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Original author(s)Alex Ellis
Stable release
0.18.18 / 2020
Written inGo
As ofAugust 2020

OpenFaaS is an open source serverless function engine where users can publish, run, and manage functions on Kubernetes clusters. Founded by Alex Ellis and hosted by the eponymous organization, OpenFaaS Ltd.,[1] OpenFaaS providesfunctions as a service, hence the FaaS part of its name. Together, along with Prometheus, Linux/Linkerd, NATS, and Kubernetes, OpenFaaS is a central part of the PLONK stack, accounting for the 'O' in the acronym.[2] When compared to other Kubernetes-based serverless platforms, OpenFaaS ranks second in terms of adoption, trailing Knative.[3] The project is funded by an sponsorship model, leveraging contributions from GitHub and Patreon. In return for their monetary contributions, sponsors enjoy benefits such as early access or exclusive content. [4] As a polyglot platform, OpenFaaS supports numerous programming languages to comprise its user-defined functions, all the while leveraging the platform benefits of Kubernetes.[5] The languages supported by OpenFaaS include Java, C#, Python, Node.js, and Go, among others.[6]

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