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Noor Alattar
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Baghdad, Iraq
EducationDiploma in journalism
Years active2016–present
Notable work
Human rights activist

Noor Alattar,[1] (lang-ar|نور العطار‎) an Iraqi Journalist and born on 8th August 1998 in Baghdad.He is a presenter, reporter and program preparer for radio and television. He’s also a voiceover.[2].

Early life

In his early age of 14-15, he made funny and cynical selfie video’s and shared it on social media. After achieving fame and success on social media.[3]. He visited many media training centres to educate himself and prepare him for his future jobs as a television presenter and reporter.


In 2016 he started his career as a field reporter at a tv channel Al Nahar Iraq TV.[4] and he also started to work at Aredo FM[5]. He prepared the program and was also the presenter. At the end of the year, he was the master of ceremonies at the big New Years festival. As well as serval other festivals. He worked as a model and started volunteering as a Human Rights Activist specialized at LGBTQ and displaced persons in Baghdad. Soon he also started doing voiceovers. He became a tv talk show host talking about daily life topics at w.Tv channel[6]. He left that job and went to one of the most famous tv stations in Iraq Dijlah TV Channel) as a program preparer and program reporter as he was part of the program called ‘’it’s no longer a secret 18+”[7] [8]. he also acted in a famous Iraqi YouTube channel.[4] .

In Holland, he took part in the short film called the Iraqi October revolution as an actor. Also, RTL Nieuws wrote a part of his story and shared the article and also Nos Journaal shared part of his story[9] and Ad News as well.[10].

Personal life


In 2018 Noor shifted to the Netherland and his whole family is living in Baghdad.[11]


Noor Alattar had taken his early education from the Baghdad and also completed the course of the diploma of a journalist from Iraq[12].

Journalism career

Noor has started his career from social media[13] and youtube[14].Then he applied for the field reporter at a tv channel Al Nahar Iraq Tv where he had worked there for a year from 2016 to 2017[7].In 2016 he also stated to work at Aredo FM for a year[15].In 2016 he also worked with [6]. It is a social media-based channel but he left it after a year. On 2 January 2017, he joined the Dijlah TV Channel) as a program preparer and program reporter as he was part of the program called ‘’it’s no longer a secret 18+”[7] [8].Then he fled from Iraq due to the threats and consequences of these threats was that a few days prior to leaving Iraq, he was kidnapped. Later on, he escaped from there to the Moria refugee camp by the route of the sea. After a year, he arrived in the Netherlands where he found safety and freedom.<re>DPG Media Privacy Gate</ref>. In an interview with the NOS[16] where Noor told,"My message is clear. I will keep going and expose the killers who try to silence us. Even if they kill me, my message will stand and be carried forward by my courageous colleagues."[16]. He is currently a freelance Journalist.

Human rights activist

When Noor left the Baghdad then he stayed at the Moria refugee camp.[17] In 2019 there had been a campaign regarding the infrastructure and drainage facilities of Moria refugee camp which ware not appropriate for an inhabitant [18] and Noor was there to support them and told,“It stinks everywhere, the toilets flooded continuously, there are not enough medical supplies. The animals there had a better life than us"[19][18][20]


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