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P M Bhaktha Valsalan
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BornJune 6, 1949
Aluva, Kerala, India
DiedMay 15, 2023 (aged 74)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
OccupationSemi-classical Christian musician, radio speaker, songwriter and composer, music evangelist, worship leader
Spouse(s)Beena Bhakthan
ChildrenBibin B Matthew

Bini Elizabeth Bhakthan

Benji B Mathew

P.M Bhaktha Valsalan

P.M Bhaktha Valsalan (born June 6, 1949 - May 15, 2023) is an Indian Christian semi-classical music singer, songwriter, music evangelist, worship leader and servant of God from Thrissur, Kerala, India. He composed over 250 songs and is a pioneer of Christian organisations and music bands. His songs have raised the spirits of Malayali Christians. Most of the songs are born out of life experiences along the way.

His first-ever song was Kaalvary krushil nee nokku, which was composed on 16th April 1971. Bhakatha Valsalan has been awarded more than 100 awards and titles. He received his first ever award in the year 1986 (Missionary V. Nagal Music Award) and his recent award was from The Church of God in India (Kerala State) for completing 50 years in the Music Ministry.

Early Life

Primary education and Highschool days:

P.M Bhakatha Valsalan was born in Aluva, Kerala on the 6th June of 1949 to Mr C. Mathai and Mrs Aleyamma Mathai. Even though he was born in Aluva, he was brought up in a small, undeveloped village named Pazhanji near Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district in the state of Kerala, India. He completed his primary education at Pengamuck high school[1] in Pazhanji. Music started to entice his attention all through his childhood. Valsalan invariably took part in most of the singing competitions held in his school and won most of them. Regardless of his ability to sing, his parents could not afford, nor were there any medium through which he could listen to music as radios were not so prevalent in his village. Even though Valsalan did not have the appropriate resources, or the right people to assist him in pursuing singing, his passion towards music, especially the desire to learn to sing never waned. Despite being held by situations which did not work in his favour of helping him follow the path of music, as a kid, Valsalan did not give up on his dreams. He started taking efforts on his own.

After his school, he used to visit the public reading room in the evenings around 5 pm, which was 1 km away from his house. Public reading rooms were the only way in which people could listen to songs. Similarly, Valsalan spent hours listening to the melodic songs and also concentrated on the ragas, the rhythmic pattern, and the background of the songs played on the radio. He pursued his higher studies in a college situated in Kozhencherry, Kerala. There was a huge extension in the field of singing during his high school days. Like in his childhood days, he took an extra effort in participating in many co-curricular activities, mainly connected to singing. His musical career began to grow gradually, and his family had an exemplary fellowship in church, and they also prayed for their son Valsalan.[2]

Over some time, Valsalan resumed his studies at St. Peter's college in Kerala, and along with his academics, he witnessed a new era in his musical career. He began to be popular in his college through his singing. Eventually, he initiated a Kadhaprasangam team, a dance group and a Gana Mela team in his college. He travelled across different parts of Kerala, and they together took part in inter-college and other prestigious contests. He started to become popular in his college as well as his locality. Even though he was from a Christian family, he did not take up much interest in singing Christian devotional songs. He was reluctant to sing them. He also learnt to play the harmonium all by himself and also performed solo songs by playing it. However, his ambition was to perform in Kalarangam and other similar types of programs one day.

He completed his higher studies and was in a position of journeying to acquire his ambition. He continued to perform with his then-formed bands. He also was appreciated by many well-known people in society, and people liked what they did. Over a while, he formed new friends and also came in touch with many people who influenced him and encouraged him to conjure his ambition. Many situations worked in favour of him and enhanced his opportunities of achieving what he wanted. Valsalan was given the opportunity of meeting many well-known personalities who were active in the domain of cinema and secular music. These personalities encouraged him to join them. This made him fully passionate but something kept him back from entering their crew.

