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Qarshi Foundation
قرشی فاؤنڈیشن
MottoHealthy, Educated & Happier Pakistan
FormationJune 27, 1994; 29 years ago (1994-06-27)
FounderIqbal Ahmed Qarshi[1]
Purpose“Insaniyat ki Bhalai, Ummah ki Sarbulandi, and Pakistan ki Taraqqi”
HeadquartersLahore, Pakistan
OwnerIqbal Ahmed Qarshi[2]

Qarshi Foundation (Urdu: قرشی فاؤنڈیشن‎) Working since 1994, Qarshi Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization registered under Trust Act 1882, Pursuing its vision of “Healthy, Educated & Happier Pakistan” Qarshi Foundation is serving the humanity by working in the sectors of Health, Education, Monetary Assistance, Prisoners’ Welfare,[3] Environment & Heritage Conservation, and several other welfare projects.

Qarshi Foundation[4] (QF) is a Corporate social responsibility arm of Qarshi Organization, registered under The Trust Act 1882 at Lahore on 27th June, 1994 for the welfare of people of Pakistan with an elevated mission of “Insaniyat ki Bhalai, Ummah ki Sarbulandi, and Pakistan ki Taraqqi”. The beneficiaries of Trust are;

  • Needy & deserving people of Pakistan
  • The fauna and flora of Pakistan; and
  • The territory of Pakistan


Qarshi Foundation is working with a vision of “Healthy, Educated and Happier Pakistan” to improve the quality of life of poor & underprivileged people of Pakistan, by bringing health awareness and providing quality healthcare facilities, especially to the women of remote area of child bearing age and to neonatal, and infants through its Health Programme.

QF is also working to upgrade the standard of living of underprivileged people by supporting income generation projects, and by providing them quality education and vocational education, with a strategy to make people employed or self-employed. QF also to provide financial and material assistance to the needy and deserving of Pakistan.[5]


  • To promote and establish vocational education institutes for the uplift of the population.
  • To promote professional and technical education in Pakistan
  • To improve the quality and standard of life in rural and urban backward areas by imparting training and skills to the people to improve their lot and to set up industrial agricultural projects for this purpose.
  • To promote improvement of environment and protection of wildlife in Pakistan.
  • To establish and promote cooperative movement in Pakistan.
  • To assist the needy persons in establishing their business activities by extending Qarz-e-Hasna.
  • To sponsor, promote and assist scientific and other research in Pakistan.
  • To advance and promote any other object of general public utility in Pakistan.


Qarshi Foundation is based on Q4, which are the four pillars to uplift the cause of its being.

Qarshi Mission

  • Insaniyat ki Bhalai
  • Pakistan ki Taraqqi
  • Ummah ki Sarbulandi

Qarshi Vision

  • Healthy, Educated & Happier Pakistan

Qarshi Culture

  • Ownership
  • Cleanliness
  • Coopetition
  • Productive Hard Work

Qarshi Values

  • Nake Niyati
  • Justice
  • Self Respect
  • Positive Thinking



Qarshi Foundation believes in quality services in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), keeping in view its Vision and Mission. Qarshi Foundation is not only focusing on the National Health needs but also embracing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the persuasion of National and SDGs, Qarshi Foundation has designed various Health Programs, through which committed management and qualified field staff are providing quality health care services at all levels without any discrimination.

Qarshi Foundation Dispensaries (QFDs)=

General Public Dispensaries[6] are present in all over Pakistan from urban to rural and geographically difficult areas of Pakistan like Kotli Sattian, Loralai and M-1 Burhan etc. Most Dispensaries are providing services inside the prison of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prisons. There are a total 56 dispensaries operating all over Pakistan and according to the 2020 target, Qarshi Foundation has planned 100 QFDs by 2020, mostly in Jails.

First QFD was established at Qarshi Model Complex, 11 KM Narowal Road Muridke in the year 2001. After the excellent response by the local population by the services of QFD, Chairman Qarshi Foundation decided to expand the network all over Pakistan especially in Jails.

Currently, there are 60 dispensaries of Qarshi Foundation which are providing free medicines and free consultancy to all patients except dispensaries which are out of Jails (General Public). In general public QFDs, a prescription of 10 Rupees per day only is charged to only affordable patients.

Staff one QFD consisted of One Incharge Tabib, One Assistant Tabib, One Dispenser and one Housekeeping worker.

Qarshi Hospital Lahore (QH)

Qarshi Hospital[7] is a unique healthcare unit, established in 2010, in one of the dense populated and busiest areas of Lahore providing health care facilities to the local community as well as to corporate sector, situated near Chouburji Chowk behind Green Building Multan Road, Lahore.

It is a unique healthcare system where patients are offered an allopathic medication system as well as natural medication system for their treatment.

It is also providing house job training to graduates of Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery (BEMS) of Qarshi University,[8] College of Conventional Medicine and Surgery-IUB and University of Poonch Rawalakot, AJK

Qarshi Mother and Child Healthcare Center (QMCHCC)

According to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), neonatal and maternal healthcare is a big challenge for global health. It is a global target to ensure less than 70 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births by 2030.

