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Raoul Milhado
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Born (1990-05-03) May 3, 1990 (age 33)
EducationSmall Business and Retail Management
Years active2009 - present

Raoul Milhado (born 3 May 1990) is a Dutch entrepreneur and business executive.[1] Milhado is best known for his vast experience in the crypto and blockchain industry.[2] He is the founder of Elitium, a blockchain FinTech platform based in Gibraltar.[3] Elitium is a next-gen wealth management app, helping clients discover a life of independence, value, and growth. Elitium’s proposition is ‘Create Value’ using four pillars: hold, spend, invest, and trade. The team’s ultimate ambition is to create a decentralized Digital Economy that enables every client to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. The company is recognized for its high-end blockchain technology and wealth management model that is powered by cryptocurrency. It specializes in offering digital solutions for problems related to currency, finance, and luxury lifestyle.[4][5]

Milhado has over a decade of experience in building successful businesses from the ground up and is actively working on expanding the new digital economy and bringing forth new-age investment.[6] He has been featured in several media outlets and talk shows including FastCompany, Cryptoslate, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, South China Morning Post and others.[7][8]

Early life and education

Milhado completed his high school education at Laar & Berg, in the Netherlands. He then enrolled at the Hogeschool Van Utrecht in 2006 for a degree in small business and retail management and drop-out in between.


Milhado started his career in 2009 when he joined the Corporate Executive Offices (CEO) in Australia as a marketing manager. CEO is Australia's largest, wholly Australian-owned serviced office provider. Milhado worked for over a year with this firm and then started his entrepreneurial journey with the foundation of Branfirm.nl.

Brandfirm.nl was established in 2010 in Amsterdam. It is an award-winning digital marketing firm specializing in online marketing. Under his lead, they managed more than 100 clients, after 4 years of success he sold the company and was ready for his next adventure: developing his own mobile app.

After the learnings of developing his own app (failures and challenges), in 2013, Appromoters was born, an application marketing company that specializes in data-driven and out of the box solutions for mobile apps and games. Appromoters was the first app marketing agency in Europe.

Milhado founded the sister company of Appromoters called Twenty-Four in 2014, a platform that turns game data into downloads by automatically managing multiple download campaigns using individual game data. He worked for over two years with this firm and then set out to start yet another entrepreneurial adventure.

In the same year (2014), Milhado also created the Think Big Lifestyle Platform, which provides knowledge, unique technology, and spirituality tools for individuals and organizations in order to reach the highest potential.

In 2016, Milhado became a managing partner at Boasters Black, a digitally driven superyacht sales and charter company offering tailored yachting experiences across the world. Backed by decades of expertise in the superyacht & luxury sectors, and leveraging the tech tools of today and tomorrow, we design unique journeys to create remarkable memories for our clients. The company also focused on the development of a P2P crypto-payments application for use on the luxury yacht charters that finally led to the foundation of Elitium.[9]

Milhado founded Elitium in 2017, a wealth management application, that helps clients to hold, spend, trade, and invest a range of currency, effectively carrying out every activity similar to the traditional economy, but all hosted on a decentralized blockchain.[10] Elitium’s team is currently working on creating a decentralized Digital Economy that will help its client to enjoy a financial independent life with a luxury lifestyle.[11]

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