Valsalan's parents worked as missionaries. They worked devotedly and were active members who also worked for the welfare of many churches and communities. A few things that his parents used to do were being active participants in every Christian convention and conference. In 1967-68 Valsalan's father used to take him along to a few conventions. His father taught him a few Christian hymns. In one such convention, Valsalan got an opportunity to sing a song. Shortly after his performance, few members from Kottayam came up to the dais to meet Valsalan. They invited Valsalan to perform at one of their conventions. He had no other choice but to accept their invitation. He journeyed to Kottayam to perform as told. After his performance, great Christian stalwarts like Pr. K.C John, Pr. M.E Chacko met Valsalan and appreciated him for his talent. They convinced Valsalan to perform in some of their programs as well. Valsalan agreed to perform.

Valsalan started performing at many conventions, and Pr. K.C John and a few other pastors provided him with opportunities and showed him great hospitality by inviting him to their homes and treating him with great care. Valsalan was not a true believer at this point in time. Like many other singers, he used to only perform at conventions without knowing the value of Christianity. Their affection and hospitality towards him, helped him learn valuable things in life. Valsalan gradually stepped into the realm of Christian music by singing at various conventions and programs.

Turning point in Valsalan's life:

Until April 14 1971, Valsalan lived a normal life. As usual, he used to sing at various places and programs. On April 14th 1971, Valsalan returned home late at midnight at about 2 am. As he entered his house, the first thing he saw was his parents crying and praying for him, tears sloped down from their eyes as they saw him, but Valsalan did not pay much attention to them. Instead, he ate dinner and went to sleep. While about to sleep, he felt some unusual pain in his chest, which made him uncomfortable. He laid his hands on his chest and started to fright. He envisioned himself as if he was about to die, leaving his parents and sister.

He cried aloud in fear and fell down from the bed in pain and terror. Hearing this, his father rushed towards him and sat beside him. His father laid his hands on his chest. Valsalan rose up and hugged his father. Tears rolled down from his father's eyes and fell on his chest. Each teardrop that fell, healed his pain slightly. Suddenly, Valsalan heard an unknown voice which said, "Son I need you". By hearing this voice, he knelt and cried, and his father prayed for him. At that very moment, Valsalan realised that Jesus was the one who spoke to him and he accepted Jesus as his saviour and became a believer in Jesus Christ. This significant moment in Valsalan's life happened on a Good Friday, also known as the crucifixion day.[3]

Valsalan's new music career:

It was a Easter Sunday, and Valsalan's father had to preach at their church. His father asked him to come along with him. Moreover, he asked Valsalan to render a song before his sermon. Valsalan, not knowing much about Christian hymns, took a small piece of paper and jotted down a few lines. The lines he wrote down were of his own and had a tune of a secular song which he had sung before. He took his harmonium and went along with his father.

Time had arrived, and it was his father's turn to preach. His father stood up and spoke, " My son will sing a song for you all". Valsalan sang a few lines of the song by playing his harmonium. After the Sunday service, many people came up to him and appreciated and thanked God for answering their prayers. Valsalan took a moment to realise that there were people who cared and wanted him to sing for Christ. As time passed, Valsalan left all the secular bands and friends of which he was part of. From then on he also stopped performing in the secular field completely. Valsalan had the urge to work only for God alone and to fulfil that, he had to face many obstacles. Initially, his passion was to enter the field of cinema, but now he had decided to sing for Christ.

During his new journey as a believer of Christ, he came across many people who influenced him to join back their secular bands. Initially, Valsalan found himself in a baffled situation, but later, through the prayers of his family and churchmates, he could withstand those situations.

In 1971, Valsalan got an opportunity to sing on Radio stationed in Thrissur district, Kerala. The chairman asked him to perform in a band. They performed the song 'Yeshu enikku ethra nallavana' by George Peter, another gospel singer. People liked their performance, and Valsalan and his band, were invited to perform once every month. Later on, the Radio allowed them to perform twice every month. Gradually it turned out to be every week from 6 to 6:30 am in the mornings. Valsalan did not know much about Christian songs, so he started learning new songs.