Qarshi Mother & Child Health Care Center[9] (QMCHCC) was established in the year 2001. This 5 bed healthcare facility is providing following health care services at very nominal charges:

  • Free O.P.D. & Antenatal checkups
  • Normal Delivery
  • Episiotomy
  • Dilatation & Curettage
  • Free Vaccination
  • Ambulance service
  • Polio Campaigns


Qarshi- Care Higher Secondary School, Muridke (QCHSS)

Qarshi-CARE Higher Secondary School (QCHSS),[10] Muridke was established in the year 1998 in collaboration with CARE Foundation[11] for advancement and rehabilitation for education of local population of in the vicinity of Qarshi Model Complex, Muridke. The qualified faculty of school is providing quality education services to students at the state of the art building dedicated for School by Qarshi Foundation.

Qarshi-CARE Higher Secondary School[12] (QCHSS) is providing education from nursery to intermediate level to natives of more than 20 villages around the complex. The students are charged a very affordable fee from Rs. 150 to Rs. 500 per student per month. 834 students were enrolled in the year 2017-2018.

Qarshi-CARE Higher Secondary School[13] (QCHSS) has shown a very good result in the year 2019. 33 students appeared in the examination and 30 students have passed. The result of the pass percentage was 91%.

Qarshi University

Qarshi University is a project of Qarshi Foundation; a non-profit welfare organization funded by the family members of Qarshi group. Following in the footsteps of Qarshi Foundation, the ethos of community welfare also pulsates throughout the structures of Qarshi University. A proof of this altruistic motive is the fact that Government charter and recognition from HEC were acquired years before a single student was registered. It was a solemn commitment by the Qarshi Foundation not to utilize the revenue stream generated by enrolling students and gradually build the necessary infrastructure Qarshi University.



Qarshi Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving people to meet the marriage expenses. Beneficiaries of this Programme are those individuals and families who do not have enough financial resources or passing through financial hardships. This program has a profound impact in society where beneficiaries are able to start their life with respect and dignity based on Islamic culture and values. This Programme also strengthens the sacred social institution of family at large.

QF has a dedicated team who receives applications from deserving people. For further process of scrutiny of applications, the team contacts the individuals for supportive documents required for the application. This may include provision of ID cards, Nikah Nama, Income Certificate, contact details with original hand written application.


Qarshi Foundation provides financial assistance to those individuals who suffer from any severe medical condition and are unable to bear medical expenses. Under such distressed condition of suffering the deserving patients are financially supported for:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgeries
  • Transplant
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Dialysis
  • Pathological tests
  • Medical treatments
  • Prescribed medicines.


Qarshi Foundation provides financial assistance to only deserving students who are unable to afford tuition fees for the completion of their ongoing education. QF receives applications each year from such students who are studying anywhere in Pakistan and show their commitment for brilliant performance in their education. A large number of students are currently registered with QF on Students’ scholarship program. Students are the bright future of Pakistan and QF is making the dreams of thousands come true. Beneficiaries of this Programme are categorized as per following categories:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher Secondary
  • Intermediate
  • Higher Education


Qarshi Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving and needy people. Deserving applicants and particularly widows are the main beneficiaries of this Programme who face hardships with no or limited financial resources. Financial support to such beneficiaries enables them to come out of hard times in which they pass through. Timely support to the beneficiaries of this Programme is made on a one time or monthly basis depending on the nature of individual cases. For monitoring and quality purposes funds generally disbursed to the registered beneficiaries through Telenor/Easypaisa Services.


Qarshi Foundation has developed synergies over the period of the last two decades with various institutions/ CSOs by extending its Monetary Assistance Program through donations. Donations/ Funds are provided to those institutes/ organizations which are working in the Development Sector for the betterment of underprivileged and deprived strata of society particularly, but not limited to, the health & education sector in Pakistan.

To achieve the vision based objectives, Qarshi Foundation collaborates with reputable organizations which are aligned with its mission & vision. QF has donated various life-saving equipment, infrastructure a30nd financial resources to achieve successful outputs.


Qarshi Foundation (QF) is accredited by the PCP[14] (Pakistan Center for Philanthropy). The PCP[15] Certification Programme awards accreditation to nonprofit organizations that demonstrates excellence in three functional areas of Internal Governance, Financial Management & Programme Delivery.[16] Qarshi Foundation is one of the top organizations out of more than 1000 nonprofit organizations which are chosen to be highly trusted.

Qarshi Foundation strongly believes in systems and regulatory compliance. Qarshi Foundation is highly ranked by the PCP[17] during its audit & evaluation and was awarded certificate on 12th August, 2016 with ever highest score in comparison to last three audits & evaluations carried out after every three years, which proves that QF is one of the well-functioning organization with improved internal governance practices and keeps goodwill at prime.


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