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Orlando Sánchez
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Pampa del Indio (Argentina)

Orlando Sánchez (Pampa del Indio, Chaco Province, 1941-2020) was a Qom language teacher of the Qom ethnicity. He had dictated and coordinated numerous classes and seminars related to the Qom and Wichí languages, and organized encounters about the problems of the indigenous peoples in Chaco as well as in Argentina and Latin America.[1][2]

Academic Trajectory

He studied in the Latin American Biblical University (Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana) of San José, Costa Rica, where he graduated and then specialized in socio-linguistics and translation of the Qom, Moqoit and Pilagá languages. Among his efforts, his ad honorem collaboration in the Indigenous Affairs Commission (Comisión de Asuntos Aborígenes) of the Honorable Senate of the Nation of Argentina stands out, as well as his national seminars about culture, education, politics, anthropology, intercultural exchange, law, development and health in relation to indigenous peoples. He was a coordinator and professor of CIFMA (Centro de Investigación y Formación para la Modalidad Aborigen)[3][4] and of the Under Secretary of Interculturality and Multilingualism (Subsecretaría de Interculturalidad y Plurilingüismo).[5] Since 2017 he was part of the Committee of Historic Studies of Chaco (Junta de Estudios Históricos del Chaco).[6]

Distintctions and Acknowledgements

Among the distinctions and acknowledgements he received, stand out the ‘Tribute to the trajectory’ and ‘Bilingual teacher’ granted by Chaco’s House of Representatives; ‘Distinguished teacher’ given by Argentina’s National Government, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology and the Federal Council of Culture and Education; ‘First indigenous teacher: distinguished teacher’ by Roque Sáenz Peña’s city hall; ‘First distinguished indigenous teacher of the Province of Chaco’ by Chaco’s House of Representatives. He was named an honorary doctor bye the Latin American Educational Center in April 25th 2016.[7][8] He was declared ‘of interest’ by Resistencia’s city hall; he was given an honorary diploma by Argentina’s Biblical Association for his collaboration as a translator of the Qom (or Toba) Bible.[9] He was also given an honorary certificate as co-founder of the United Evangelic Church.[10][11][12]



  • Ancient Toba Stories (bilingual edition).[13]
  • Great Chaco’s Indigenous Toba Stories (2007), 2019 re-edition. Great Chaco’s Indigenous Toba Stories Told by Our Elders.[14][15][16]
  • Cultural Characteristics of the Toba.[17]
  • Tobas.
  • Support Book for the Study of the Toba Language.
  • Current Indigenous Situation.


  • Toba Glossary: Support Course to Learn and Recover our Mother Tongue and Culture.


  • The Bible to the Qom language alongside Argentina’s Biblical Association.


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