The start of a New Christian music era:

In 1975, Indian Campus Crusade for Christ started conducting co nventions throughout Kerala.The convention was divided into three segments: worship, a short message and a Christian film show. Valsalan and his team prepared all these programs and travelled throughout Kerala from Kasargod to Kanyakumari, performing in colleges, institutions, auditoriums, etc. On the night of 31 December 1975, after the convention got over, Valsalan prepared himself to travel back to his hometown. At that time, the National Director, Dr Thomas Abraham, asked Valsalan if he wished to stay back and attend a 1 year class for music, conducted on 5 January 1976, at Bangalore. Valsalan replied he will join only after his parents approve of it. The director hugged him and whispered in his ears saying, 'God wants you' and sent him to Kerala. He went home and asked his parents about the 1-year training. His parents were happy to hear about the class and agreed to send him. After he completed the training, Dr Thomas gave him the opportunity to stay and continue to work with ICCC.

Formation of Target 80 and Heart Beats music bands

As months passed, Valsalan created a band named 'Target 80' on behalf of the Indian Campus Crusade for Christ. Initially, Valsalan was companied by his fellow guitarist with whom he travelled across different parts of India. Later after two long years, the band expanded from two to four members. In 1978, the band consisted of eight members.

In 1980 the name 'Target 80' was renamed as 'Heart Beats'. Valsalan and his team got the privilege to journey throughout the globe, performing and composing songs of their own. They had the privilege to orchestrate, compose and create music of their own. The band 'Heart Beats' started becoming popular throughout the world by impacting the lives of many people, through their songs and music.


On December 8th 1983, Valsalan was wedded to Beena, a resident of Thiruvananthapuram. Beena too was a good singer. The wedding was just the day before a nationwide Nation Conference. Valsalan's wedding was conducted at Campus Crusade auditorium, Bangalore. Scores of people from different parts of the world attended his wedding. Valsalan has three children, Bibin B Matthew, a full-time minister of God is presently working with Ernakulam Tabernacle Praise fellowship centre. He is a worship leader, song lyricist and composer as well. His daughter Bini Elizabeth Bhakthan is working and is talented composer. The youngest son Benji B. Mathew is working as a sound engineer and a bassist.


  • Patron of Kraisthava Ezuthupura Christian organizaion.
  • [4]He has presented 250 songs to the Malayalam Christian World.
  • Founder and Director of Music band 'Target 80' (India Campus Crusade for Christ (1975-1980).
  • Founder and Director of Heart Beats (India Campus Crusade for Christ (1980-1991).
  • Director of Heart Beats, National Singing group of ICCC (1982-91).
  • Radio speaker, Feba Radio: 1. Puthujeevan, 2. Sneha Sopanam (1982-87)
  • Music Evangelist: India and Abroad ( 1992 -2023)
  • Former missionary at Campus Crusade for Christ. (1975-1991)[5]
  • Worked at ICPF- Impacting The New Generation.
  • Pastor at spreading the gospel to the world.
  • Completed 52 years in ministry.

His Songs

Some of his well-known songs are:

Aaradhyane samaradhyane; (Written in the year 1985)[6]

Aashrayam chilarkku;

Aashrayamayenikeshu Mathram (written in the year 1986)

Aattidaya aattidaya; (written in the year 1976)

Dhinamthorum en aashrayam;

En hrudayaveena;

En Yeshuva en rakshaka

Enikkoru thuna neeye en priyane

Kadhana Bharavumai (Written in the year 1982)

Kalvarikunnil kanunnu njan;

Karunayin karangal neettuka nathhaa;

Madhura mohana gaanam. (Written in the year 2017)

Manassalivin mahaadaivame;

Manusha nee marakkaruthe (written in the year 1980)

Mayayaame lokam ithu marum nizhal pole

Mizhyina nirayunnu Hridayam thudikunnu

Nishayude nisabhdhathayil (Written in the year 1977)

Paaduvan Enikkillini Shabdham (written in the year 1980.)

Pachappulpurangalil vazhi nadathum

Paramonathan paripavanan;

Parishuddhan Mahonnatha Devan; (Malayalam lyrics and composition)[7]

Sathya Prakashathin (Written in the year 2000)

Thakarnnu Jeevitham

Yahove nee enne; (written in the year 1980)


Pastor Bhakthavalsalan, passed away on May 15, 2023, at a hospital located in Bangalore. He was undergoing treatment in the ICU during his last days. He succumbed to kidney failure and other physical ailments.


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