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Peach Essay
IndustryEducation / Essay Writing Services
Founded2007; 17 years ago (2007)
FounderPaul Smith
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Paul Smith

Peachy Essay is a professional essay writing service[1][2] created by Paul Smith, an alumni from City University of London, launched in 2007. It is best known for helping students with their academic papers with its bespoke essay writing service[3] facilitated by a faculty of professional writers and industry experts.[4][5]

Since its inception, Peachy Essay has offered its services to a variety of students from different education streams ranging from medicine to the arts, technology to law, and others.[6][7] The company has become one of the most trusted sources for professional writing services in the country gaining recognition for its tailored approach.[8][9]


Peachy Essay was established in 2007 with the aim to help students all around the world have access to articulate, professional and detailed essays and dissertations.[10][11] Founder, Paul Smith leveraged his extensive experience and built a community of experienced writers like himself to create this bespoke essay writing service focusing on a variety of subjects ranging from medicine to the arts, technology to law, and others.[12][13]

Peachy Essay[14][15] was founded by a couple of Ph.D. students as a way to assist other UCL students and a few other undergraduate students with their assignments.[16][17] Within a few months, word of mouth drew students from London-based universities to them due to their high quality of work. Originally, dissertation writing services were the major drivers of the team but eventually, the company expanded its portfolio of services, recruiting industry specialists with the influx of professional writing demands.[18][19]

As of 2022, Peachy Essay’s customer base spans across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, many EU countries and countries in the Gulf area.[20][21] The company is currently working in a wide range of fields covering almost every single subject and course offered by universities, colleges, and any other higher education institutions.[22][23]


  • Essay writing services
  • Research paper writing services
  • Assignment writing services online
  • Dissertation writing services
  • MBA Services
  • Thesis Services
  • Writing services by subject
  • Writing services by region
  • Essay writing tool
  • University Application Help
  • Annotated Bibliography Help

Apart from these paid services, Peachy Essay also offers a range of free writing tools such as plagiarism checker,[24][25] college GPA converter, bibliography generator, thesis statement generator, words to pages converter, and others.[26][27]


  • 2019: The best growing essay writing company
  • 2021: 19 Top English Tutoring Startups & Firms[28]


Following a BBC investigation that discovered extensive promotion of an essay-writing business as a tool for students to cheat at school, YouTube banned tens of videos from Peachy Essay Channel under their "harmful content" policy in October 2021.[29]

In the same year, Financial Times also featured an article berating PeachyEssay written by Chris Cook attempting to assign blame for the sorry state of higher education on companies such as Peachy Essay.

In 2021 TrustPilot de-platformed Peachy Essay from their website, removing a decade worth of reviews and a vital source of traffic and testimonials.[30]

In 2019 PayPal withdrew its services from essay-writing firms selling to university students when Education Secretary Damian Hinds called on PayPal to stop processing payments for such firms, in a bid to beat academic cheating.[31]


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