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Philippe Zittoun
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Philippe Zittoun is a General Secretary of the International Public Policy Association [1] and Chair of the IPSA 'Public Policy and Administration' Research Committee [2]. Philippe Zittoun has participated in different editorial boards of international journals [3] on topics such as Critical Policy Studies; Comparative Policy Analysis, Policy and Society, Governance. He is also the director of the International Review of Public Policy [4] and teaches regularly in Universities like Sciences Po Grenoble, Sciences Po and has been a visiting professor at the University of Yale [5] .

Research interests and workshops

Philippe Zittoun focuses on public policy processes with what he calls a pragmatic constructivism approach. He has contributed to found and develop this public policy research field focusing on the understanding of the policymaking process, with specific attention on its political dimension and on the main struggles developed by the stakeholders in the process. Based on qualitative methods, Philippe Zittoun founded his perspective through empirical researches on specific public policies like housing policy, transport policy, environmental policy and political economy. He has also been responsible for different research programs like the European research program on sustainable mobility indicators co-founded by the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture. Philippe is also responsible for a research program supported by ANR on public policy during the economic crisis of 2007 [6].

Philippe Zittoun has organized many workshops for conferences like the 5th conference of Interpretative Policy Analyze (IPA) at Science Po Grenoble with Bruno Latour and Vivien Schmidt in 2010. He has launched and organized the 1st International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) [7] at Science Po Grenoble; the 2nd ICPP at the Catholic University of Milan in 2015; the 3rd ICPP at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at Singapore in 2017; the 4th ICPP at Concordia University at Montreal in 2019; and the first International Workshops of Public Policy at Pittsburgh University. He has co-founded the International Public Policy Association in 2015 and the International Review of Public Policy in 2019 [8].

Teaching activities

Philippe Zittoun works as a professor in different universities, he has directed many thesis[9] and has taught courses for the Erasmus University Program[10], among the courses he teaches are:

  • Course on “Public Policy” at Sciences Po Grenoble
  • Course on “Sociology of Organization” at Science Po Grenoble
  • Course on “Methods in the social sciences, an initiation through scientific controversies" at ENTPE
  • Course on “Sociology, initiation », ENTPE
  • Course on "Transport Policy", ENTPE
  • Course on “Methods and Research Design on Public Policy”, ENTPE

Main publications

Philippe Zittoun has published 7 books and many articles in academic journals.


  • Zittoun Philippe (ed.) (2008), Les indicateurs pour gouverner : boussoles ou miroirs déformants?, Paris, PUCA, col. « Recherches »
  • Zittoun Philippe, Chebbah Laure, Guillalot Elsa, Robert Cécile (2005), Les SDF : vers une politique de l’urgence sociale ? Paris, PUCA col. « Recherches »
  • Zittoun Philippe (2001), La politique du logement, 1981-1995, Transformations d’une politique publique controversée, Paris, l’Harmattan, 290 p.

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