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Raphaella Kathryn Crosby
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  • Political pollster
  • Founder of national charity Migraine Australia

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby is an Australian political pollster and founder of national charity Migraine Australia.

Political career

Crosby began her political career volunteering for the National Party with her father. She ran the Australian Democrats campaign in New England in 2001 and later worked as a political consultant. In the 12 months leading up to the 2019 Australian Federal Election she ran a large panel study on voter behaviour, called the Voter Choice Project, as part of her PhD[1]. This work included a particular focus on her home seat of New England[1][2], rural voters,[3][4] and disinterested voters.[5] She has also written about Pauline Hanson and populism in Australian politics.[6] Her PhD thesis, a critical review of voter behaviour research in Australia, was awarded by James Cook University in 2020.[7] In 2021, Crosby relaunched the Voter Choice Project study as the KORE Panel, conducting monthly political polls.[8]

Migraine advocacy

Crosby founded the charity Migraine Australia in 2019, in response to new migraine medications not being listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).[9] Crosby, who lives with chronic hemiplegic migraine, is a 'super responder' to the drug Aimovig.[10][11] Her advocacy has included campaigning for migraine medications to be listed on the PBS,[12][13] significant reform to the pharmaceutical access system in Australia,[14] an end to the misconceptions and stigma of migraine,[15] for migraine data to be collected in the Census[16] and for governments to take migraine seriously.[17]

Personal life

Crosby was born Kathryn Elaine Crosby and changed her name to Raphaella Kathryn in 2018[18]. She is the daughter of John Crosby (businessman).


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