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Paulita Pappel
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Madrid, Spain
  • Filmmaker
  • pornographer
  • director
  • podcaster
  • blogger
  • screenwriter
  • pornographic actress

Paulita Pappel (1987) is a Spanish filmmaker, pornographer, director, podcaster, blogger, screenwriter and pornographic actress. She co-founded the amateur porn site Lustery [1] and co-founded the independent production company HARDWERK [2]. Paulita is also a curator of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin [3]. She lives and works in Berlin.

Background and early life

Paulita was born in 1987 in Madrid, Spain [4]. She was raised a feminist [5] and became fascinated by pornography early on in her life [6]. She dreamed of becoming a porn star and left Spain because she felt constricted by its Catholic fascist idiosyncrasy [7]. In 2005, right after school, she moved to Berlin for its tolerance and open-mindedness [8]. She started studying Comparative Literature at the FU Berlin and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013. While studying and working in bars, Paulita discovered sex-positive queer feminism [8].


During her studies, Paulita engaged in the Berlin queer feminist community. Her political convictions led her to challenge societal taboos and stigmas regarding sexuality and she started performing in queer feminist pornographic movies as an activist act[9]. Paulita believes that pornography has the potential to reclaim your own sexuality[10] and to create visibility for diverse bodies, sexualities and desires. She regards pornography as a resource that can stimulate sexual agency and self-determination [11] as it can expand the sexual horizons of the spectators. She thinks that it can be used as a tool to fight existing taboos and stigmas and can help people who live with fears and feelings of shame [12]. Paulita was featured in a number of queer feminist productions as Share (2010) by Marit Östberg and Mommy Is Coming (2012) by Cheryl Dunye. She also appears in several movies of the Erika Lust-founded series XConfessions. Paulita started to work as a producer and director for several productions and her involvement in the adult film industry led her to co-found the amateur porn membership site She also co-founded the production company HARDWERK. Paulita is heavily involved in Berlin's feminist queer porn community and is considered to be an icon of alt porn culture [13] who advocates for a sex-positive, consent culture. She also co-organizes and curates the Pornfilmfestival Berlin [14].

Lustery was founded in 2016 [15] and is a regularly updated platform dedicated to the sex lives of real-life, loving couples from around the world who film their sex lives and share it with the community. Lustery aims to provide a dedicated platform in which couples can share their most intimate and romantic moments, without a hint of shame or prejudice[16], resulting in diverse, unique and high quality videos [17]. Lustery provides different formats ranging from quickie to vlog and has a blog called POV that gives insight about content-related topics and introduces the newest couples to the Lustery community [18].


Paulita Pappel co-founded with Rod Wyler in 2020 [19]. Born out of frustration and a lack of recognition for female fantasies of Gang bang|gang bangs [20], she wanted to challenge the stereotypical view that porn for women is always soft or romantic. Paulita believed that those existing stereotypes reinforce unequal power relations in the realm of female sexuality [21]. Due to the lack of feminist hard core content, she decided to produce a series of gang bang sessions, shot cinematically, produced ethically. HardWerk aims to be a sex-positive platform with a library of hardcore porn where people can celebrate their sexuality and explore kink and fetishes without shame [22].

Selected Filmography


  • 2010: Share (Dir. Marit Östberg)
  • 2012: Hasenhimmel (Dir. Oliver Rihs)
  • 2012: Mommy Is Coming (Dir. Cheryl Dunye)
  • 2014: XConfessions Vol. (Dir. Erika Lust (Regisseurin)
  • 2016: XConfessions Vol. 6 (Dir. Erika Lust (Regisseurin
  • 2018: XConfessions Vol. 12 (Dir. Poppy Sanchez)
  • 2019: The Intern – A Summer of Lust (Dir. Erika Lust (Regisseurin)

Director / Producer

  • 2016: Female Ejaculation
  • 2016: Birthday Surprise
  • 2016: The Tinder Sex Experiment


  • 2020: Nominated for an AVN Award in the category Best Foreign-Shot Boy/Girl Sex Scene for the movie Masquerade of Madness (; Luna & James) [23]


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