Parvez Sultan Rupani

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Parvez Sultan Rupani
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  • Entrepreneur
  • Philanthropist
  • Visionary Leader
  • Podcast Host
  • DgTx Holdings
  • Skylines Group
  • Calltronics

Parvez Sultan Rupani is a renowned Pakistani entrepreneur, philanthropist, podcast host, and visionary who has gained recognition for his ability to predict market changes and adapt accordingly.[1] He is the founder and chairperson of several successful companies, including DGTX Holdings, Skylines Group, and Calltronics. His innovative contributions to digital transformation have earned him several accolades and awards. Additionally, he hosts the Powerpreneurs Podcast, where he shares his knowledge and experiences with other aspiring entrepreneurs.[2][3]

Rupani serves as the chairman of DgTx Holdings. He also holds the position of managing director in 16 companies that operate in four different countries, showcasing his expertise in business management and leadership.[4] With over 15 years of experience, he has emerged as an inspiring figure who has made significant contributions to the business world and the community through his leadership, philanthropy, and innovation.[5]

Early life and education

Rupani was born and raised in Pakistan, where he finished his high school education before heading to the United States to further his studies. While pursuing his education, he worked in various capacities, including school stores and gas stations, to fund his education and support himself. Eventually, Rupani graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a master's degree. He then delved into the world of entrepreneurship and found success in various business ventures, including health clubs, which earned him a considerable amount of money.


Rupani founded Calltronics in 2000 after he established multiple businesses.

In 2009, he relocated to the UAE with his brother and business partner Asif Ahmed to start Skylines Telecommunications, which offers a range of services, from telecommunications to tax consultancy, financial management, technology solutions, landscaping, tracking, POS services, and digital marketing. By 2016, the company had become Etisalat's top partner.[6][7]

In 2019, Rupani established DGTX as a technology company focused on providing VAT filing solutions to Etisalat customers. The company specializes in providing end-to-end VAT consultation, accounting, and submission services that adhere to the FTA guidelines.[8]

Rupani also hosts a podcast show called "Powerpreneurs," which he launched in March 2023. Through the podcast, Rupani shares inspiring stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, aiming to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.[9]


Rupani is a committed philanthropist, committed to positively impacting society and helping people in his local community and beyond. He is dedicated to supporting several prominent charitable organizations that provide essential services to those in need, including healthcare, education, and emergency assistance. He believes in empowering others and has created opportunities to help people achieve their goals. Rupani is actively involved with the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy, where he works to promote transparency and effectiveness in charitable giving. Rupani is an active volunteer for various institutions of His Highness The Aga Khan on an honorary basis.[10]

Awards and recognitions

  • Parvez Sultan Rupani has been recognized to be the “World Most Powerful Entrepreneur In The Middle East 2023 by World’s Leaders Magazine
  • As chairman of DGTX, Rupani received the "Best Digital Transformation Advisory" award at the Arabian Best of the Best Awards.[11]
  • Skyline Communications was recognized as the "Top Channel Partner of Etisalat."
  • SMB Star of the Business Award
  • Top Performance Award 2010
  • Commitment & Dedication To Excellence Award 2014
  • Most Promising - New Channel Partner 2014
  • SME Star Of Business - 2014
  • Top Sales Partner Award - Q2 - 2015
  • Top Sales Partner Award - Q1 - 2015
  • Top Channel Partner Award 2015
  • SMB Business Partner Award - 2016 2016
  • Pace 2017 - Season 2 - Top Mobile Partner 2017
  • Pace 2017 - Season 3 - Top Biab Partner 2017
  • SMB Business Partner Awards - 2017 2017
  • Pace 2017 - Season 1 2017
  • Top Mobile Partner 2017
  • Best Practices Award 2017
  • High Five 2018 - Season 2 - 2nd Runner-Up 2018
  • High Five 2018 - Season 3 - Runner Up 2018
  • High Five 2018 - Season 3 - Top Engaged Partner 2018
  • High 5 - 2018 Season 1 - Winner 2018
  • High Five 2019 - Season 2 - Runner Up 2019
  • Top Channel Partner Award 2018-2019
  • Top Affiliate Partner Award 2018-2019
  • Pace 2019 - Season 3 - Winner 2019
  • Digital High 5 - 2019 - Season 2 - Top Mobile Partner 2019
  • Digital High 5 - 2019 - Season 2 - Top Fixed Partner 2019
  • Digital High 5 - Season 1 - 2nd Runner-Up 2019
  • Top Premium Partner - High 5 Winner 2019
  • Season 3 - 1St Runner-Up 2019
  • Winner - The Boss 2021 Season 1 2021
  • Best Digital Transformation Advisory - 2022 2022
  • Arabian Best Of Best Awards - Winner 2022 - Dgtx 2022
  • World Most Powerful Entrepreneurs In The Middle East 2023

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