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OC&C Strategy Consultants
IndustryManagement consulting
Founded1987 in London, England
FounderChris Outram and Geoff Cullinan
London, England
Area served
Key people
James George (International Managing Partner)
ProductsStrategy consulting services
Number of employees
500 worldwide (2019)


OC&C Strategy Consultants, established in 1987[1], is a global strategy consulting firm with 12 offices worldwide. The company advises[2] customers in the FMCG[3], retail[4], leisure[5], media[6], communications and technology, industrial products and business services[7], and private equity[8] sectors.[9]

OC&C is active in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.OC&C was founded by Chris Outram[10] and Geoff Cullinan in 1987. In the same year, Dusseldorf based 'S. & K. und Partner joined the partnership. Further European expansion followed with the opening of offices in France in 1989, and Rotterdam in 1992. In 2007, OC&C merged with the Callidon Group[11] (based in Boston). OC&C later formed associate partnerships with leading South American consultancy, Advisia, in Brazil in 2013. In 2015, OC&C opened offices in Shanghai [12]and Hong Kong[13]. Later, OC&C Poland, OC&C Turkey, OC&C New York[14], and a rebranded OC&C Germany joined the firm’s integrated network in 2017. In 2019, Long Term Partners[15] formally joined the OC&C integrated network. In October of 2019, OC&C announced a strategic partnership with Indian consultancy, RedSeer[16]. LTP’s merger [17]into OC&C, and RedSeer’s affiliation means that the firm is currently present in ten markets.


OC&C typically accepts applications from the world’s elite universities[18] and institutions, putting less of an emphasis on discipline studied and more on demonstrable aptitude for creative and lateral thinking and the applicant’s fit within the company’s culture. As part of the application process, candidates are asked to remove their name and contact information from their CV and cover letter before submitting alongside their application, reducing unconscious bias by reviewers.

Each year OC&C operates an International Strategy Workshop[19], which brings together 24 “international students from different academic backgrounds”, to work on a business strategy case. OC&C later employs those who perform well throughout the workshop.

OC&C was ranked 6th in the Vault Consulting 25 for 2018, combining Vault’s “Best to Work For” ranking with overall prestige. OC&C’s pay scale, opportunity to progress and positioning as an alternative to competitors makes them an attractive proposition to potential recruits.

Diversity & Inclusion

OC&C runs a number of diversity and inclusion networks across the business – these networks are run and staffed by volunteers within OC&C.

The diversity ethos is supported by OC&C’s Women’s Network, LGBT Network, Ethnic & Cultural Network and a commitment to widening participation.

OC&C Women's Network

The OC&C Women’s Network is an initiative designed to support women throughout their careers. The Women’s Network connects women across grades and tenures, both within and across offices, runs a mentoring programme which gives each individual a senior point of contact to provide them support and guidance while at the firm as well as running women specific training and events.

LGBT Network

The LGBT Network supports OC&C as a place that attracts, supports, and respects LGBT professionals. Incorporating both (self-identifying) LGBT employees and allies, the group arranges global networking events during OC&C’s International Training Week and talks from prominent LGBT role models, and has established a mentor system to provide advice and support for those who seek it.

Ethnic & Cultural Network

The OC&C Ethnic & Cultural Network fosters a better environment for prospective and existing staff from all ethnicities and cultures through community engagement, recruitment efforts and cultural diversity awareness. The network aims to celebrate the diversity that exists within the business, provide a support network for employees, offer role models and career mentors for ethnic minority and culturally diverse staff, to raise awareness of unconscious bias. They collaborate with organisations such as SEO[20] to run events and encourage BME and students from a variety of backgrounds to apply for a career in strategy consulting.

Widening Participation

In 2015 OC&C partnered with Performance in Context (PiC), and have implemented procedures to identify individuals during the recruitment process that have been successful in comparatively challenging circumstances – ensuring they are assessed on their true performance [21]and ability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2004 OC&C (UK) have provided social impact consulting services to Impetus –The Private Equity Foundation (previously Impetus)[22], pioneers in venture philanthropy. During that time, OC&C teams have worked on numerous strategic projects for charities and social enterprises in the Impetus-PEF portfolio. Charities include; Beat, IntoUniversity[23], Fairtrade[24], Leap Confronting Conflict[25], the Prison Radio Association[26], St. Giles Trust and Street League.

Research and publications

OC&C regularly publishes Insights r[27]egarding its core business areas. [28]Partners have also written books[29] on management[30] issues and industry [31]trends[32]. In addition to these unique[33] publications,[34] the firm also publishes annual industry reviews,[35] which include;


  • Outram, Chris[37]; (2015). Digital Stractics: How strategy met tactics and killed the strategic plan[38]. Palgrave Macmillan UK. ISBN 978-1-137-57483-1
  • Outram, Chris[39]; (2013). Making Your Strategy Work: How to go from paper to people[40]. Pearson Education. ISBN 978-1-78399-238-6
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  • 2019 Financial Times UK Leading Management Consultants[44]
  • 2018 Vault Consulting ‘Best to Work For’ (6th place)
  • 2018 Financial Times UK Leading Management Consultants[45]
  • 2018 Excellence in Media Acquisitions UK, Corporate Insider M&A Awards
  • 2016 Global Strategy Consulting Firm of the Year, ACQ Global Awards
  • 2017 Financial Times UK Leading Management Consultants
  • 2017 Business Charity Award, Third Sector Awards
  • 2015 Best for Traditional Media Acquisitions, AI M&A Awards
  • 2015 Best for Business Unit Strategy, AI M&A Awards

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