Poeta Della Serra

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Poeta Della Serra
Matera, Italy

Poeta Della Serra is an Italian poet and writer. Poeta Della Serra specializes in street poetry and is best known for his literary debut - Frutti di male. He rose to popularity as a social media poet, especially on Instagram, where he started sharing his artworks in 2014.[1]

Early life

Serra was born and brought up in Matera, Italy.


Poeta Della Serra started writing poems in 2014. He emerged as a street poet - promoting the diffusion of poetry, writing poems with markers on trash bins in public places. Since then his poems have been seen in the streets of Matera, Bari, and Rome.[2]

In 2021, Poeta Della Serra released his debut book titled "Frutti di male", which has received positive reception across Italy. He has also risen to become one of the popular street poets in the country with over 200K followers on Instagram.[3]

Throughout his career, Poeta Della Serra has written over five hundred poems, exploring a diverse range of subjects such as cash money. His work explores matters of social alienation and existentialism represented in different social settings across the Italian cities.


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