who has an interest and the sensitivity towards the natural environment, he was keen on environmental pollution and degradation due to human activities. What he strongly believed was, “Our primary goal is to protect the environment otherwise we will not be who we are today, because if we are unable to control environmental pollution and degradation, it will be the downfall of the tourism industry”.

Rajapaksa hope to start an organization to rehabilitate the coastal line which was devasted by human activities.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation, People in the world make use ofonline platforms to fulfil their basic needs. Currently, Ravi Rajapaksha is searching for new trends and opportunities in social media to identify the necessities of the people who have desperatedue to the pandemic situations.

Personal life

Currently, Rajapaksha lives in Dambulla and hopes to be abroad for higher studies about his digital marketing field and tourism.



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