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Noam Yaron
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Born (1997-01-14) January 14, 1997 (age 27)
Morges, Switzerland
CitizenshipSwitzerland and Israël
  • David Yaron (father)
  • Annick Yaron (mother)
AwardsSport Award : "Mérite Rollois
TCE Best Film Award 2018

Noam Yaron (born January 14, 1997) is a Swiss actor. He began his career on social media in 2016, his content rapidly caught the attention of brands and press[1]. He appeared on TV, theaters, billboards, posters in Switzerland and performed in commercials of major brands such as Coca Cola, M&M's, and Paco Rabanne.

In 2018, Noam got an auditioned in Geneva and got invited to train in Los Angeles within the Universal Studios area with Adrian R'Mante and other actors from Disney Channel. His overall performance was acclaimed by industry professionals and gained him the TCE Best Film Reel Award[2][3]. Since then, Noam decided to pursue a serious acting career.

In 2020, Noam Yaron is one of the lead actors of THE CLUE series[4][5][6][7]. A project launched on the web with a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter[8]. Now, Noam is co-producing this TV series with a production company based in Los Angeles.


Noam was born in Morges, Switzerland and grew up in the area. His parents[9] are Annick Yaron and David Yaron. His mother is Swiss and his father is Israeli.

Noam is fluent French, Hebrew and English. He holds dual citizenship in Switzerland and Israël. Growing up, Noam lived in Tolochenaz a few meters away from Audrey Hepburn’s house. His family moved to another small village called St-Saphorin and then to Morges in December 2009.

Noam studied high school in Gymnase de Marcelin in Morges. He had a preference for Maths and Physics which led him to participate to the International Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games (FSJM) where he finished 9th[10] in the category L1 at the EPFL in 2014. This same year, as an end-of-school project he organized an event called Swimming by Night[11] in Morges[12]. This charity event consisted in motivating locals to swim in teams during 12 hours by night in relay to raise awareness and money for people suffering from blindness. Over CHF 6’000[13] had been raised for the national section of International Guide Dog Federation (La fondation romande pour chiens guides d'aveugles).

Besides his studies, Noam had always been swimming at a professional level. He finished his career in 2015 at the Swiss Open Water Championship in Lausanne where he won the Junior 3km event[14]. He was honored by a Sport Award : "Mérite Rollois[15]" for his Swiss Champion performance in the Casino Théâtre of Rolle.

After finishing high school and his swimming career, Noam decided to take a gap year. He passed the screening exams to become a Pilot at the Swiss Army, but didn’t continue in that path. In 2016, he went to Brighton to learn English, where he passed his Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam. Back in Switzerland, he started producing content on YouTube and Instagram on the nick name of « Chico Nono & Co[1][16][17][18] ».

He started building an audience on social media and performed in commercials of major brands[19][20] such as Fanta[21], Coca-Cola, M&M's[9] and Paco Rabanne. He also produced and acted in a special trailer of Universal Pictures Switzerland, for the release of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom. His work was nominated for the Best of Web (Meilleur du Web) :

  • in 2018 as a director and leading actor in a commercial film for Touring Club Suisse (TCS), produced by Chico Nono & Co[22], in the best creation category.
  • in 2019 for is leading role in the commercial film "Désamorçage", co-produced by Main & Co[23], for the association Violence que Faire in the best video category.

In 2018, Adrian R’Mante, an actor from Disney Channel, auditioned Noam in Geneva and invited him to train in Los Angeles within Universal Studios area[24]. His overall performance was acclaimed by industry professionals and gained him the TCE Best Film Reel Award[2][3][25]. Since then, Noam decided to pursue a serious acting career[26].

In parallel, Noam pursued his academic studies and obtained in 2019 a College Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communication[2], with honors, and the Swiss Federal Certificate of Communication Specialist delivered by Communication Switzerland[27] and PR Specialist delivered by PR Suisse[28]. He was a member of the jury[29] of the Acting Award Suisse romande of the contest TalentScreen. He worked with the director Bruno Deville, the actress Anna Pieri, and the actor Carlos Leal in order to discover the next Swiss cinema talents.

In 2020, Noam Yaron is one of the lead actors of THE CLUE series[9][30][31][32]. A project launched on the web with a successful crowdfunding campaign with a national record fundraising on Kickstarter in the cinema category with 57’860 CHF[8] in 28 days. Now, Noam is co-producing this TV series with a production company based in Los Angeles.

Starting 2020, Noam was chosen by the International Olympic Committee to be the Master of Ceremony[33] for the Welcome Session at the Youth Olympic Games: Lausanne 2020. Besides that, Noam Yaron was a guest speaker at an event in Davos organized by MOD-ELLE during the World Economic Forum 2020 and inspire the younger generation to believe in their dreams by sharing his experience and career in the entertaining industry.

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